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How to Diet Without Guilt. It can be a Pleasure or a Chore.

Updated on August 26, 2014

Fat to Fit - Before and After. All 'Losers' are 'Winners' in the end


Dieting with ease

First positive to remember: Treating yourself with a "cheat" while dieting, can help you stick to your diet better.

The second thing to remember is that "Rome wasn't built in a day". So long term goals are more successful than short term goals.

This diet regime is guaranteed to drop pounds quickly and permanently.

It is a "How to Diet Without Guilt" regime. And remember also keep in mind that dieting can be a chore or a pleasure. It is our individual choice - so lets make it a positive and pleasurable experience.

It need not be a tedious and/or a negative experience. It is all in our mind set, our personal desire to change, and our positive attitude toward ourselves.

Sadly enough many people who are over weight will never lose the excess because to do so would mean a change in lifestyle and eating habits. We, as a society, tend to look for the easy way of doing anything these days. This reluctance to change daily routine and bad habits leads to despair and guilt and actually makes the situation worse, in many instances.

"Comfort" foods seem to pacify for the moment, but in reality they merely add to the despair and guilt in the long run. Some kind of emotional instability is inherent in obese individuals that must also be addressed in order to change bad habits. This does not mean we must discount the "glandular" problems that some people have, but rather we need to discuss that possible disorder with our personal physician in order to correct, or rule it out, before starting any diet program.

There are so many bogus diets out there today that you can actually do more harm to your health, than good, if you follow most of them.

Some simple Facts:

1. Meat is a non-essential in your diet.

2. Carbohydrates are not a bad thing. They have gotten a bum rap over the years. They are essential for your health and body maintenance. We need to know the difference between "good" carbs and "bad" carbs.

3. Vegetables and fruits are essentials to maintaining health and balance.

4. Moderate exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy body.

5. It is not what you eat. It is how much you eat at one time.

6. You gain weight only when you take in more than your body needs, to maintain a healthy state.

7. Most everything you eat contains carbohydrates. It is essential to your health.

8. In the body, carbohydrates are converted to glucose.

9. Glucose is the "fuel" on which our body runs.

10. We were never meant to "count calories", starve ourselves, or go without some of life's simplest pleasures.

11. Enjoy yourself, love life, and be true to your self above all else.

12. Get rid of all guilt in your life - it is the most useless emotion of all. Make a mistake - learn from it - and move on.

With all that being said, there are only 3 Essential Steps to losing weight and keeping it off.

Essential Step #1: (and the most important):

Changing your eating habits.

Eat smaller amounts in one sitting.

Eat 5-6 times a day - every 3 hours. (EX: 7am - 10am - 1pm - 4pm - 7pm - 10pm {just before bedtime}).

Eating vegetables and fruits, drinking water, or 100% fruit drinks, with each intake of food to increase volume to fool your stomach into 'feeling full' and flush out blood toxins.

NO soft drinks, sodas, or juices with anything added to them.

Limit coffee to once a day.

{The idea behind eating several times a day in small amounts that by doing so, you are fooling your body into thinking that there is no longer any need to store calories around your body in the form of fat. So your metabolism is working constantly and burning up the fat that your body has hoarded over the years.}

ALL herbs and spices are healthy for your body, and give variety and flavor to otherwise bland foods. Use them generously.

Knowing what your 'free foods" are, is also essential. These foods will burn more calories in digestion than they possess. So, the more you eat, the more you lose..... Most dieters like the sounds of that statement, i know i sure did.

Here is a list of some 'free foods' to start with. Eat as much as you like, spice them up (using only herbs and spices); no animal fats, artificial oils, butter or margarine (if you MUST use one or the other, limit it to a small amount of pure olive oil, or 'real' butter with no additives - absolutely NO margarine.

list of "free foods" :

rice, potatoes, lettuce (all varieties), broccoli, carrots, black beans, kidney beans, spinach, lentils, celery, peas, cauliflower, pineapple, cabbage, oranges, apples, grapefruit, bananas, all 100% fruit juices (with no additives), oatmeal, onions, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, ALL spices (without added salt), all natural (no fat) cooking spray (for saute`-ing), [such as pure olive oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, NO corn oil as this is probably now being made with modified corn that has been proven to cause tumors in recent studies, (NO CANOLA Oil) - [this is NOT a natural product], barley, oats, green tea, walnuts, almonds (all nuts without additives), pears, sweet peppers, flax seed, vinegar, hot peppers, pickled herring, pickled vegetables, almond milk or coconut milk, or organic soy milk cereal (no cow's milk), NO artificial sweeteners, sweeten with honey, pure maple syrup, or unbleached raw sugar (and only in moderation).

