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Cruises, A Great Way to Travel for the Disabled

Updated on November 15, 2014

Why Cruises Are the Best Value for Those With Disabilities

My husband and I have taken three cruises while I was disabled. The reason they are such a great choice is that you can go to multiple ports and experience multiple excursions without having to pack, flight and check-in to a new hotel. You get 24 hr room service. The excursions are cheaper than a five star hotel. You can experience things that you never would if you were on a vacation where you have to fly and pack and unpack. I can say these experiences would never had been possible if we booked our own vacation. The variety of activities on board are beyond any hotel. With all the amenties on the ship, you can rest if you are the one with a health issue, and your partner can continue enjoying activities by himself/herself.

Cruise Ships Are Mobile Floating Hotels and A Lot More!

Amenties On Board

Most people say that they are gong a a cruise what do you get while on board? Well, of course, you have seen the beautiful swimming pools, areas for golf, tanning areas, but there is a lot more inside the cruise ship than what you see from above! You normally get a casino, spa, shopping mall, several night clubs with different themes, art gallery, some offer intellectual discussions or seminars, and tons of ways to eat. Gourmet dining, casual dining, and 24 hr room service are some of the ships. There are alcoholic beverages to purchase everywhere. You are constantly entertained with various activities on board. So this leaves the healthy partner a ton of things to do while the disabled partner is resting. If you have food issues with your disability, you can tell the chefs and menus are planned to go along with your stomach! Where else can you get a chef to alter a menu just for you? The food is a really big deal. Pizza all night, room service 24 hr, and casual to fancy avenues to take. Eating is a really enjoyable experience on a cruise ship. They want you to enjoy your calories, so don't go on a diet so you can enjoy! They have one night sometimes where they feature ice sculptures to people-looking faces in food. How FUN!!!

Food Is Outrageous Good!

No Worries! Really! Don't Worry About A Shipwreck or Food Poisoning!

Most people hear about the negative things about cruise ships, the one that got food poisoning, or the one that banked on a beach! These things are almost as rare as having a flight crash! Please don't worry. The chefs and cooks on these cruises are well paid and really care about their reputation. They speak years studying the art of cuisine. The Captains of these boats are also well trained, highly skilled captains. They know how to navigate around hurricanes and sea storms. The only thing you might experience in a bad season would be a little seasickness. However, that only happened once on my three trips. The Captain of one ship actually saved some people on a boat on one of the cruises. These people are people-oriented people.

Excursions-I Swam With String Rays!

The best excursion I experienced was actually feeding squid to string rays. They noticed my lack of fear, and they saw my bright flowered color swimsuit. I began to have several circling around me. The babies were adorable! Like cats, they rubbed their bodies all over me. I was the "queen of the string rays!" I have never had a nature experience like this ever or since. I can tell you all the excursions, rafting in Jamacia, or visiting the Mayan Ruins in Mexico, where fantastic. If I were in a hotel, I would have never had these life changing experiences. They were perfectly timed. There was no risk. I was completely safe. No one was ever hurt. I cannot tell you the wonderful things I experienced because it would be a book, but I can tell you that cruises have the best excursions. They are very little money as well.

I Swam with String Rays!

Live Performances!

Night Clubs!

There are country music clubs, disco clubs, and all other kinds of clubs. You find karoke, and you can watch live bands. Each cruise line has their own particular kind of entertainment so ask the cruise line about the ship, about the excursions, and the night life! All of these things are part of your cruise and do not cost extra!

The Live Performances Were Fantastic!

These cruise ships have nightly performances that are live and very high quality. If you don't feel well, your spouse has a fun activity while you rest. The performances were of such quality that they matched Broadway musicals. I was totally entertained. You will be too! The dancing is superb! These are actually professional people highly trained and highly visual. The costumes are beautiful, the choreography fantastic, and the scenery is exquisite. The singers are vocal masters. They are not a roadshow. This is a big deal at night if you don't go to the casino or night clubs. You dress up in tux and high-style for women and have a wonderful night with fantastic memory-making performances. If you spouse is really wanting to go, and you cannot because you are not feeling well, you can be sure that they are having fun. But go to at least one performance, please!

The Beaches, The Fun, The Sun!

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A Typical Low-Priced Room

Summary for Disabled People and Cruise Ships

  • You only unpack once.
  • Only one flight to the ship.
  • Companion has things to do while you rest.
  • Food 24 hr as needed. Room service.
  • Excursions are short and well planned so they are not hard on your body normally.
  • Lots of extra things to do for your companion at night if you need to rest after excursions.
  • No extra money for disabled status.
  • There are so many more benefits to cruises.
  • Make sure you have tip money, and money for alcoholic or soda beverages.
  • Make sure you have spending money for items you buy along the way.
  • Most cruise have malls for shopping so you need money for the shopping there.
  • You want to save up for the excursions as well.
  • The vacation after the vacation is not needed because the rooms are dark, pitch black. The ship doesn't rock. You will sleep like a baby.
  • I recommend trying this as a way to do a lot for very little money for a big return!

Please read other hub papers that cover cruises to discover the benefit. The cost versus what you get is less than a five star hotel. I am totally thrilled that I did these cruises and being disabled did not harm my ability, nor my partner's ability, to have as much fun as we both could enjoy!

The Issues With Traveling When You Can't Control Your Body

Finally, if you are reading this as a disabled person, this is why I wrote this article. I wanted you to know that you can have a vacation even if you are in chronic pain. The advantages of this type of travel are so numerous I cannot simply write one article to convince you. You have to try it out. If you have fears that you will waste your money, you fears are untrue. The fear of getting sick on the cruise and having to have special medical care should be the number one reason for talking with someone who has been on a cruise. If your health is stable, you have all of your medications, you talked to the cruise travel agent or even talked to a cruise ship member, like the Captain, you will know that on a cruise ship they do have a medical team to assist you if things go really bad, and you need immediate care. However, I would recommend that you consider the stability of your condition. If you are stable, on the right medication, and are wanting a change in scenery as well as making memories with your partner, a cruise is my best way to travel. I have been disabled and flown to Europe. I was tired from the flight. I never really enjoyed the vacation because the tiredness went throughout the trip leaving me feeling uncomfortable and having a less enjoyable time. I went from one activity to the next, having to rent a car, worry about my pain level, and having really no one to share the enjoyment. I was single when I did this. I would never want those memories to be gone, but a cruise is a place where you can do whatever your body will allow with the added bonus of having a medical team on the ship. So the biggest reasons for me saying this is the number one way to travel with someone with a health condition is because I simply feel those ships are like little villages with a local doctor, shopping, constant food, constant entertainment, and very comfortable as well. If you want to break-free from feeling your disability is hurting your ability to make fun, happy memories, try this way of experiencing a vacation. I am a person witness, you will get your money's worth and feel like you can rest.


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