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Using Alternative Healing Techniques and Ancient Crystal healing.

Updated on November 5, 2012

A colourful selection of healing crystals.

Ancient healing techniques.

Healing crystals and certain specific stones have been used as an alternative healing technique by mankind for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It truly is an ancient practice. Wonderfully carved amulets made from semi precious stones, including jade, were often placed with the deceased in tombs and burial grounds throughout ancient Egypt and China.

The ancient Egyptians believed that jade in particular had the power to guide the departed’s soul into the afterlife. Jade remains a treasured substance in today’s world, most notably in China, because the Chinese believe that it contains powerful healing properties, it is also thought to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner and wearer.

Jade can help to raise the spirits of the wearer and is even thought to be a powerful pain reliever as it provides a constant stream of highly charged positive energy. Jade can be worn as jewellery or carried in a bag or pocket.

Jade objects placed around a home are supposed to bring fortune, health and good luck to all those living in it. It is also thought to be a great stress reliever, and a piece placed by the side of a bed is reported to be able to help a person to get a good nights sleep.

Jade. A much prized natural object.

A piece of jade carried to bring heath, weath and good fortune.
A piece of jade carried to bring heath, weath and good fortune.

Amulets found in an ancient Egyptian tomb.

A worldwide practice.

Crystals have been used in alternative healing techniques around the globe by many different peoples, from the south sea islanders to native Americans and many of these people still practice crystal healing today.

Wearing crystals or stones is believed to channel bad negative energy away from the wearer at the same time as attracting good positive energy. Different types of crystals hold different properties.

Amethyst and Carnelian are thought to be effective in protecting a body from serious infection, Tourmaline is attributed with the power to aid recovery. A person suffering from arthritis can find relief by wearing a Chrysocolla crystal especially if they combine it with a copper bracelet.

Turquoise is another powerful tool to help relieve the painful symptoms of arthritis and can be worn alone for those people who can’t wear copper because of high acidity in the skin. Emeralds are thought to help improve the memory and are especially useful for older people.

Crystals for weight loss.

Crystals can work really well when used to help curb cravings or addictions. If you are trying to lose weight, or stop smoking, then find yourself a good quality piece of Kunzite crystal. Chose one that has as few fault lines as possible and comes to a point at one end, as this is supposed to aid the passage of negative energy from the body.

Whenever you feel a craving place your Kunzite crystal in the palm of your hand and focus your mind on it, close your eyes and let the healing energy of the crystal flow through you and your cravings will pass away.

A clear quartz crystal.

Cleansing your crystals.

Crystals need to be cleansed often in order to keep them working. This cleansing can be done in a number of ways. The easiest is to hold the crystal under running water for a few minutes. A crystal can also be placed outside under moonlight, this is especially effective during a new or full moon. Crystals can also be cleansed by holding them in the smoke from a burning sage incense stick.

Placing a sodalite crystal near a computer screen can apparently help to protect the user from external negative energy and the effects of electro magnetic fields.

Crystals are not just useful when it comes to healing or bringing luck and good fortune. Next time you find yourself in possession of a really cheap bottle of wine try putting a clear quartz crystal into the bottom of the bottle. It really does improve the flavour and saves you money.

A lucky charm?

Of course, many people don’t believe in the power of stones and crystals but I wonder how many of those people have a lucky charm tucked away in a pocket, purse or wallet? Whether or not crystal healing really does work is yet to be proven but even if the only benefits are from a placebo effect the simple fact is many, many people do believe and do feel better when they use crystals. At the very least it’s worth keeping an open mind and maybe trying a few of the crystal healing remedies out next time you feel out of sorts or fancy improving your luck.

How effective is crystal healing?

Have you used crystal healing before and if so did you think it was effective?

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  • GALAXY 59 profile image

    GALAXY 59 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    I think you will find that they were still burning witches during the so called scientific time. Ancient knowledge is no less valuable than modern in my opinion. If a thing worked five thousand years ago and still works, why not use it. The vast majority of modern medicine and scientific knowledge is based on things our ancestors knew.

  • profile image

    Skeptik 5 years ago

    Because it is ancient, it means it comes from pre-scientific times, like burning witches. Any questions? Ask Skeptoid.