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Colon ... Toxic Colon ... Remedies Available Now

Updated on March 19, 2011

I've Survived it, But Not without Damages...Management Required

I am a medical malpractice victim from over 15 years ago. Proceeding that event for the 10 years to follow I was constantly put on antibiotics. 5 of those years were antibiotics for that entire period, along with steroids, pain killers, sprays, etc.

This was a sinus/gum surgery in which the doctor slipped & cut my face open, and punctured my left maxillary sinus. Leaving me looking like a monster (I look ok now), and he also left all the toxic pulp of the bad tooth in the wound & sewed it up. Two weeks later, I looked like Frankenstein because my entire left side of my head & face swelled up so bad my eye disappeared. They raced me to another hospital, and that was where I learned what the previous doctor had done. Not only was he on drugs when he operated, he had never done the surgery before, and he attempted to just cover it all up, by closing it, instead of finishing the surgery.

Nevertheless, I was busy educating myself on nutrition, and natural cures already (the whole time). I began my quest after they did this to me, because I was shown such little regard for my life. I decided the best way to get back at them would be by helping people educate themselves from first hand experience, that I have lived through. I literally saved my life through my studies in nutrition, and I'm fully functional with a great attitude because of it. I am definitely on a quest to inform people of what choices they actually have. There's so much more than they know, or are being told.

The antibiotics they pushed me to take for many years, (before I became intensely educated) destroyed my stomach, intestines, and colon permanently. I live with many chronic problems that this has caused. It is a very serious thing, as well as the bacteria they left in the wound when they botched the surgery, and closed it up. I live with this bacteria now for over 15 years now. A teenager recently died from it in Brooklyn in the last couple of years.

I am alive & living with it because I raced to educate myself at lightning speed. I felt I knew enough at one point to totally disconnect from all doctors, to revamp my health. That's exactly what I did in February of 1992 I stopped all medicine. It's the only reason I'm alive today.

I have religiously stuck with the nutrition lifestyle, and it has never failed me.

Everyone has heard of Kevin Trudeau, with the secrets they don't want you to know? Well I'm the secret. I am his living proof that what is being said is true. I am still here, in spite of a list of unbelievable tragedy, and trauma that I, and my family members have been through. I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Earth provides everything you need to sustain life...a quality life, healing included.

On a mathematical scale, I have cut all pain by more than 50%. I managed to keep my teeth so far, in spite of all the damage they did to them in the malpractice incident. I was told repeatedly, all the teeth need to be pulled. I said to the last doctor who told me that 5 years ago, "Is that right, and with my new teeth I will have no pain & problems?" I didn't really get a straight answer, so I told him I'll be in touch.

I use a secret little known remedy for my teeth (religiously every day since 1992), called Tea Tree Oil, made by Desert Essence. I mix 1 squirt into a dropper bottle with distilled water, and I squirt it on my tooth brush, with Tooth Paste, and 3 drops of Golden-seal (Liquid Herb) every day.

Not only do my teeth not hurt, but they are hanging in there better than anyone can believe. Golden-seal kills H Pylori which is not a friendly bacteria to the mouth or stomach. It has kept my teeth in my head for 15 years past what they said already, and still pain free. It works on all mouth ailments, Tooth Aches, Gum infections, skin infections, and more. Everyone reports back to me with astounding results, they too cannot believe. Everyone should use it to keep their teeth & gums healthy, and bacteria free.

Tea Tree Oil also continues to kill germs for up to 3 hours after using it. It goes through 7 layers of skin, in 15 seconds. It is a permeating Oil, and virtually nothing can live once it's applied. It also doesn't hurt to use it on kids cuts & scrapes either. My daughter is 11 now, and has been using it her whole life. It works also in shampoo to kill scalp fungus, and stimulate you scalp, and so much more.

All of the things I do, revolve around my intestines, and stomach because of the permanent damage caused by the antibiotics, and other prescription drugs they had me on. Brushing my teeth with those ingredients has helped to keep those other problems in check as well.

