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"Dare to Walk," Reality Heals a Nation's People in Pain!

Updated on April 19, 2011

Never Stop Walking - Just Walk Slower When Slick

It looks cold, but when you get moving, it's like a well oiled machine. "It's nothing but a thing."
It looks cold, but when you get moving, it's like a well oiled machine. "It's nothing but a thing."

I thought how great it would be if there was a reality TV competition show where walkers who are conditioned to pain manage their bodies through daily walking could apply to participate. I know there are many of you just like me that alleviate pain and maintain fit healthy images through a walking program. Do you ever watch TV reality game shows and wish you could turn the hands of time back so you could apply for some of the more physical game shows? I know I do. Maybe you don’t, but I’d be willing to wager many kicking back comfortably in their recliners watching these shows would like to give it a go, or think “I could do that, but...”

I like many of you watch TV reality shows and would like to enter. But my fear is “as a chronic pain sufferer” what show would be right for a person that has pain trigger points and needs to manage these things. If I don’t have an opportunity to provide self therapy, fitness and pain management techniques to minimize pain before working my body, I risk further injury. I know many of you reading this are thinking possibly the same thing. “How could I ever participate in a reality TV game show, even if I wanted to?” Ok, forget about the game show for a second. Let’s say you want to exercise, or participate in an activity like walking, what’s the best way to approach the pain management so the walking isn’t “well you know such a pain.” I go back to the game show; because the concept has everything one needs to consider that could be propagated expediently to the mass through this media format encompassing preventative fitness and pain management knowledge. This knowledge will never be provided by our “status quo” industries and government. To do so would lose tons of your money in “business as usual consumer deception.”

Would there ever be any walk reality competitive game show that could be developed around people like myself “Mirror Athletes” that want to compete by walking? We walk quite well and could be very competitive but require specific types of warm-ups and after event pain alleviation modalities to better manage varying levels of pain after activity load. I do realize we are all different and some day’s acute and chronic pain may, or may not present a significant challenge.

Well I’m not holding my breath. I grew tired of looking for something that was a better fit for boomers with pain seeking a competitive platform on a reality game show. So instead of waiting for the right show to be produced, I went ahead and registered the intellectual copy rights for “Dare to Walk” Reality TV Game show. The scope is written with all the competitive walking rules and plays out quite nicely. What would you think if I told you the “Dare to Walk” Reality TV game show concept was greatly dependent on one’s ability to take the appropriate time relative to personal physical therapy, stretch exercises, heating, cooling modalities, etc.? Sounding better? And after each competitive walk leg, self therapy, exercise and pain management skills-techniques become more critical to survival as a final 4 winning contestant with big cash prizes. Damn near every boomer I’ve run into is on a walking program. I’d be willing to wager there are millions of boomers’ walking their legs off just like me and would chomp at the bits to show their competitive stuff in a reality TV game show. Especially if allowed use of preventative pain alleviation modalities before and after each competitive event. All of you that have visited my home site know I whole heartedly believe that walking is the best cardiovascular pain alleviation exercise available to all that are capable of walking.

Also, if you’ve read my articles here at hub pages and my home site you also understand I’m in search of finding ways to educate those who live in broken bodies, but can still walk and work for better quality living experiences. What form of education do I feel might be of value within the mix of a walking competition? There are many American’s that have great physical pain challenges that creates daily pain depression. This demographic for all practical purposes is very functional and lives normal lives. And many of these people would like to improve their health and fitness levels but don’t know how to work through their unique pain disorder(s) challenges. It is true, everyone will experience pain in their lives through wear and tear on the body and especially as we age. Are you prepared for all that will “pain challenge” you as you age? Are you mentally tough enough to change your habits and behaviors to accommodate an aging body? Don’t bank on our health services, or government to provide the necessary preventative medicine our bodies will require through the aging process. A lot of your quality living experiences as you age will be on your shoulders.

Unfortunately, our health medical organizations are less to do about fitness, nutrition and pain management (prevention). And more to do with in/out patient services (prescriptions, lab work, x-rays, specialization referrals, Corrective surgery). So how would one roll all this preventative pain alleviation wisdom and education to share with those suffering unnecessary pain, while others are looking for the fountain of youth? Let me see, “this must be a trick question.” I know, a TV Reality Game show based on competitive walking for those who stay fit, manage pain effectively and “dare to walk another day!” “They can share this wisdom with American families, in a fun competitive game show, Bingo!”

I know… Why a Reality TV show to get this information through the pipe line? Three Big Reasons: 1) I don’t know of a faster way to expose this unique preventative fitness and pain management education concept to the boomers in need. 2) Because our health systems although the best in the world specialize in surgery, post-surgery physical therapy, in-patient lab work, x-rays and other medical services, including pharmaceutical prescription; also specialized referral medical services. Not so much preventative medicine, like Fitness and pain management. 3) The HMO’s, insurance, government and pharmaceutical industries have the general population believing there is no better alternative health treatments for many pain patients, other than pharmaceuticals and corrective surgeries. I name just a few good reasons to get this show into production for the good of those suffering in unnecessary pain “for lack” of our politicians promoting preventative pain, pain alleviation, fitness, nutrition and health education reform.

