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Daily Quotes for Living: Would You Perish Tomorrow, For What You Might Have Done?

Updated on December 22, 2019

The past cannot be rewritten.


Be careful who you align with, it matters believe that it does.

More than once, twice or thrice you have aligned yourself in the past with an organization, business, partner, friend, manager, boss or entity that has no idea how to prosper, fulfill its mission statement, knows what the heck it is that it is doing, or is winging it to oblivion. So sad, tsk, tsk, this happens every day of the week.

You need to be way more careful about who you decide to align with, and need to make it a priority to find more people who are dedicated to being aligned with you. Don't let the lazy attitudes of others in the workplace stop you from progressing and taking risks, and don't let their incompetence keep you from reaching your potential.

What was not said was people "on your level," as this is misinterpreted to mean educational level, or societal level, when it is not necessarily true. A person with no education can teach you about what having a real heart looks like, and an individual with everything going for him can take away the only precious thing (whatever that means to you) that you have left. No, it means on your vibration, vibe, condition, frequency, wavelength, signal, the esoteric or the non-physical almost spiritual level of being and of creating in this world. It is more than just a feeling, it is the red flag that you paint blue, green, or black and white checkered out of habit. It is dicey at best, and it is every time wrong. Don't do that.

A person who is not interested in fulfilling his own commitments will not help you execute and meet your goals, it is actually impossible for this person to be of any service to you. Except, he or she can hold a door open for you, that is about it, doorman or doorwoman, as it were. A business afraid of innovation is dead, embalmed, lying on its back with the cross in their hands in a coffin of status quo -- please don't change anything, they can't take it!

Sorry, having a flashback takes its toll for sure. A business who keeps the mission statement locked up in the safe is of no use to you, nor to that vital piece of paper collecting dust in the wrong place. You mean to say it is not framed and up on the walls, for the employees to review every day to meet the goals of the organization? What a pity this new revelation is today, every day. It might be time for you to find another job.

If a boss or manager cannot commit to him or herself, don't expect this person to commit to you. That means you are on your own for continuing education advice, encouragement, nurturing for the next step in your career, advice on how to boost your performance now to garner a raise at performance review time. Don't forget to say that it was a pleasure working with them (whether you mean it or not) when you leave.

It is not necessary to make a list of everyone else's transgressions, misaligned statements, none of that matters at all. The only list that you need is the list that will change how you perceive this reality, what will you do differently knowing that you are on your own? Your career, job advancement, relationships at work, all that is only limited by your creative spirit, or lack thereof. Advance yourself at work, don't wait for anyone else to help you. And, when you have any inclination that there are forces beyond your control in your way, waiting to stop you, my darling, it is time to leave, and leave you must.

I need this job, I have bills to pay.

True enough, this is very true. Well consider this, reduce your hours and take a second job. Because it is a guaranteed fact that the sun will rise and the crazy-making will start as soon as your personal initiative begins to kick in for you. It is a fact that people lacking initiative always have the energy, time and passion to put their emphasis on everyone else who shows promise, oh, you are their target, my fine feathered friend. And the Bluebird of Happiness won't be stopping by your cubicle/table/bench/unit/department/office today, nope. You will be decidedly on your own again, baby-cakes.

Don't over stay your welcome where you cannot grow, are daily stifled, are hourly criticized, and are weekly put down in the workplace. Ask and it will be given to you, start thinking how you will get a better position for yourself and trust it, the universe is on your side, and in that case a better job eventually will magically appear!


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