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Daily Try for Fitness

Updated on February 2, 2017

Can I do it?

There is an article in Huffington Post by Jill Brown. She is a fitness and health expert. She was wondering the same thing I've been wondering for my whole adult life. Can I still be 50 and get to the best shape of my life.

Now while she researched with different fitness trainers and they all told her that the three things a person must have to succeed in a sustaining the motivation and discipline are you want a better life, physical movement is always on switch. You need to plan your workouts in advance, what you are going to do, and you need to have friends and family to be accountable to.(Jill Brown) The reason I told you all of this is because I have to tell myself the same things.

When I was in my early twenties, I used to be able to eat anything. I always held my weight very well. I never looked chubby. I always looked good, or so I was told. Then I had my first baby at age 22. Do you know, I had a C-section and two weeks later I was doing sit ups? Thinking back, I was really stupid. I didn't really gain weight. Then I got pregnant again, right away, and with that pregnancy I gained some weight. I didn't gain a lot of weight but enough. I don't remember specifics, like how much I weighed or gained but I lost it all again when the kids were a couple years old. They were one year apart so I was always running around, still ate a lot of junk. My body was pliable and looked good. I wasn't too skinny and I wasn't too overweight

I always worked physical jobs, Horse farms, Nurses aide, I mean anything that had me on my feet all day, non stop so I really got a lot of exercise during the day, I didn't particularly watch what I ate in the sense that I was eating only salads and protein, I just watched while the food was leaving my plate entering my mouth!!! I ate everything junky that I could. I loved Doritos, and potato chips and ice cream and French fries, and pizza I couldn't get enough of.

Seven years after my second child I had my third. I remember eating like a stuck pig with this one and I looked like one too. I didn't get the weight off. I didn't try. I didn't watch what I ate and I paid the price, another six years, I had my last kid. My weight went up to a whopping 385lbs!!! Who could ever get that off? Nine months later I had a massive stroke. I lost the ability to walk for a year and everyone thought I was done for. I remember being in that hospital. How home sick I was and how I wanted to be out of it. They started taking me to physical therapy. I started working on their program even though I felt lost and afraid and lets face It, I was embarrassed. I didn't want to be in this room with a bunch of old people lifting one pound weights!!

I did go through their program and I did come out ok, thank God and I went right into trying to lose weight. There in gave me problem because I was too lazy to do research and talk to qualified people and I depended on what I knew, which was next to nothing. I had to reteach myself how to walk and drive a car again. I didn't want to look like I had a stroke, so I learned how to compensate for things really fast. I would take the baby out for walks all the time and holding the stroller was like holding a walker so I would get my exercise a little at a time.

Once I got through all of that I managed to be in the present now, back to the gym and back to trying to keep myself from having another stroke and being somewhat in shape.

So I started seeing a fitness trainer, I attended Planet fitness which is only 10 dollars a month so its very affordable and I am set up with a trainer who don't cost me a dime!! He is great too.

He is Army reserve so I'm getting exercises that the army does, he makes them look so easy but I'm dying! When I got with him I told him lets concentrate on core exercises. He brings me through a lot of exercises that I never thought I could even do, Today we worked on Leg raises, flutter kicks, back extensions, and reverse bench crunches, and sitting rotations for the stomach.

I thought I was gonna die!!! But its what I need!!! I need someone to push me, Then we worked on legs and through every exercise he took me through, I've done them before but not in that way and certainly not with that weight on the machine. He made me have a great workout today.

I have the three things I need to succeed. One I have Motivation. My motivation for getting fit is because I do not want to have another stroke!!!!! I want to be healthy for my kids and my husband. Two: I have friends in the gym to be accountable too. Ian is one of my friends in the gym and everytime he see's me he gives me a high five and a hug and asks me if Ive been keeping up with everything in the gym and my diet. Three, I do have a plan before I go to the gym. I know exactly what I'm going to work, how long its going to take me, how many sets I'm going to be doing of each exercise. I am going to do this for myself, for my daughter who needs me and because I want to be the best me that I can be. I made certain goals for myself.

One; I'm not going to shoot myself for missing a day at the gym.

two; I'm going to make sure that if I don't do my cardio at the gym, I do walk for 30 minutes or more on the outside.

three; I'm going to eat healthy but that doesn't mean I have to torture myself and not have things I like, I just can't go crazy with them and not every day.

four: I'm going to stop thinking that I have to be in contrast or in a contest with someone else at the gym. I'm there for me and no body else. It's the hardest part of my day not to think that I am not good enough.

Finding Whats Right For You

It's one thing for me to talk about what I'm doing, but everyone is different. It is important if you want to design your own workout and what you love to do, you have to be able to do research.

Check out

Do the research for yourself. You have to eventually make the decision for a healthier you. Not anyone else.

Do You Ever think the same thing I do?

Sometimes when I walk out the door and head to my gym, I'm thinking what am I going to do today? Do I really want to go here? I hate cardio!!! Do I really need to do it? What if this is a waste of time?

its really a journey to learn how to cook healthy, I'm still learning so much.  This is a typical healthy meal, Moroccan style.
its really a journey to learn how to cook healthy, I'm still learning so much. This is a typical healthy meal, Moroccan style. | Source
This is when I was sticking to my walking program
This is when I was sticking to my walking program | Source
Recently I have gained and I went from size 26 to size 12 up to size 18, now trying to lose again.. I'll do it this time.
Recently I have gained and I went from size 26 to size 12 up to size 18, now trying to lose again.. I'll do it this time. | Source

Important facts to remember

  1. If you can move, you can exercise.
  2. If you have motivation and a reason you can stick to a plan
  3. Don't ever be afraid to try a new exercise
  4. always check with your doctor about what you are doing
  5. Diet is a key role in loosing weight
  6. Feel free to email me if you need some encouragement to get started


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