Inspirational self-help stories are what American’s crave; we want competition with honesty, moral values, leadership, courage with valued character traits to be exemplified to our children. This type of reality show would catch on like the plague if our nation was exposed to such information and stories of motivational inspiration of agony and defeat. Shows like this would heal much of what’s wrong with America today through self-help reality TV programming that shows everyone watching “how do they dare walk another day!” Especially when you find out their individual daily pain challenges.” Quite frankly, knowledge is power. There are “best known methods” to ease around pain triggers when beginning a walking program. And once you begin the walking program there are also methods to sustain the activity on a daily basis. This my friends becomes the “boomer in pain” fitness challenge.

Our government knows there is no money in preventative-alternative health and pain management, fitness therapy and super food quality supplementation, including natural cures education. Alternative health solutions for healing the body naturally did not evolve, nor was it created using billions of research dollars to produce high cost medical services or pharmaceutical products that make huge profits for its investors. It is hard to lobby for common sense health care solutions that don’t pay off the industries, special interest groups, stockholders and our government. Now our congress is attempting to push more of the same “status quo” health care services at greater costs to hard working American families. If they really wanted to help American families, they would support legislation that covers Alternative health solutions that incorporate long-term fitness and pain management sustaining therapeutic programs for life to all citizens. This reform could be done at a fraction of the cost Washington is attempting to ramrod down tax payer throats in the guise of universal health coverage. Universal health coverage or “public option” will only support “status quo” bigger government, control and power, not better medical services for citizens. Well, that’s my 2 cents worth on what I think about Universal, or public health coverage run by our competent government officials.

I regress, this show through audience interest and participation would show congress what American’s really want in health care reform other then expensive “status quo” health and medical services. Through self care fitness and pain management education and services, health care costs would decline and become more affordable. This is because America would become healthier by becoming more actively fit, better pain managers, and learn to better advocate for applicable physician and timely referred services. “Dare to Walk” Reality TV Game show concept incorporates all of this education and insight in a competitive game format that is exciting, inspirational and motivational to watch. America heals itself “one step at a time!”

Currently our health care organizations do not provide long-term fitness, preventative health maintenance and pain management services that encompass mind, body and soul from cradle-to-grave. Through the principles in the two Mirror Athlete book manuscripts, individual’s can learn to customize fitness and pain management programming to encompass “being.” To spread the wealth of this knowledge to viewers through media technology would have a powerful and profound outreach impact for all viewers and a nation. This can all be done through “Dare to Walk” Reality TV Game show concept which is now in blue print format and ready to send to production studios. If you feel this type of game show would provide real value on a personal level leading ultimately to real health & family value health change reform for America families, please at the end of this article visit my profile and click on my home site link “mirror athlete.” Simply provide your email address in the “Dare to Walk” subscription box to show support for production of this show.

Our pain challenges are all different. Some downright debilitating… How much insight and value would a reality show like this provide to other depressed pain patients that don’t understand, or would like to learn how to create a customized fitness-pain management program to improve their situation if it is possible to do so? How many pain patient recluse themselves into fulfilling the social disability expectation because they don’t know what else to do? But would turn on the TV to watch such a show if they understood walking is something they could do, and if done correctly could shift their mind set out of depressed pain state to inspired and motivated to get healthy and busy with life. And what if the reality TV show “Dare to Walk” was so entertaining, regardless of where the populace falls in health or pain circumstances, the viewership numbers grow because everyone wants the underdog to win “through honest and natural means.” Ultimately we all want to know there is hope to improve our health and quality living experience especially during the aging process. I know this is true because the fountain of youth marketing promotions is in the billions. But how much of these products and services are full of hot air? I’d say almost all of them. Real results require age old wisdom and effort.

I know many of you are like me and dream of competing on a level playing ground much like we did in our glory days. Now pain sufferers of all ages that walk daily to alleviate pain can have the opportunity to apply and compete through such a game show. You also have an opportunity to share your hard earned pain management and fitness knowledge with America if you qualify, “you show them how you stay fit and pain manage.”

I leave you with one grand vision and a way to make America’s healthy one step at a time while improving the moral fiber of America. Through use of media-communication technology, “Mirror Athlete can spread the wealth of fitness-pain management secrets to all that aspire to change their pain scenario for better quality living experiences. And with your support a nation’s health and moral compass could heal our families and traditional value’s “one step at a time.” All of this possible through a TV reality show “Game concept– Dare to Walk.” I believe this reality show production is very possible and will materialize with your support. Will you help me outreach to those suffering in unnecessary pain that need our help?

“Now get out there and walk your legs off. “I dare you to walk another day!” Never stop, never give up on yourself and always share with your family and friends the healing power of a daily walk. There is absolutely no better healthy fit activity that the human body was designed to do for a lifetime.

Walk if you have the ability - See things and get busy with life.


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