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Cure For Disease

Updated on July 24, 2014

Masters of our own destiny

To this day man holds fast to the notion that disease is a human condition that randomly strikes the unsuspecting innocent. It is as if disease is being compared to someone walking out in front of a car by accident. The notion that we are responsible for all our ailments from the common cold to cancer never enters the thought process of many people. To voice the opinion that we are not victims but masters of our own destiny including how we choose to suffer, albeit a subconscious choice, can even produce a very angry reaction in many.

Well I am not afraid to voice this opinion and I challenge my readers to consider such a powerful idea that empowers man so that he lets go of his limiting beliefs that keep him living as a victim. It is time for the human race to wake up and acknowledge the truth of who we are and why we are here.


We are much more than our physical bodies, our brains, our thoughts and anything you can think up to describe the indescribable. Yes, we do express our essence through different aspects such as the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual but these are but facets of the whole.

On this planet we require a physical body and we interact with each other and our environment through our physical aspect. We each also have an emotional, mental and spiritual body but because we cannot detect these through our physical senses many people give little credence to those aspects of ourselves.

Physical disease is the final stage of a battle that is waged long before it reaches the body. Dis-ease has its beginnings at the spiritual and emotional levels of our being and when we fail to deal with our dis-ease at those levels it manifests as the physical disease that man has come to accept as part and parcel of life on this planet.

"The Big C" - A death penalty

As a boy growing up in the 60's I remember hearing my Grandfather talking about cancer in a way that led me to think of it as some kind of creature that descended on unwitting souls and with certainty dispatched them to their graves long before they they were supposed to die. In those days if you were diagnosed with cancer ,or the big C as it was called, meant that you had received the death penalty and the question always asked was, “How long do I have left?”

Various members of my family died from cancer and I have witnessed all that goes with that and I went along with the the idea that they were innocent victims of a horrible disease for most of my life until one day I read a book by a woman named Louise L Hay. The book is called You Can Heal Your Life. After reading that book I realised that I had been contributing to a belief system that robbed humanity of the power to heal itself and I took responsibility for my life and everything that went with that. I accepted that I and I alone was responsible for everything that had happened to me and that included all the good and all the bad. It included all my achievements, my failures my health and all the dis-ease I had also created along the way. I was no longer a victim and nobody could ever take away from me what I now knew to be true. I am the master of my own destiny


No heartbeat

Almost every article I write is in some way related to this essential truth of my life. I use every means available to me to shout it from the mountain tops and I live what I say.

I remember a scene in a village in Thailand where I had been working for some months at a school outside Bangkok. I was with my wife and we were waiting for a doctor to see her. She was six months pregnant and she was experiencing complications. The doctor examined her and told her that there was no heartbeat and that the baby was dead. My wife had miscarried four times before this pregnancy and these words from this authority figure hit her as if she had been shot through the heart with a bullet. She wept openly and I could see how distraught she was. I told the doctor to leave us and I gripped my wife by her shoulders and I said these words to her:

“We have been together quite a while now and I know that you have never fully gone along with my ideas about life but I am asking you now to put aside all your old beliefs and trust me when I say that our baby is alive. If you choose to believe that doctor then the baby will surely die. What do you have to lose by going along with me now? I want you to change your mind and your heart right now and follow my lead with this.” She agreed.

I told the doctor that we were leaving and though she protested she could see that I was now in control and she moved to one side. We left that hospital and went searching for another doctor. A few blocks away we found a clinic and the doctor there examined my wife and said that there was a heart beat and though the baby was in distress everything would be fine. My son is a very healthy young man and we went on to have three more healthy children.

Take responsibility for your life

As a result of that incident my wife began to take seriously the notion that our choices to believe or not believe play a very large part in what experiences we draw to ourselves. I was not going to support my wife or subscribe to a belief flippantly given to her by a doctor who claimed authority over her. It is difficult sometimes to make a stand in the face of so much opposition and when all around you are telling you that you are mad not to believe as everyone else does. Copernicus and many like him broke rank and look at the results throughout the history of this planet.

It is madness to imagine that you have nothing to do with how your life has panned out. You, and you alone,are responsible for everything you have and you ,and you alone, have the power to change everything right now if you would just claim that responsibility and accept that you are indeed the sole architect of your life. Stop blaming people and forces outside yourself and have faith in yourself. God is not responsible for your achievements nor is He responsible for your woes – You are! We were given free will to choose our beliefs so why don't we choose them to make ourselves stronger and not weaker?

It takes courage to embark on a life journey I am here advocating, but how can you not? The reason why there is so much suffering in the world is because not enough people are taking responsibility for their own lives. They would rather blame people and circumstances outside themselves and in so doing they become the victims rather than authors of their own lives.

Disease is a metaphor

Cancer like every other dis-ease starts in the soul of one who breaks the laws of nature. Unable to bear the guilt of our own wrong doing we then turn our hate and self loathing in on ourselves until we physically devour ourselves. All of this happens below the level of our conscious awareness in the bodies we cannot see. Disease is a metaphor for inner turmoil that need never manifest physically if we would just take responsibility for what we have done or failed to do that created the disease in the first place. The cure for all our diseases including cancer rests in the cause and that is how it has always been. This is the reason why a woman like Louise Hay who was sentenced to death with cancer is still alive and very well today aged 85.

Louise Hay is not the only person to have cured herself of a life threatening disease in this way nor will she be the last. Doctors have no explanation for why some people miraculously get better when only months before they were told they only had a few months to live. Many dismiss these cases as a kind of fluke of nature and continue investing in a belief system that maintains their authority status. There are however many doctors who are realising that you are the highest authority in your own life and you do have all the resources you need to heal yourself and these medical practitioners are involved in empowering the people who seek their help.

Treat the cause and the symptom melts away

You can heal yourself but wouldn't it make more sense to deal with the problem before it manifests in the physical aspect of your being? Why not be open to learning more about the parts of yourself that you cannot see or touch? Why not learn to access the subconscious and understand the real power behind your life? Way too much emphasis is placed on the symptoms rather than on understanding the underlying emotional root causes of our problems. Millions are spent every year on cancer research where the emphasis is on finding a way to get rid of the symptoms of the disease but I see little evidence of any time or money being spent on uncovering the unconscious reasons for the disease. It is like turning off the smoke alarm because it is too noisy and never checking for the fire. The symptoms of disease are the alarm signals that are designed to draw our attention to the underlying cause for those symptoms. When you address the cause the symptoms disappear!

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Reclaim your Free Will

I have placed a number of products on my website to expose people to new possibilities about perhaps changing old limiting beliefs and reclaiming your free will to choose what you want to believe in order to heal yourself and the world. Some of these products are Free so what do you have to lose by trying something new? What could you, in fact, gain?


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