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Dance as a Form of Exercise and Having Fun - Dancing as Exercise is Healthy

Updated on September 9, 2014

Dance as a Form of Exercise and Having Fun - Dancing as Exercise is Healthy

For me, dancing is the best form of exercise specially if you are busy and want to have some fun while doing it. It is not boring and while dancing you can listen to music and then you are more attuned to yourself. Men and women alike can have this form of exercise too. Whatever form of dancing you choose, be it solo, with partner or with a group it is really awesome way of inching your way to a fitter you.

I came from a culture where you should know how to dance and sing so that you will have fun during occasions and simple gatherings. You gotta need to know how to dance too for social purposes. There is no better way to have fun while exercising at the same time enjoying what you are doing too.

Some people that I know are just bored with trying to be fit and healthy, they always complained that it is tiring and always the same thing over and over again specially if you go a to a gym etc. and so it bores them, then it came to a point that among my friends we placed a bet on who could stay fit and follow schedule as it is. Some of my friends enrolled in a gym class at the nearest fitness center, and one of them bought a cycling machine as she doesn’t want to be bothered by going to the center every time she has the time. I opted for dancing as it is the only thing I know that will keep me in the house at the same time I will still have some fun and it doesn’t have to follow a schedule too. Plus nobody else will be looking at me here at the house. I opted for solo dancing. I used to join a group of women here around my place who meet once a week for social dancing but then some became busier so we cant really have time to be together anymore.

You can sing while dancing too, that's the best,   SHAKIRA
You can sing while dancing too, that's the best, SHAKIRA

Dance has many purposes too, it is performed for various purposes like ceremonies, erotic, performance and social dancing too.

Dance is generally referring to movement of the body, and it is usually rhythmic plus you need music of course . It is also used as a form of expression or social interaction. Have you noticed that those people who are into dancing have different aura in them, they seemed to be more gay and comfortable as they can sway and move at ease and then there’s the beauty that emanates from them specially when they are dancing or after they had just danced.

I have been dancing my way to a healthier life for as long as I can remember, but it became intense almost six years now, so I can say that it is one of the best exercise and fitness we can try if we want too. We don’t need to be perfect on the moves or move gracefully, but rather we move the rhythm when we close our eyes and bingo after thirty to one hour of dancing everyday, you gotta perspire and feel healthier too. The feel is good and you dance while exercising and then inching your way to a healthy you.

You can also enroll in social dancing or modern dance whatever form of dance you like. I tried social dancing or ballroom dancing, tango, chacha, and it is very nice, you just follow simple steps too. In dancing you can have a choice, you can either dance alone -- solo dance, partner dance, or in a group dance. Group dance is good when you like to have fun as well and interact with others but if you are busy and want to do it alone on your own then you can try it in your own house -- solo dancing is fun as well.

Other benefits we can get from dancing:

  • Lowers cholesterol-- when you dance your fats are burned at the same time
  • Helps to cure dementia at old age --because you memorize steps and remember the rhythm too
  • Keeps you going and feels good about yourself
  • You exercise while having fun too and enjoying the company of others while you share thoughts and socializing specially if it is social dancing or you have a partner
  • You have a more understanding of yourself and it is fun when you can follow steps too and improvise steps on your own.
  • It is not tedious or boring as you are accompanied with music
  • It is not expensive as you can do this on your own
  • It is a form of communication too, bodily movements and synchronization is important if you have a partner too.

Steps when you like to indulge in dancing as a form of exercise:

  • Decide for yourself whether you would like to dance on your own, being solo or you would rather like to have a partner or join social dancing groups
  • You need to have a schedule specially of you choose social dancing or group or dancing with a partner because your schedule must synchronize with others too
  • If you go solo which I advise for busy people, you will need:
  • Good music or dance, choose the kind of dance you would like to have, learning can be fun too while dancing
  • If you have computer with Internet the better, I use you tube and I choose whatever music I like, usually there are steps also at you tube so you can choose. You can also try erotic dancing for fun, try it sometimes it is good, it makes you smile and make fun of yourself too, salsa, cha -cha, tango, rumba etc are some fun dance you can try. For tango you need a partner, so find a boyfriend and grab your husband and dance with them.
  • Or you can buy CDs which will teach you on the steps of the different dances.

It is an awesome experience and you can have different type of dance every time you do it, so come on now, dance with me.

Watch this on youtube, it will link and just click on it, thank you, Maita


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