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Dealing With Eczema Flare-Ups In Infants And Toddlers.

Updated on January 8, 2010

This works really well for smoothing dry patchy skin, a common characteristic of eczema sufferers.

Your infant/toddler's eczema flared up. Now what?

Often due to circumstances beyond one's control, eczema sufferers and their caregivers are painfully aware that they will experience occasional flareups. Mother to a daughter who suffers from this painful condition, it was extremely vital for me to educate myself on the best way to deal with these occasional setbacks.

Using the medical advice given by my daughter's allergist specialist, in combination with a few tried and tested measures of my own, I've found a simple yet effective regimen that helps me deal with my daughter's occasional flareups:

1.) Keep a extra supply of eczema prescription skin cream. Depending on the severity of the flareups, specialist suggest applying the cream on the effected area at least two to three times daily (*it's important to note however, that most of these creams shouldn't be used longer than a week).

2.) Keep a extra supply of Benadryl, or prescription histamine blockers such as Loratadine or Hydroxyz for itch relief. Always follow the specialist dosage instructions, or the dosage instructions on the over-the-counter histamine blockers.

3.) Since eczema sufferers exhibit cases of extremely dry skin, add a capful or two of olive oil in your bathwater, and apply a generous amount on your body after patting yourself dry. Doing this will enable your skin to hold in moisture longer.

4.) Apply Udderly Smooth cream to the skin (paying close attention to the areas most effected) at least three times daily. This cream works in two ways. In addition to softening areas of the skin that have become hardened and callous, it also keeps those target areas smooth and subtle.

5.) Apply unscented Vaseline to the skin as often as needed. In the event you are away from home, always keep a travel size jar in reach.

Although it is the sufferers goal to remain eczema free, the reality of this condition definitely proves otherwise. While some sufferers go weeks, months, even years eczema free, others experience more frequent cases of eczema flare-ups.

Therefore, it is good to have a game plan set aside as to the most effective way of quickly recovering from such a discouraging setback.

This regimen has been very successful for my daughter. It is my hopes that it'll be successful for your infant/toddler as well - bringing you one step closer to beating eczema.

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    • Veronica Allen profile image

      Veronica Allen 7 years ago from Georgia

      Webtoys....thank you for sharing your opinion. While I'm not sure what point you are trying to make, this is purely my own personal experience of how I've dealt with my toddler's eczema.

      While some may chose the medicinal route and others may opt for a more natural approach of dealing with eczema, my journey with my daughter through this has led me down a path where I have chosen both.

      Experience has taught me that along with prevention, using natural options is my first priority now, but there are times when I do have to resort to medications or manufactured skin creams.

      This has been a journey for me as well and while the basic steps here are extremely useful, rather a person chooses the natural approach; the medicinal approach; or both, is entirely up to them.

      My purpose is only to help other parents who have gone through this, to provide a little aid; a little resources.

      Eczema is a painful skin disorder, it's hard for those suffering from it, as well as their caretakers. If it seems to you that I straddle the fence here.....well honestly, I do at times.

      I have chosen to do what works for my child. Fortunately, due to preventive measures, it is very rare that I have to resort to the medicinal route.

      When I first wrote this article in 2009, my journey with my child's eczema was still fresh and new to me. It is now 2011; the further I've come along and the more I've learned about this skin disorder, I have been able to deal with her outbreaks with less and less medicinal intervention.

      Other parents may find this helpful until they too get their own child/children's eczema controlled in such a way that they can simply go the natural route.

      Thank you for your time and your comment. Have a great day!

    • webtoys profile image

      webtoys 7 years ago

      Good luck getting people behind this one. Though you make some VERY fascinating points, you're going to have to do more than bring up a few things that may be different than what weve already heard. What are trying to say here? What do you want us to think? It seems like you cant really get behind a unique thought. Anyway, that's just my opinion.

      natural cures for eczema

    • profile image

      Veronica Allen 8 years ago

      Thank you for the feedback. I do try to keep my daughter's eczema controlled as naturally as possible (including her flare ups). However, there are times when I have had to resort to the medicated creams. Other than the creams, I have tried a homeopathic cream from BOIRON, called calendula cream, GENTLE NATURALS eczema cream, EVENING PRIMOSE oil which has antiflammatory effects on the skin, and FLAXSEED oil which also reduces inflammation and dryness of the skin. However, since everyone suffers from eczema at different levels, and since different things work for different people, these tips are based on my personal experience with keeping my daughter's condition at bay. It is these steps that seem to work best for her. That is why I have taken extensive measures such as diet changes, ensuring her clothing and bedsheets are 100% cotton, and eliminating the irratants as much as possible, to keep flare-ups at a minimum. I do however appreciate your feedback, and please belive me when I say that I am always open to a more natural approach. Even though I've found a regimen that works for my daughter, I still keep my eyes, ears, and mind open to more natural options. Hopefully your link will give me more info. Thank you again.

    • profile image

      Eczema herbal 8 years ago

      nice post on eczema flare ups.please mention some natural tips also