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Disabilities shouldn't stop you. My friend Kennedy Ng'ang'a my friend from Kenya is such a big inspiration

Updated on February 20, 2015

the artist


Sometimes you can overcome hurdles.

I have a friend from Kenya, and wanted to tell the world about Kennedy Ng'ang'a.

I know that when Kennedy was younger, he got injured, and could not walk anymore.

He actually was 16 years in 1992 and was in a diving accident that broke his neck.

The amazing thing was, Kennedy didn't sit there and feel sorry for himself, he really fought to overcome all odds.

As you can see, I have added a picture. It indeed is a very special picture to me.

The picture is of the man I want to work with Jackie Chan and I am standing beside him.

I think Kennedy did a great job.

I know Kennedy does lots of drawings and this is how he makes a living.

You actually can contact him on his facebook page, and he can draw you almost anything you ask.

I was so pleasantly surprise with what Kennedy did for me.

I thought it was so beautiful, I started crying when Kennedy, got in contact on my facebook today.

So indeed I posted it on my facebook this morning.

Imagine how people complain about the stupidest things today or the fact that some people are so lazy, they never will even come close to some of the things Kennedy has done.

Maybe if more people had the spirit that Kennedy has, the world would be a better place.

I am proud to call Kennedy a very talented and humbling artist.

It amazes me in the face of adversity, people, just like Kennedy, can strive forward, through any obstacles.

Amazing people do exist in this world and sometimes they aren't just in our own backyard, but everywhere around the world.

The paintings that Kennedy does is in his own backyard.

I have seen animals that he had painted and indeed he is a true artist.

The lovely colors that he adds to his paintings makes the world come alive and you feel a warm feeling when you look at his paintings.

I truly believe that Kennedy shows love through his paintings and it makes many people happy that have brought his paintings.

Kennedy's work can light up a room in your house and surrounds anyone's interior of their household with Joy.

Also, if anyone is interested in helping Kennedy out, he does have a facebook page and you can purchase his paintings or if you had something in mind that you would like to have drawn by him, I am pretty sure he will do his best to draw something for you.

Kennedy does has this smile that lights up his facebook page.

Kennedy is proud of his paintings and I applaud him because he has faced so much.

Awhile ago he lost his mother and I believe his mother was helping him, so his paintings really does support himself.

If anyone can help buy Kennedy's painting, the money really does go towards him.

Where Kennedy lives in Kenya I am not sure if there is much pavement, so I am not sure how easy it is for Kennedy to get around.

I know there are medical expenses that Kennedy has because of his situation and anyone that can help buy his paintings you really are helping him out.

Plus buying one of his paintings it will bring you much happiness.

Well if you don't believe me how much happiness it has brought people, go to his page or even look him up on the internet and see for yourself how much his paintings have brought happiness to many people.

Maybe we all take for granted that we can just get up and just "walk" and do things for ourselves, but I am not sure I can imagine the daily tasks that Kennedy must deal with everyday.

I know the hand of faith that Kennedy has been dealt with, he is handling it the best he can.

As I am re-writing this article, in which when I first got on Hub Pages I only had about 200 hundred words and wanted to add to this article more and resubmit it.

Today is Kennedy's birthday, Feb. 20 and I wish that on his birthday people can check out Kennedy and maybe buy a couple of his paintings.

I guarantee you more than anything, you really are going to be pleased with Kennedy's work and not only will you be pleased with his work, you are going to feel really good that you bought one of Kennedy's paintings because when you hang up his painting anywhere you decide to hang up his work, everytime you look at the painting that you had brought from Kennedy, it will help you to smile everyday.

Kennedy has never given up on life and continues to live his life to the fullest everyday.

Even if people can not afford one right now, maybe you can help spread the word a little bit, maybe some other people will see his work and be able to buy one of his painting.

Also, I think that some of the money that goes to his painting, because where he lives in Kenya, some of it is "postage" so he doesn't get all the money because some of it is shipment to his country.

If anyone can help him out, please go to his facebook page.

Today once again is a special day for Kennedy, it is his birthday.

I hope that some people when reading this article, once again, if you can not afford a painting, please just spread the word a little bit about Kennedy so then maybe people with some money who can afford a painting can purchase one from him today.

I know I am repeating myself, but it is Kennedy's birthday today and I hope that people will see how talented he is and will really purchase his paintings.

Kennedy has a good heart and I hope that people will see what I see and what I see, a beautiful human beings with spirit who has happiness within side of himself that he shares with the world through his eyes on his painting a beautiful world that is around us.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile imageAUTHOR

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 

    6 years ago from worldwide

    Thank you :)

  • doability profile image


    6 years ago from United Kingdom

    The inspirational tone of this article is fantastic.


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