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Updated on September 24, 2015


The term "decoding" can sound geekish when we're talking about the root cause of a problem like obesity. Truth is, though, that our human system operates much like a computer system. Computers, in fact, were modeled after the human brain. So, an important concept to understand is that we have "frequency information" running through us 24/7, much as software programs run through computers. Even NASA validates this, and now works with frequency, sending information to human cells. For example, NASA has discovered that when 10 hz squared is sent to the human cell, the cell thinks it's young again!,

It's complicated, but then on top of that, science tells us we're all connected in an infinite energetic matrix. Think of it as a power grid. This matrix is filled with information, all in frequency form.. Sound crazy? Well, guess what- Marconi's friends had him taken into custody and examined by a psychopathic hospital when he announced he had discovered a principle through which he could send messages through the air, without the aid of wires or other direct physical means of communication.

Marconi had invented the radio. He was utilizing the matrix of subtle electricity, you know, that "informational grid" that science now validates. This same matrix brings us tv, the internet, and much more. His teacher? Tesla, who said " If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.


In case you haven't noticed, we have an epidemic of obesity in America. This is linked to a decline in health that actually threatens the economy. For example, did you know that by the year 2026 there may not be money in the health care system for anything but diabetes?

So far, experts have thought our skyrocketing weight was primarily due to sugar. After all, our food is loaded with it. The average American consumes 48 teaspoons of sugar a day, and that's without eating candy or desserts! Sugar's in everything- even toothpaste. Many times it comes in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which is said to be even worse than sugar.

Of course then there's the junk food with additives that keep you hungry, wanting to eat and eat. And let's not forget about the GMOs, which are said to a) chelate out minerals and b) kill healthy gut flora.

And many of us are inactive, sitting in front of the TV or computer. (Gulty)

But what if there's a deeper issue, one we haven't thought about? After all, we're electrical beings, all connected in an electrical matrix. This "electricity" has always been part of us. But then MAN came in and started harnessing it. First came the light bulb, but soon we had an endless array of gadgets we couldn't live without. Then came cell towers, wireless energy, smart meters, etc. Is it possible this has thrown our own energy off, contributing to obesity?

Scientific findings indicate that this could be the case.


What got me to thinking about this is an excellent book:


It's only about 120 pages- reading it changed my life for the better. Some say they prefer to be "unaware" of all this, since electricity is here to stay. Thing is, with awareness we can still do everything we're doing now, but just protect ourselves. According to Dr Milham, EMF is related to a number of diseases that haven dramatically escalated:

  • ADHD
  • Suicide
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease

Resistance to this information reminds me of the story of the doctor who "discovered" germs. The death rate in hospitals was extremely high, especially among women who had just given birth. This doctor said he believed they, the doctors, were spreading "germs".. He suggested they simply wash their hands in between patients. He started doing this himself, with excellent results.

But he was ostracized from the profession and died in disgrace. Why? Nobody could see any germs.

Below is a video by Dr Sam Milham, author of "DIRTY ELECTRICITY"

Dr. Milham makes sense.



Again, everything we're doing now can be done safely. But in order to understand why we should go to the trouble it will take to make changes, we have to acknowledge that we're surrounded by electromagnetic frequency, and that scientific evidence is now coming forward to indicate it's having a negative impact on our health.

Obesity is now even a young person's disease. EMF exposure harms them even while they're still in the womb. But, we're ALL exposed to constant radiation.And while we thought the sugar industry was the most powerful governmental lobby, turns out it's the telecommunications industry.What that means is that our elected officials, i.e. the paid employees of the corporate structures, will never do anything about it. The telecommunications lobbyists will pay them off.

(sorry, but we're talking about awareness, facing facts)

It's up to us, as consumers.


First, remember we want to focus on solutions, not the problems. But before we do that, we need information. So, you might want to consider investing in a meter to measure the EMF in your home. I called my doctor- one of the enlightened ones, at least in my opinion- and he recommended looking for a Tri Field Meter.




Human beings were not meant to live surrounded by electrical wires, hydro stacks, smart meters, and cell phone towers. EMF could also be part of the reason we're seeing such a dramatic increase in mental illness and anti-social or unexplained behavior..

For example, did you notice what Dr Milham said about EMF and suicide?

And remember, because of the way our government seems to operate, it's doubtful any of our elected officials will write up any proposals to solve the problem. Doubt you see it on any of the presidential candidate platforms, either.

But fortunately, many are becoming aware. But this information is not coming from those we elect to represent us. It will have to come from our own research. We will have to stop saying "Do it for me", and start taking our health into our own hands.

Proactively, not re-actively.

Hope this hub has been helpful, and that you will continue to investigate the impact of EMF.

Thanks for reading.


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    • Ivan Tod profile image

      Ivan Tod 14 months ago from Chester, ny

      Aside from hormone disfunction people only become obese because they over eat, period. frumpleton is absolutely correct in his comment about hunger and quelling it. If evolution as we know it is true then there is no natural reason for humans to over eat. There are, however, several reasons why we DO over eat...1; the abundance of food made readily available. 2; the fact that our lives are constantly inundated (for profiteering purposes) with advertisements subliminally telling us to eat, eat, eat. 3; The lack of willpower and lastly; we have been told by the American Medical Association that it is not the individuals' fault that he or she is obese but rather it is an "illness". This so-called illness is now on the list of accepted disabilities that we can receive benefits for thereby allowing the weak willed to continue to over eat while not wasting time or energy "working". Very unsettling, indeed. So, any newfound, newfangled or outright fraudulent excuse for it must be approached cautiously. Besides all of that, we are ultimately designed to break down and eventually die. It's nature. whether or not we speed that process up artificially through obesity and all of it's complications is our own choice.

    • profile image

      frumpleton 15 months ago

      I think that some people can't ignore hunger. They have to eat as soon as their stomach tells them to. But it takes time to empty your belly and when it does, the brain signals to feed the belly again, whether or not you need the extra food. I am lucky, I guess, because I can ignore my stomach most of the time and have gained only about 7 pounds since I was a teen. But hormones can also influence your weight. During menopause, you can work your tail off with exercise and never lose a pound. (I know) I had gained 20 pounds and tried starving myself, walked every day, too. Hormones are not always our friend. After all that agony, I dropped back down to 130 pounds without doing anything different. And back in the olden days, a lot of people walked more and lived on farms so they could eat a lot and still burn off the calories. When middle age hits, you can't eat like you always used to because your metabolism has slowed down and you'll gain weight. I don't think electricity has anything to do with it or I would be fatter.