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DETOX Methods for your wallet

Updated on July 16, 2011
Money | Source
Money | Source
Money with change.
Money with change. | Source


It's about your finances, your freedom and of course your well being! It does have to do with health, your mental and emotional health, specifically. The health of your future, and living the best life possible, without having someone else's hand in your pockets, other than your kids.

Credit card debt is a python that slowly squeezes the life out of it's victims. Any kind of debt that plagues your mind is a slow killer. You are no longer a customer of good standing, if God forbid, you find yourself in some financial trouble through the loss of an income. Your credit and buying power is demolished.

Do you know the Bible teaches against charging interest. It is not a condoned method of making money and considered a curse to the borrower - who is servant to the lender!

Besides that it also teaches us about handling our money wisely. About giving, saving and how to live the best life we can where we can enjoy all things. The New Testament talks about the good life, that Christ Jesus has made it possible for us to enjoy everything we wish when we follow Him. As long as our focus is on Him a life without limits is possible!

Doctor's prescribe the same thing. Everything that is unhealthy in moderation! But life giving foods are limitless!

Give your money an assignment! What is it's purpose? Most of us call this a budget. Each heading can be something like this - Biblically based, Give, Live, Save and Enjoy!

Anyway this DETOX has to do with your finances.

1. D = Debt, this is what you are legally obliged to pay someone else, an obligation, a duty or something owed. Any kind of obligation can become a burden, but those that involve money are the ones that cause people the most aggravation. Yet we are the ones that put ourselves in this position because we willingly and blinded try to satisfy an impulsive whim.You must take responsibility and make every effort to pay back what you owe - as a Christian your credibility is on the line !

2. E = Elimination, getting rid of all the toxins, or toxic waste out of your life once and for all. Go on a spending fast. The body always gets rid of what it can't use, if not it will attack the thing until it is destroyed. If it does not disease is the result! DIS EASE something that affects the ease of something, making them ill.

So get rid of the credit cards, the store cards and anything else that is charging you interest. Cancel those gym memberships if you are not using them to your advantage or getting your money's worth.

Stop buying bottled water or things at full price, wait until they are on sale, use a coupon or purchase them when the seasonal things are changing, i.e. clothes.

Buy what is local or in season.

a. Fast these are activities that cost you money, at least three or four times a week. If you eat out every day, pack lunch for those days and cook simple easy, quick meals for breakfast and dinner.

1. Pack lunch, you can make these the night before if mornings are difficult but if you have 10 minutes in the the AM go for it, besides saving money this is great if you are watching your weight.

2. Grocery shop, go for versatile foods like chicken, fish, eggs etc, try to stay away from prepackaged foods unless you have coupons and can get a great deal.

3. Cook, quick simple meals five times a week, make several meals that are large enough to have left overs, like a pasta dish, chilli, a whole baked chicken and stews -New Orleans Creole, etc. Get the recipe for your favorite meals and experiment, suggestion - go for meals that are fairly easy with 7 or less ingredients.

4. Use cash, carry a weekly allowance of $10 to $15 to spend, ( that's $2 to $3 daily) this is enough to use in the vending machine, buy a treat like coffee or a soda pop. Advice buy you favorite things at the grocery store, you get a better value.

The money you save on those three or four days, put into a piggy bank and at the end of the month deposit it - no matter how small, you could also use it to buy groceries, don't forget coupons and weekly specials when shopping.

Hint: when grocery shopping, shop by ads, weekly specials and coupons, planning your week's menu by those items will make your life simpler and less costly.

a. Don't make unnecessary car trips. Try to take care of errands all at once, this saves time, money, gas and your car, as well as energy. Designate a day where you take care of everything. Remember when you were young and your mom took care of shopping on one day of the week, usually a Saturday, re institute this and see how much money you save ( not to say stress).

The very idea that debt in any form is good, has become appalling to me. But for a lot of us it is a necessary evil - but it does not have to be long term if we are smart about it. In some forms it may be acceptable but it is never good to owe anyone or any organization anything.

3. T = Tactics / Techniques, these are lifestyle changes that you implement, so that you pay off your debt quicker, get it reduced or forgiven.

a. Don't window shop

b. If you are tempted to purchase something, give yourself 24 hours to think it over

c. give your creditors a call, see what can be negotiated

d. add 5% to 10 % of each payment to your standard monthly payment, so if you owe $50 for the month add another $2.50 to $5 to the payment.

e. i advise to pay off your smallest balance first, while paying everyone else on time - this is so you can use that money towards your next smallest balance. But beyond that it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

4. O = Owe / Owing

a. know what you owe - the exact dollar amount

b. know who you owe - list everyone according to amount owed starting with the smallest amount first, have their mailing and contact information at hand.

5. X = Nothing & No one, X, like in algebra equals the institution or person you currently owe money to but don't want to owe ever again! Your ultimate goal is not to owe, correct? So you need to make up your mind that you will do all it takes to reduce your debt down to nothing.

Starting is always the hardest step but once it is accomplished the rest is easy. But not being obligated to anyone is such a freeing effect that can never be duplicated.

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