BANNED FROM MY BODY!: Processed foods, Chemicals, Alcohol, Soda, Sugar (replace with Honey) (Read: Sugar Blues), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fake anything, Artificial flavor, MSG, all red Meat, Lamb, Pork, Shell Fish, Dairy (except for Yogurt), Cooked Nuts (Rancidity very common), Salt (use only Sea Salt), junk food, chips, baked or fried potatoes (only boiled is safe) (see: Acrylamide in foods).

Anything not on that list I eat in moderation. I actually eat a lot of split Pea soup (No Meat, No Dairy...just peas, and distilled water), along with all fruits & veggies, fresh or frozen, with Pasta. I drink hot Tea, and I try not to drink Cold Liquid! Usually I don't, it causes food digesting, to break down much slower, and hinders the digestion process. In turn keeping the foods in you longer than they are supposed to be there. Which in turn causes diseases to grow in the colon.

Humans are so habitual about their routines, and the most common thing I've heard so far is: Well I've been doing it like that for over 10 years now, and I'm fine. Meanwhile, many people are over weight, sluggish, sickly, and overall not very happy. People are so used to that, they are unable to see what a life can really be like...Where you actually feel good. People are used to not feeling good, they don't even know what it's like, therefore they don't miss something they don't have.

My ignorance is what motivated me to take action, and sustain my good health myself, because who is going to care about you...more than you!

Vitamins and Supplements For The Colon

Here's some of the Nutrients I take Daily:

Source Of Life Vitamins: 3 pday. Quality Vitamins, with whole Food Concentrates. Great Start to improving health made a huge difference for me.

Fenugreek: Herb: Lubricates all Mucus Membranes of the body. Keeps them flowing properly. Also used as a Maple Syrup Flavoring.

Garlic: 4-6 per day 500 Mg. each...Kills germs continuously, protects stomach, and intestines. Lowers Blood Pressure, Keeps bacteria in check, Cure All for the body, A "Must" take Daily. I take 6 pday.

Olive Oil: Extra Virgin: This Heals from the inside out. A swig, a cup full, pour it down your throat...however you have to get it...get it. It takes Stomach, and Intestinal pain away within minutes...I would NOT kid about this.

Aloe Vera Gel: (The "Drinkable Kind) Pour a fairly large amount to fill the bottom of the glass, and mix with juice. I happen to like the taste, and drink it right down, but others like to mix it. Also takes stomach pain away within minutes. Heals from the inside out, and on the outside for skin too.

Cayenne: Cauterizes Bleeding Ulcers. I take it, it works. Also will stop pain from bleeding in the stomach. Takes 20 minutes to dissolve. Helps more than words I can find to describe. You take it until the ulcer stops hurting. Then you can stop, and continue if another flare up happens. Always keep a jar handy. (Capsules are the best to dissolve fast).

Papaya Enzyme: Excellent for all Stomach problems. Also the natural fruit is very good to eat. I have found very good results with papaya

Bromelain Pineapple Extract: Necessary for anyone with ongoing Ulcers. This extract will definitely cause positive results almost immediately upon dissolving.

Acidophilus: 1-3 pday Stops pain in the stomach upon dissolving. Needed Daily. Very necessary for all, including children.

Ginger: (Capsules) Reduces inflammation anywhere in the body, especially the stomach, as well as other good things. I find great results with ginger. Also the dried unsweetened kind too. Great to eat. Great for the body.

These are a few of the things I have in my Vitamin Cabinet. I can usually stop stomach pain, (from typical stomach nuisances) within 15 minutes.

Food Poisoning (depending on which) requires fluids to be replaced, and has to run it's course, and until you are done with vomiting you would not want to take anything. You can add herbs like echinacea, goldenseal, b12 and such to water, but you will still vomit, usually. Once it's over, then you can begin taking the necessary nutrients immediately to repair the damage.

Many types of Food Poisoning cause permanent damage. I would know, because I'm one of the victims. On top of what I already lived through combined. I've had all the common ones, and a few of the not so commons ones too. There are more occasions now than I can count. Which only increased my intestinal problems by about 10 fold.

From how I see it, based on my studies, and fact finding tours into the unpleasant. Nobody is safe, the food is tainted, and beware of who may have touched it. This is how things are secretly, silently being spread. My current analysis, combined with all my past research, and what I am seeing as far as numbers of death and illness equals: Grow Your Own! Do not put anything into your body from anywhere but your own garden.

