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Updated on April 27, 2009


I am in no way associated with MuscleTech.  I am a guy who enjoys the body building lifestyle, and writing about it.  I will attempt to make this article as objective as possible.

What is Creakic?

Creakic is a health & fitness supplement which is produced by MuscleTech Research And Development. In a nutshell, Creakic is a creatine pill, designed to limit the unfriendly effects of ROS, in order to give the body builder the best chance to develop the most muscle possible. What apparently sets Creakic apart from other seemingly similar creatine pills is the fact that multiple forms of creatine are included in each dose.

I'm no doctor, so I have no idea if what MuscleTech is saying is true or not. I look at a Creakic pill and I see a pill that looks like any other pill that the medical world has created. If MuscleTech is to be believed (and I really have no reason to not believe them, at this point), supplementing with Creakic will increase muscle fiber protein content by 58% over a 12 week training period. This is what one of their own studies has shown. These results of course are probably the most optimal results one could hope for, and these results were probably seen as a result of an extremely rigorous, strict training program with one or more very well payed personal trainers on hand. Not to take anything away from MuscleTech or Creakic, mind you. I, like most people now-a-days, well... I'm slightly apprehensive about studies such as these.

Like the majority of supplements these days, Creakic has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.  This really isn't a concern now-a-days with supplements, as most companies are still fairly regulated.

 When taking Creakic, it's important to remember to drink lots of water.  MuscleTech recommends ten 8oz glasses of water per day for maximum creatine absorbtion, as well as just for good general health.


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