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How to Cure Bad Breath Fast

Updated on September 17, 2015

How to Cure Bad Breath

Need to know how to cure bad breath? It has been stated by several University studies that one in five individuals suffer frombad breath. So what is bad breath? Bad breath can defined as an unpleasant odor that is expelled on a person’s breath when speaking or breathing. The condition can be caused by a wide array of factors and when a person suffers from it; he or she also suffers in social settings. Poor self esteem is often developed from those that deal with bad breath on a daily basis on fear what others will think or say. You might be thinking, why people don’t just brush their teeth to avoid bad breath. However, sometimes there are underlying causes that don’t easily treat the problem. If you are looking for ways to cure bad breath then you must learn what the major factors are that cause halitosis.

Can You Cure Bad Breath?

Anyone can cure bad breath. The important factors to curing bad breath are exercising proper dental hygiene daily, learning what causes the condition (halitosis) and avoiding the causes or treating those that already exist.

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Causes of Bad Breath

One of the biggest causes of bad breath is improper dental hygiene. Not brushing your teeth at least twice a day and using dental floss can cause unpleasant breath. Plaque build up on teeth occurs, food stuck between teeth encourages bacteria growth and gum disease can also set in. Poor diet can also be a factor to bad breath. According to WebMD, the site states that individuals that exercise a diet of low to no carbs are especially susceptible to halitosis. The human body releases different chemicals as it gets rid of fat during such fad diets.

Certain health conditions like having infected tonsils, dry mouth syndrome and post nasal drip can also contribute to having bad breath. Infected tonsils contain a lot of bacteria that is expelled during breathing to cause unpleasant smells. Having a dry mouth can contribute to bad breath because not enough saliva is created to help naturally expel and rinse odor causing bacteria in the mouth. Certain medications may cause a dry mouth condition; therefore, leading to bad breath for some individuals. Post nasal drip, a chronic sinus infection can also give a person bad breath. As the nasal drips, it expels mucus that can irritate the back of the throat and cause infections. 

Bad Breath Remedies

Quick bad breath remedies that can be used until you see a dentist can help cover up the problem. Chew sugar free gum to help mask the unpleasant smell. Avoid alcoholic beverages as they dehydrate the body and the mouth. The saliva output dwindles; thus, the mouth cannot naturally cleanse bad bacteria. Vitamin deficiency can also be a contributor to smelly breath. Use bad breath remedies, such as Vitamin B, C and zinc. Eat beneficial bacteria by consuming sugar free yogurts. Avoid smoking cigarettes which adds to bad breath. And sugary drinks to help avoid cavities and keep your mouth very hydrated. Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily and rinse your mouth out weekly with hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria in your mouth.

Bad bacteria harbors in the throat, between teeth and tongue. Cure bad breath by practicing optimal dental hygiene daily. Photo: delebonte/
Bad bacteria harbors in the throat, between teeth and tongue. Cure bad breath by practicing optimal dental hygiene daily. Photo: delebonte/

Bad Breath Treatment: How to Cure Bad Breath at Home

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Use dental floss to expel food that is stuck between teeth and use an antiseptic mouth wash to rinse after brushing. Gently brush your tongue after brushing to dislodge bacteria and food partials that may be stuck.  If you suspect that you may have a medical condition that may be related to your bad breath, seek the care of a doctor or dentist to rule out any underlying causes.

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How You Can Tell if Your Breath Stinks


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