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Daily Quotes for Living: You Had Better Slap That Goal, Right Now!

Updated on December 24, 2019

You'd better get in step, babe!

Setting Goals Is Easy!
Setting Goals Is Easy! | Source

Stop trying to "find yourself," what does that even mean?

Seriously, Love; you have found yourself, how could you have been brainwashed to believe that you were ever lost? Looking in a mirror, talking to people who know you the best, remembering decisions you made in the past, those are all defining moments. Did you lose them? Have you lost your memory or something, or had a traumatic brain injury? Because if not, you have always had yourself, will always have just yourself, and there is therefore nothing to "find."

You don't need to go off into the wilderness alone to prove anything to us or anyone else. Great, you walked out at night by yourself in the woods/creepy area/walking your dog in the fog/National Park camping alone, what have you. Did it really prove anything, except that you take unreasonable risks? Why are you still looking for yourself, are you that unwilling to be sure of yourself and your decisions?

Are you insecure?

You act insecure.

Don't get mad.

You see, this is how it goes. There is someone at your job or in your circle who has a competent personality, who is secure in herself/himself, and does not believe the hype (whatever form that will take). Instead of hating on this individual and trying to get the person fired for creating a "hostile" work environment, understand that the hostile work environment is within your own head. That's right. You are a hostile work environment. And wouldn't you do better getting some security instead of looking to find validation for who you are or aren't on the outside of your existence?

If you want to be more secure, happy in your own skin then, you have to take risks, and that starts with creating something, anything and being the unique person you were meant to be. The secret to security is somewhat not caring what others think about what you are doing, yes, that is some of it. But the main factor is not being afraid of innovation, creating and adjusting to whatever comes your way.

Think of someone who is easy going, that person is a master of adjusting. Think of someone you admire who is calm spirited, that person allows water to find its own level in his or her life. Think of water, it finds its own way, and yes it can be destructive, but mostly it is life giving, a nourishing life force. Don't you agree? We do agree with you on that one too.

Water is two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom, and where ever that combination exists, we'll get some type of water compound. Heat it, it doesn't start gossiping about others, it just turns to steam and releases all drama. Freeze it, and it solidifies staying the course. Leave it be, and it flows naturally, and isn't that fine?

Water is awesome. And you my dear are also awesome too. By the way, you are made up more than a majority of water anyway, but not to digress.

That major security you seek is within, stop being afraid to unwrap it, for Pete's sake. It's there, this tiny gift, that you have been nervous about checking out for YEARS, omg. There is nothing to prove, there is almost even less to say. Take risks with knowing more about yourself, picking up the pieces after any failure, and learning to move on in silence. Just do what needs to be done, get on with it. Stop being so dang insecure about everything, it's exhausting having to watch your made up "struggles" just get on with it already.

Check in with yourself now, you are definitely closer than you think to fulfilling your goals. Don't have a goal, then go get one, or some. That is what you should be spending your time "finding," my dear.

Problems are opportunities in disguise!
Problems are opportunities in disguise! | Source

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