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Cure Your Child's Asthma

Updated on June 20, 2011

How to Cure Your Child's Asthma

In order to cure your child's asthma, parents should focus all their efforts on its management. Asthma management aims to reduce symptoms and prevent the likeliness of an asthma flare-up. The best defense to asthma attack is a well-managed and controlled asthma. If possible never take chances, your main goal should always be the total elimination of factors that triggers your child's asthma attack.

Preparation and anticipation of a possible attack is the key to easily stabilize it. Always take your child's quick relief medications with you. If your child is studying, ensure that you have instructed them on how to use their inhalers. Also, make sure they know where to get it if they have a sudden asthma attack at school. Proper knowledge on the disease is also vital in its management.

Childhood Asthma

Make it a habit to regularly visit your child's physician. Frequent consultation is very important in the sense that you will be able to monitor the progress of your child's asthma condition. It will also ensure that your child is responding well with the prescribed medications. Also, be sure to inform the doctor regarding the frequency and duration of the last asthma attacks. Always report any irregularities regarding your child's asthma condition.

If you think your child is not responding well with the medications, tell the doctor immediately so you will be provided with another set of asthma medication. Then carefully observe how your child responds to the new medication. Always keep an open communication with your child's physician. An asthma management which is fully supervised by a licensed medical provider is twice as effective as compared to those which are not.

Child Asthma Attack

Cure Your Child's Asthma

Learning how to recognize your child's warning signals will help in its early detection, to abruptly stop an impending asthma attack. If you suspect your child is about to have an attack immediately administer the prescribed bronchodilators (inhalers). This will lessen the chance of the symptoms to progress. Each child differs in the manifestation of the pattern in an asthma attack. As parents you should be aware of your child's pattern. Immediate response to a possible attack will result to quick asthma relief.

Though asthma attack is often triggered by exercise, a study revealed that regular exercise could cure your child's asthma. The study concluded that a well-supervised exercise program for kids with asthma resulted to marked improvement on controlling its symptoms. It also have been noted that restriction from physical activities only worsens the disease. Therefore parents should be aware that exercise should be incorporated in the management of their child's asthma. But before engaging in any forms of physical activities, be sure to get advice from your child's physician first.

Even if childhood asthma cannot be totally cured, it is without a doubt very manageable. With enough dedication and patience along with love and support from parents, your child's asthma will always be under control.

Your Child's Asthma - Comments

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  • Marisa Wright profile image

    Kate Swanson 8 years ago from Sydney

    As Hospitalera says, to offer a cure is unrealistic. It is possible to control the symptoms and it's important that you do, because asthma attacks in childhood can damage the airways,leading to more trouble in old age.

  • hospitalera profile image

    hospitalera 8 years ago

    You can't cure asthma, unfortunately, but you can alleviate the symptoms and reduce the numbers of attacks, SY

  • s2aebelt profile image

    s2aebelt 8 years ago

    i also found that the nedi pot works to clear out dust and other particles from the nose as well.

  • bbbb7500 profile image

    bbbb7500 8 years ago from Roseville

    Good Work and very informative. I guess I am lucky not to have to deal with asthma in my family so my heart goes out to those who do!

  • imanpatrick profile image

    imanpatrick 8 years ago from jakarta

    nice post dude..

  • sillysqrrl profile image

    sillysqrrl 8 years ago from World Citizen

    My nephew suffers terribly from asthma. This information was very helpful. Thank you.

  • Will James profile image

    Will James 8 years ago from New York, NY

    Hey Litany thanks for this info. I had no idea about these great cures for asthma in children.


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