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Day by Day, we turn new pages.

Updated on August 3, 2014

Be patient with yourself, this life is a giant learning journey

I'd like to believe that within each individual person, we can feel when something isn't quit right. You feel a shifting, a pulling, an over load of weight upon your shoulders that, in one way or another, causes a differing quality upon ones sense of life and well being. But regardless of whatever that feeling may seem to be, it is because we are all human, and day by day, we are personally growing in many ways.

Often times in life, we may find that we are not exactly where we would like to be. By this, I mean in array of different things. You haven't found the love of your life yet. Your car doesn't work and your job doesn't pay you enough to be able to fix it. Heck, maybe you just hate your job. You can't stand your boss. You work way to hard and feel as though no one sees it or appreciates it. Your family isn't as supportive of you as you'd like or need for them to be for you. You feel as though you could do more with this life or that you could be better. But these are merely all just examples of how something inside... could be stirring.

On a positive end, maybe, we are happy about most things, but yet one simple thing is still throwing off the game. It may also be a few things that just don't feel right, but that don't quite really feel all that bad either. We just tend to get caught up in our day to day grinds and routines that we forget to take a step back and overview the entire situation. It is crucial that we do that though, because it encourages our personal development.

A lot of times, its hard to figure out what it is or how to asses the situations at hand.This is all simply, just personal growth. It never stops. We go happily, until we find that one thing that isn't right, and then we asses it. We switch it up to make it bend and mold into what it needs to be so that, personally, we can allow ourselves to become the greatest versions of ourselves. In turn, allowing others surrounding us, to become the very best versions of themselves. It isn't always the easiest, most of the time it involves a lifestyle change and an acceptance of the fact that some things... just CANNOT stay the same, because something deep down inside of you is shooting "THIS ISN'T WORKING FOR ME!!"

The odd beauty in all of this though, is that in order to understand what it feels like to be happy, we must also know what it feels like to struggle through some of life's harder situations, and vis versa... we must know sadness to fully appreciate happiness..

Every single day, is a brand new day. We can look back on yesterday. We can recall what situations made your insides tick, but it is important not to dwell in it. Because we must also remind ourselves of the simple joys of that day as well. We can understand what feels good or right, and then focus on the goods and figure out how to change those frustrations into greater things the following day, and move forward. It is important to remain open minded enough to accept the things in which we can not change and step by step, repair the things that we can. Patiently, we all must work with ourselves and realize that everyone else around us... is doing that very same thing.

The sun sets, but it always arises

A sunset just seemed so fitting.
A sunset just seemed so fitting. | Source


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