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Darwin Was Our Friend

Updated on May 1, 2016

I want to find the answers

But don’t know the questions

I want to see the beauty

From those who have left us

I want to feel the lightness

Up against the darkness

I want to see the senseless

And make some sense of it

Because the world today is darker

It’s subtle but it’s lighter

Because one of our friends

Is no longer among us.

Darwin went too early

I still didn’t know him

And now for all of us

Our hearts have been broken

And he was the fixer

To so many on this journey

And he was the comfort

To so many worries

A puzzle piece left there

Just sitting on the table

With no place to put it

Our minds are unable

Religion is a kindness

Religion is the journey

Religion is learning

Even while we’re filled with worry

And people come to help us

No matter how they find us

And there are certain people

Who find a way to bind us

And when they are no longer

How can that make us stronger?

And when they are no longer…

We pray to be stronger.

Darwin was a leader

Darwin was a maker

Darwin was a giver

Darwin was a taker

Darwin was our friend

But Darwin is no longer

We will greatly miss him

Darwin was a friend.

Darwin was my friend....


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