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Curves are Beautiful, but what about us Skinny Girls

Updated on January 15, 2015

Real men love curves, Dogs love bones. Huh?

If you follow any type of social media, then you are aware of the body image movement. You have seen the signs that say "Real men love curves, only Dogs love bones". And to certain extent, it is amazing, because I believe women should love themselves, no matter their size. I am a big believer of self love. I believe that if you love yourself, you are truly happy in any size.

But what happens to us thin girls? As a thin woman myself, I find it very disappointing to see these signs over and over again. If real men love curves, and only dogs love bones, then, does this mean my husband is a dog? I married a dog? Sounds funny doesn't it, but in this article, I, in a very educated matter, raise my middle finger to the media and to whomever believes that only real women have curves.

If you have a heartbeat, then congratulations, You are real!

I fluctuate between a size 0 and a size 2 depending on the brand. I wear extra small T shirts, and I can use shoes from the girl department. I am a mother of 2, I work out when I can, as well as I eat what I want. I try to live a healthy life in the middle of the chaos of being a stay at home mom. I don't diet, nor do I obsess over my weight. I love myself, and I have come to the terms that this is my body, I am small in size, with a big heart.

I have been subjected to questions as "Do you even eat" or sayings like "Wow, why can't I be skinny like you?" and even in my younger days, teased because I was thin. It doesn't matter what size you are, we are all real people. You aren't more or less because of your weight. Men are all real, even the rude ones.

As I sit and scroll through social media, I read comments, I see posts, I even see word wars about real women and the size they should be. Newsflash, if you were born with a beating heart, and you are breathing, if you get a paper cut and you cringe, if you have and do all of the above, then you are real. Your height, your weight, your lifestyle has nothing to do with your "realness".

Love Yourself, and You will be Comfortable in any Size

I see and understand how the media had basically made us swallow that in order to be beautiful you must be a size 2. But does this mean that all of us skinny women should pay for that? The same way that there are natural curvy beautiful women, the same way there are naturally skinny beautiful women. We all come in all shapes and sizes.

My Daughter is 4. And she is a tiny little girl with a big imagination and a beyond beautiful heart. I don't want her to have to endure the same I had to endure, specially as a grown up. Judged by other mothers, judged by society, portrayed as something I am not, because of my size. Being a thin woman now is viewed as you either have an eating disorder, you diet n purpose and you must be very vain. I am non of the above.

As you can see, not only bigger women go through this. Now a days, we all do. Whether we are curvy, short, tall, thin, have tattoos, piercings, are spiritual, or religious, have long hair or a shaved head, we are all being judged. Lets end it all with self love. Loving who we are, and not who we are told to be. Love yourself, and you will be comfortable in any size.


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