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Crown or Root Chakra - Which One Should I Work with First?

Updated on August 17, 2017
Illura profile image

Illura is lineage holder to the ancient Healing art 'Tayshara', Tayshara is a way of healing dis-ease by reviving, your Universal Self.

Location, location, location! Does it make a difference when it comes to self healing? You bet! It can be the difference between getting sustainable results to

Working from the crown down to the root chakra is like building a house by building the roof first!

Obviously going about it this way will cause a multitude of problems, and I am speaking from experience!

Just like with a house, it is imperative to develop your foundations first and foremost. Not just your energetic and Spiritual foundations, but your physical foundations too.

From my perspective one of the most important links missing in the Spiritual mainstream is the physical body in the pursuit of Spiritual development.

A house - like our own Being - needs a solid ground on which to stand and build itself upon. We need walls to protect us and internal beams of steel within to give us the structural integrity needed in order to develop our energy bodies and deal with the inevitable challenges of day to day life.

Beware of techniques and teachings that direct you straight to the crown, third eye or even the heart chakra - because if you have not yet developed your lower foundations you are approaching your own ‘building’ process in a way that does not support how you are structurally designed – physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically and this can lead you astray and into danger!

Instead turn first towards grounding techniques such as ‘Neigong’ or ‘Tayshara’ that focus on the Sacral or Hara chakra [otherwise known as the lower Dan Tien], which teach you how to sink your entire structure back into your greatest ally for true foundational support - the Earth!

You will immediately notice that it is easier to meditate and heal yourself and others as you are cultivating stable sources of energy experienced through your physical body.

As you experience a more sustainable route to healing, you may naturally release a common craving for feeling ‘spiritual’ or ‘powerful’ energetic sensations as validation that you are getting somewhere Spiritually.

In truth, developing your foundations happens to be an immense source of Spiritual power- with the most basic sign of this being that it allows you to continue your positive growth journey rather than see you ‘burn out’- either temporarily or permanently!

For what is the point of Spiritual ascension if it ends up leading you to experiencing an insecure Kundalini awakening or psychosis from too much work on your crown or third eye chakra?

Instead try focusing on making your foundations solid and this allows the rest of your being/energy centers to respond and open up through the internal trust that has been established through truly Earthing oneself.

From a place of stability you will be able to handle the experiences that emerge when working with the far less stable energy centers of the heart, third eye and the crown chakra. You will be able to avoid psychosis/ungrounded Kundalini awakening and thus be able to continue on your path of Spiritual Awakening and Ascension in a sustainable way – helping you be the best you can be in this life and beyond!

The chakras start from the root up.
The chakras start from the root up.
A body with no Spiritual foundations is like house with no physical foundations.
A body with no Spiritual foundations is like house with no physical foundations.

© 2017 Illura


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    • Illura profile image

      Illura 7 months ago from .

      Hi Carole,

      thanks for sharing your experience here with me.

      When I was a child I did a lot of chanting and I too have gotten almost heady doing this.

      There are ways of engaging/opening what the Tayshara lineage call the 'sacred gates' within the body. These gates are made up of literally your bones, muscles, connective tissue and fascia - and of course move into the more subtle realms, where energy/colour is perceived.

      A helpful tip for you while chanting that will allow your root to further reach its potential, is to relax the area that connect your legs to your body. This a huge 'gate'.

      Try and see! Would love to hear your feedback!

      The Purest Light To You,


    • Carole Smith-Rea profile image

      Carole Smith-Rea 7 months ago from Pikesville

      Thank you for your article. This was an eye-opener for me because I belong to a spiritual group where we focus on the chant of a mantra. I was doing a spiritual exercise one day and could not see the red of the Root Chakra for the domination of the purple from the Crown Chakra. I believe all the chanting I did energized the Crown, but not the Root Chakra. I had been having so many money problems that year. Your article explains what could have happened with me. Thank you again.

    • Illura profile image

      Illura 7 months ago from .

      Thank you 'albichi'.

      Great to know that this information gels with you.

      Peace right back to you!


    • Illura profile image

      Illura 7 months ago from .

      Hi Raven,

      yes you are right the 3rd eye is a place of inner sight and in my experience, in order to gain access to the potential for increased clarity, it is most helpful to anchor yourself first in your Hara/Sacral chakra.

      Without being grounded - most people experience their 3rd eye as a volatile resource; not necessarily connecting them to an internal perspective they can rely on. This then makes it harder to honestly depend on the information received from this chakra as a means to gaining deeper understanding of yourself and others.

      In the end whatever is giving you real results is what matters and if it isn't working just keep on observing as you try different things!


    • profile image

      RavenKurobi 7 months ago

      i would say (this is my opinion and its kind of unrelated to your question) but i would say to go with the 3rd eye chakra but that's because im trying to understand what a friend is going through.

    • profile image

      albichi 8 months ago

      greetings & salutations-

      i must say, u are hitting the proverbial nail on the head as to my interests...

      keep it up...