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Discovering Maple Syrup Sugar!

Updated on August 2, 2020
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Maple Syrup Sugar, Are you looking for an excellent sweetener ?.

Discovering Maple Syrup Sugar !. Nowadays, thanks to greater awareness, many people decide to replace the classic white sugar with other types of sweeteners. The choice is really wide and among the many options, we also find maple syrup sugar. The latter is a well-known natural sweetener, appreciated and used a lot, especially in the United States and Canada. The reason? It is good, but also nutritious and beneficial.

It proves to be a fantastic substitute for sugar and the merit certainly goes to Acer saccharum, also called "sugar maple", and to Acer saccharum nigrum, also called "black maple". Thanks to the sap of these two trees, the companies in the sector can prepare the delicious syrup and, subsequently, also the sugar of maple syrup. Let's find out some of the main characteristics of these delicious foods!

From the tree to our tables: here are the qualities of this sweetener

Maple syrup looks like a thick sweet liquid, while maple syrup sugar is a sweetener in larger granules than traditional sugar. However, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to find even slightly different textures and grains of different sizes. Since ancient times, the people of Québec have extracted the sap from maples, with the aim of creating natural and artisanal sweeteners suitable for any type of food.

Therefore, this sugar has been known and loved for centuries! In addition to its sweetening power, it is equipped with numerous beneficial substances and perfect properties to promote the health of the body. In fact, both the syrup and the sugar obtained from these trees are rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. Also, vitamins are not lacking, as well as malic acid, present in considerable quantities. With these assumptions, it is obvious that these are foods that ensure a remineralizing and energizing effect.

The other characteristics of maple sugar

As you may have understood, we are dealing with a food product that, if chosen carefully, can guarantee quality and numerous benefits for our body: according to the most recent studies, maple syrup sugar also boasts purifying, draining, antioxidant properties and digestive. Therefore, it is a valid ally against the premature ageing of cells and helps to promote the well-being of the skin and the whole organism in general.

It is even low-calorie, boasts an average glycemic index and some research has found that maple syrup is able to reactivate the thermogenesis of fats (helps burn them). Obviously, we should not exaggerate with the doses, but it still presents itself as a perfect food for sportsmen and subjects of all ages. In short, maple syrup sugar is an option not to be underestimated and you can use it to sweeten drinks and desserts of all kinds … You just have to test it!

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