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Create a superfood hamper

Updated on January 18, 2015

Superfoods are a group of foods and/or powders with health benefits which are superior to that of everyday foods, and whos nutrients are advantageous to health and have even been shown to help known medical conditions.

There are a plethora of different SUPERFOODS available, some of which have been proven to be more effective than others. The person I am making a hamper for is a health conscious girl who just loves making smoothies and food which incorporates superfoods. Its super easy to to do and requires almost no extra time. The best thing about it is that it's super healthy and a great gift, especially for those who don't appreciate the chocolate!

What you will need to create your superfood hamper

  1. Hamper basket - this can also just be a normal basket from any food/furniture or DIY store.

  2. Glass locking jars - it is important that these are airtight, so your superfoods are stored correctly.
  3. SUPERFOODS - I used a combination of:
  • Acai powder
  • Hemp protein powder
  • Chia seeds
  • Bee Pollen
  • Goji berries
  • Himalayan salt
  • Coconut water

4. Extras - in order to bulk up your hamper with exciting extras you can choose a few other healthy items. For this I used:

  • Assortment of olive oils
  • Serviettes with quotes on
  • Dark chocolate
  • Star cushion
  • Deer toys
  • Pine cones and pine needles (as this hamper was intended as a christmas present. You can similarly use easter eggs, or mine birthday presents or balloons for an easter or birthday hamper)

All the products and the links to where I purchased them can be found below.

Health benefits of chia seeds

Chia seeds are tiny nutrional bombs, being the richest source of naturally occurring plant based omege 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have had a documented positive efffect on the human body.

Why Omege 3 fatty acids, and therefore chia seeds, are good for you:

  • Omege 3 lovers blood fat (triglyceride levels) - thereby reducing the chance of heart disease.
  • Omega 3 can prevent stiffness and pain in joints, and therefore reduce dieases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Omega 3 prevents depression
  • Omega 3 can reduce the chance of developing and/or symptoms of asthma. ...
  • Omega 3 can reduce the occurrence of ADHD, especially in young children.
  • Omega 3 can reduce alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Chia seeds of packed with antioxidants, protein and minerals in addition to fiber which helps digestion, both speeding it up and making it easier for your body to digest food. Chia seeds have the added benefit of making you feel fuller, by only adding 1-2 spoons into your cereal or smoothie in the morning. This is because they swell by up to five times their size when combined with liquid. This can be especially useful during the day, preventing snacking on unhealthy foods which don't provide your body with nutrition. Chia seeds do not taste of anything, so you can include them in virtually any meal or drink.


Health benefits of Bee Pollen

As you might have guessed, bee pollen is made by honeybeeds and is the main source of food for the baby bee. It is considered on the single most complete nourishing foods one can eat, due to the fact that it contains nearly ALL the nutrients required by humans. It contains nearly 40% pure protein, free amino acids, a plethora of vitamins and folic acid, which is especially important before and after pregnancy.

Here are 5 benefits of bee pollen you may not know about:

  1. Smoother skin - Bee Pollen has been proven to help treat inflammatory conditions and common skin irritations like psoriasis or eczema due to the fact it contains amino acids and vitamins which promote regeneration of the skin.
  2. Better functioning respiratory system - due to the high quantity of antioxidants which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the cells in the lungs, and it is this which is thought to help and prevent the onset of asthma.
  3. Supports the Cardiovascular System - due to the high quantity of Rutin - a rare antioxidant which strengthens blood vessels, assisting circulation and preventing cirulatory problems due to high cholesterol, which it also helps to reduce levels of.
  4. Assists in Allergy prevention - due to the fact that bee pollen contains antioxidants which reduce histamine, the key inflammatory agent in allergic reactions.
  5. Reduces infertility problems - by stimulating and restoring ovarian function and therefore increasing the chance of pregnancy.

Health benefits of Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is a fantastic source of protein as the name suggests.It boasts up to 20 different amino acids in the human body, including the eight most important, and 9 other amino acids that that the body needs but can't produce on its own.

Just 2 teaspoons of hemp protein powder can provide 13-15 grams of protein. In addition, it also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases, help lower blood pressure, and have been thought to keep diseases such as Alzheimers at bay.

Omega 6 fatty acids are also found in hemp powder which as been proven to stimulate skin and hair growth, improve bone health and speed up metabolism. Overall a great SUPERFOOD to include in your hamper.

Health benefits of Acai Powder

Acai berries are among the healthies on the planet. An indigenous berry found in the Amazon Rainforest, Acai is rich in antioxidants and therefore has numerous health benefits:

  1. Acai keeps the heart healthy - due to the high levels of anthocyanins (a type of antioxidants) which are associated with the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the bloom stream.
  2. Acai contributes to healthier skin - Acai contains oil which is rich in antioxidants which if ingested are more effective than skin creams at maintaining skin health.
  3. Acai berries help fight cancer - due to the fact that Acai is rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid; a combination which boosts the immune system to help fight off the cancer cells.

Health benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is low in calories, contains more potassium than 4 bananas, is naturally hydrating and cholesterol free. This can be especially advantageous to drink after exercise as it hydrates the body much quicker than water, and replenishes electrolytes faster than sports drinks (which also have artificial flavouring).

Assorted healthy olive oils

I included an assortment of healthy olive oils and salt from Nicolas Vahe, which can be purchased online at

Raw (uncooked olive oils contain antioxidants which contribute to improving cardiovascular and organ health and can also aid weight loss if not consumed in large quantities.

Adding the personal touch to your hamper with extras

I included some extras in the hamper, so that it looked good but added a fun element to the hamper. This included:

  • Serviettes with quotes
  • Dark chocolate
  • Deer toys
  • Star cushion
  • Pine cones and pine needles (as this was intended at a Christmas present. If the hamper is intended for a special occasion such as a birthday or easter present - then you could think about decorating the hamper with mini birthday presents, balloons or easter eggs)

If you have any questions regarding the hamper, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. A superfood hamper will most definitely be a well received and much appreciated Christmas, easter or birthday present for a health conscious and food loving person. Even if it isn't for a special occasion, surprise your friend or family member with this, and it will most certainly brighten up their day!


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