Difficult? You bet, but if you're willing to control your own life, you'll set out to do this, so that you know...beyond a shadow of a doubt you took every precaution to keep your family safe from foreign invaders.

Green House: Grow Your Own: It's the only way to be sure you know what you're getting. I can also add, you'll be very pleased with the results you have, because the taste is so much better.

I am partial to hydroponics, like the AeroGarden, and small type Green Houses. I like the AeroGarden because you can grow Herbs all year round in your Kitchen. They haven't been sprayed with anything, and no filthy hands touched them. They haven't been grown in unknown soil conditions, and have not suffered any major affect from an industrial environment. These are the reasons you want to get into growing your own food.

I have been personally utilizing the power of natural healing for a very long time now. I don't look my age, I feel pretty good, I don't complain a lot, I have a very busy schedule, and I do many things to keep busy. The first thing I do every day is take my Vitamins, Supplements, and herbs, and off I go.

I have proven to everyone who knows what I went through, and did bear witness to me being bedridden for long spans of time while the doctors did all these inappropriate surgeries on me, all 21.

I completely dropped the Docs, and turned it around "Quickly" (within 7 days) and was up, making tea, and setting up my business. I pulled an about face on the docs, and took the high road. I won, and I'm here today because of it. So ignore the inaccurate statement on the TV that these natural substances don't work...I say they do, and can prove it on paper, mathematically, a nd through complete Blood Work...Any time anyone would like to challenge me. I'm waiting.

My favorite game is Chess. If that tells you anything about me. I have personally sat through, and won a stretch of 70 games in a row. At a tournament. I will leave out the details of how badly the guy behaved after he lost 70 games.

It's funny, people say to me a lot..."You take all of that"? I say, "Yup". I can show you my previous whopping medical bills, to demonstrate how much cheaper, and safer it is to care for your health this way, than that way.

The most in a year that it's ever cost me, is approx. $1500 -$3000 for everything for the year. Consitently since 1992. No Medicine, No Copays, No Doctors Visits, No Running, No Planning around Doctors...I control my life, and treatment...and I am smiling today! A Nationwide Non Profit corp.

The Universal Language Of Love
The Universal Language Of Love


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Thank you for your comments:)

      It's important people be able to reach the answers that are before them now. Now is when it counts. All of my hubs are information/education related, and are my contribution to society and the people, no strings attached.

      There's little if anything for free these days, and I'm thinking the part of education, (being what I write about, and research) that was removed from everything, needs to be restored. The truth needs to prevail, and the facts need to be given. Otherwise we're promoting stupidity, Not intelligence.

      I believe arming people with the actual facts to enhance their lives, is the answer to advancement, and productivity, to turn our health crisis around.

      The fact is the body will not function unless it has the proper nutrients, and chemical balance, period. It's not negotiable, and you cannot bargain to change it. Mother Nature is in charge here. Deny that, and you deny yourself the meaning of life.

      Thanks again for your support, and comments.

    • Teresa Laurente profile image

      Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Laurente 

      8 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

      Thank you BrainFire for this very helpful information. I can definitely share and use this with the rest of my group. More power.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from The Island

      More info added...I am seeing a surge in activity in Colon searches. Please read to heal yourself. It truly works. :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for taking time and doing research on this subject i've been reading a lot about colon cleansing and using ColonOX

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      You are so welcome! People need to know "All The Options", so they "can" make intelligent decisions. I share what works...I live it every I know "what" works, because my life really depended on it. I get to be here today to talk about it, share experience, and hopefully help as many people as I can. That's the goal, I hope you'll try it on your teeth, and spread the word. It will actually stop tooth-ache pain within minutes.

      Thanks for the comment,


    • BipO Lars profile image

      BipO Lars 

      10 years ago from Lake Stevens, WA

      Wow, Brainfire, thanks for sharing these great tips. I work for a supplement company and am greatly interested in natural remedies. These remedies help restore the body rather than killing off stuff, including the good stuff. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, but you are an inspiration to others on how to keep fighting to live a healthy life.


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