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How to Sleep During the Day

Updated on October 27, 2013

Change from Night Time to Daytime Sleeping

Find out the top five reasons for insomnia. Learn what causes sleepless nights or days. Sleeping at night is hard enough when you have insomnia but trying to get to sleep during the day is far worse. Why because everyone is up living life? The first week on a new job is stressful enough but when you can't sleep that makes things worse. Find tips and tricks to get to sleep.

How to Get to sleep and Stay Asleep


Do's and Dont's Before Bedtime

Avoid going to bed hungry: You know how uncomfortable you are when you're hungry during your waking hours. You will feel that discomfort while trying to go to sleep. If you are hungry stay away from foods high in protein. Do not stuff yourself before bedtime. You could wake up with a case of heartburn.

Do not exercise at least 3 hours before you go to bed:

Avoid making commitments during the day right before you must get to sleep: Stay away from unnecessary stress that cause you to worry about whether or not you're going to get to bed in time to go to work.

Avoid projecting what a wreck everything will be. Letting your mind keep replaying how things will be.

Turn your clock around: So that you constantly won't keep worrying about what time it is.

Ways to Prepare before Sleep

Take a warm bath before bedtime: You can buy aromatherapy and sent solutions to help you sleep.

Change thermostat temperature to a cooler at bedtime: When the air is cooler it's easier to breath. Colder temperature also causes you to cuttle in your blankets causing you to feel more secure.

Read a Book: Reading a book will not only make you tired it will make you forget about your bad day. Reading will make you forget about how things will be. Your imagination will take off. Instead of your worries and stress.

Sleep with your pet: Your pet will sleep better and you will feel secure.

Run something that makes a steady quiet noise or buy a noise machine: Having some sort of noise. Keeps you from hearing every little noise inside and outside your house.

Drink a Warm Beverage: Sleepy Time Tea, warm milk with nutmeg will relax you causing you to get sleepy.

Spend some time in the sun: People who do not get enough sunshine get depressed.

Simple Ways to Help You Sleep


How to Adjust to Daytime Sleeping

Sleep deprivation is common with people who work night shift. Anxiety will cause you lack of sleep because you are projecting what will happen your first couple nights on the job. Your lifestyle has changed overnight. You’re basically forcing your inner clock to change from night time sleeping to daytime. We all know how hard it is to break a habit or change a routine.

People who sleep during the day have a lot more distractions. Everyone outside your walls are out there living their life unaware that you're trying to sleep. An effect, from lack of sleep is anger. Caused by people outside your walls once angered your problem will not be with the distractions outside your walls anymore it will be your blood pressure rising. If this happens the tips to fall asleep will be no use to you. Only because now your mad and whoever or whatever will be in your mind.

How to get to sleep? It’s best if you can prepare a few days before you actually have to work. You will fall asleep faster if you get adjusted a few days ahead of time. You will at least know what to expect then you can make some adjustments.

Prepare Your Room: Cover the windows with dark blankets. Make sure no sunlight can penetrate through the sides or bottom parts of the blankets.

Make sure the temperature is comfortable. Using a fan can work to your benefit. The fan will make you more comfortable and it will provide a soothing noise to help block out other distracting noises.

Some people sleep better when it is quite others sleep better with some noise such as a TV or a radio on. If you slept with the TV on at night, try sleeping with it on during the day.

If you like, complete silences try earplugs or earmuffs. Shut your telephone off or unplug it. Put a note on your front door so that solicitors or friends do not knock on the door.

If you have, children reward them for being quiet. Buy them earphones for their radios and video games.

If you have any sleep disorders normally. You must see your doctor. Your doctor will prescribe you a sleep aid. Some sleep aids may cause fatigue during waking hours.

You may also take something like Tylenol PM For the first few days to help you adjust to the daytime sleeping.

You can also use sleepy time tea. You can also ask your pharmacist what are the best herbs to use for sleep if you are not comfortable with sleeping pills.

If you have a partner, making love will relieve tension and help you sleep. If not masturbation is another alternative.

After working your night shift, it is important to unwind. Going directly to bed is not a good idea. You need time to process your thoughts about your night at work. This can be done by talking to a household member, watching TV, drink a beer or some wine.


Keep a well balanced diet. Without a well balanced diet, you are in danger of health problems.

Schedule your appointments during waking hours not during sleeping hours.


Depression and mood swings are very common with people who work the night shift. It is very important to do activities in the sun. Get plenty of sun this is crucial.

Exercise will stimulate you temporarily then it will also ware you out. Do not exercise close to bedtime this will boost endorphins, which will make it impossible to sleep.

Insomnia or sleep loss is very dangerous this is the same as walking in your sleep. Your up and going but nothing is clear to you. Think of the times you have gotten up to use the bathroom. You vaguely remember using the bathroom. Wash your face with cold water or take a shower before work.

Eat a light meal before work and at work, this will give you energy. Do not eat heavy meals during work this will cause fatigue.

It is very easy to lose track of dates or remember what day it is. Keep a daily planner to keep track of dates.

Ways to Fall Asleep

U. S. News Health

How to Fall Asleep Fast

By Vincent Polisi

How to Fall Asleep Fast

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    • Ibrahim K. Shafin profile image

      Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh & Washington DC, USA

      Good hub.

      But tea contains caffeine which will interfere with your sleep's quality. That's where I'd argue. Except some decaf varieties.

      Thanks for the hub, thumbs up!




    • neeleshkulkarni profile image

      neeleshkulkarni 6 years ago from new delhi

      like the article immensely-though all I need to do to sleep either during the day or night is to just shut my eyes and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz there i of natures gifted beings here.adding you.

    • profile image

      lisa 6 years ago

      Great information some of the tips for insomnia I never thought of. Its very hard to work at night then sleep during the day. Its also hard to keep friends because the live life during the day then sleep at night.

      Great Article!