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Dealing With Delusional Disorder Can It Be Cured?

Updated on August 28, 2019
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Monica was diagnosed with psychosis disorder in 2018 and 2019. She has experienced a lot of the symptoms associated with this disorder.

Having A Delusional Disorder is Emotionally Painful But Not Life Threatening

Having a Delusional Disorder is rare when not accompanied by hallucinations, but not life-threatening.It does make life more challenging.

A disorder like this can be caused by pre-existing illnesses. A person may be able to function in society like anyone else unless the person becomes so attached to their delusion that it interferes with their focus.

Can Delusional Disorder Be Cured?

The answer to that question is that Delusional Disorder is a treatable condition. According to the 2006 Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, more than half of the patients in a test study they performed benefited by taking anti-psychotic drugs.

In fact, a large number of people recovered completely from their delusions. Many people in the study improved, and just a few people had no results.

Living In a Delusion


I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind.

— Dr.Reid/Criminal Minds

Some Types Of Delusional Disorder Are:

Some of these delusions can happen to anybody at any time in their lifetime. The difference is most people experience one or more of these symptoms briefly. While the person with the disorder is fixated on the delusion and it takes control of their life and ability to function.

1. Somatic Delusion

This person has delusions of being ill, either physically or mentally. They are so obsessed with the fantasy that they have these physical, or emotional ailments that they have a difficult time functioning on a day to day basis in society.

2. Erotomanic

These individuals can be stalkers. They are obsessed believing they are in a loving or caring relationship with someone who in reality does not return the love or affection towards them. The person with this delusion usually believes that someone famous or important is madly in love with them.

Examples: A woman may believe that the president is in love with her. A man may really believe that a famous young actress is madly in love with him. In reality, the president or the actress has never even met the person with Erotomanic disorder.


3. Persecutory

This disorder causes a person to believe that they are being abused, watched by a person or people that mean them harm. They believe that the Government is going to kill them or that everyone is trying to sabotage them. They truly believe they are being persecuted.

4. Grandiose

This type of disorder makes the person believe that they have superpowers, special gifts, or have special knowledge that no one else has. they can be a victim of a big ego.

“I can remember when delusions of grandeur entailed wanting to

be a rock star, movie star, a millionaire; to make it as a writer

now it seems that it’s to want to earn a decent living”

— Volatalistic Phil


They believe that the person that they are dating, or married to is cheating on them, they let these thoughts control their lives and may act out in abnormal behavior.

Is Being Delusional Better Than Reality?

Many people believe that the people who have delusions choose to have them instead of facing reality. They feel that the person really doesn't have a real illness, but they are just lazy, irresponsible, or dreamers.

I can't speak for everyone with this disorder, but for me personally having this disorder has been a very emotionally painful experience, that I would not wish on anyone. Having a mental disorder is not a choice that someone chooses to make, it is a challenge that may or may not be overcome.

My experience in the delusional state is not better than my experience with my reality. Having delusions is not fun, nor is it a cakewalk. The delusions are always frightening, cruel, and violent. They take away your trust in the human race.

Delusions are never kind and loving, they prevent the person from having them to have a happy, healthy lifestyle, and relationship with others if left untreated.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Monica


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