Forget the word "carbohydrate".

As long as your diet is made from grains, beans, vegetables and fruits, it will be naturally rich in "good" carbohydrates. Fish, and/or chicken, is also recommended at least weekly: Broiled, boiled, baked, steamed but never fried.

No red meat.

Miracle Soup


Miracle Soup Recipe


  • 6 large onions,
  • 1 organic green pepper,
  • whole organic tomatoes (fresh or canned - plain or seasoned without salt),
  • 1 organic head of cabbage,
  • organic celery,
  • organic carrots,
  • mushrooms,
  • beans (green or baked or lentils),
  • season with any of your favorite herbs and spices to your own taste.
  • You can make your soup with any combination of these 'free foods' that suit your individual taste buds.

Directions for Soup Recipe

  • Cut vegetables in medium pieces., cover with water, bring to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes, then lower heat and simmer until vegetables are tender.

Eat as much as you like, as often as you like, any time you feel hungry. It will not add calories and the more you eat, the more you lose.


But be sensible. Eating too great a quantity of anything, can have negative effects: bloating, nausea, putting undue pressure on your heart and lungs, etc....

Miracle Soup

Cast your vote for Miracle Soup Recipe

Essential Step #2:


is the second essential ingredient in losing weight and keeping it off realistically.

Most people who are over weight are totally out of shape. It is important to start exercising gradually and increase as tolerated. But always keep in mind that no changes occur overnight.

It takes us years to gain excessive weight and the key to successful weight loss is to lose it gradually, by changing eating habits, and exercise sensibly, by incorporating these changes into our daily life.

Always remember the ultimate goal you are striving for: a new, more beautiful, healthier, vibrant, and sexier YOU.

So, start your exercise by making a brisk walk a part of your daily routine. If you live in a country setting, or near a park, go outside and walk, the fresh air and change of scenery will do you a world of good. Stop occasionally to smell the flowers, enjoy the beauty of nature, and touch a tree. Close you eyes and feel the presence of nature around you. It is exhilarating and habit forming and hopefully addictive for you.

If you must exercise indoors, start slow and steady. Just a few minutes at a time and increase the time as you are physically able to tolerate it.

Most people who try exercising to videos tend to do it too long at a time to start off, causing your muscles to ache and get sore. This leads to discouragement.

Time yourself. When you get tired, stop; and gradually increase the time, to your level of comfort, each time you exercise. Again remember "Rome was not built in a day". Perseverance and the desire to reach a healthy goal is more important in the long run. Just learn to enjoy 'what' you are doing and 'why' your are doing it. Do it for better health, a better future, and for a better you - NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE.

Once in a while 'selfishness' is a good thing for us.

Surgery: Only as a last resort.

Essential Step #3:


We must learn that cheating (without guilt) every now and then is a Good thing.

If you are a meat eater, chocolate lover, ice cream lover, or like an occasional cocktail - do not deprive yourself!!

Decide which day of the week, or month, you will cheat and do it (but only in moderation). This way you will not be burdened by guilt, or self recrimination, and it will be a treat to look forward to with gusto instead of guilt.

Forget measuring foods or counting calories; and pig out on your foods from your 'free foods' list and your miracle soup that you learned about above, and enjoy yourself.

Dieting is not a punishment to just endure. It should be an enjoyable experience for us, both physically and emotionally, with a specific goal in mind, knowing that an occasional 'slip' is not the end of the world and is even something to look forward to.

A little 'decadence' is a good thing now and then.

So, remember to always enjoy yourself, love life, and be true to yourself above all else.

Get rid of all guilt in your life - it serves absolutely no purpose and is the most useless emotion of all.

Make mistakes - learn from them - and move on to more important things.

If your are in an unhappy situation, only you have the power to change it.

So, just do it - live long and prosper.

by: d.william 02/01/11

5 Diet and Nutrition Tips

© 2011 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I am happy you enjoyed my article.

    • Ashantina profile image


      8 years ago

      Fantastic tips! I love no 3 as an essential, its so important to 'treat' yourself now and again!!


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