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Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss - Losing Hair After Giving Birth

Updated on June 11, 2015

Postpartum Hair Loss

Photo by Matheus Otero
Photo by Matheus Otero | Source

Other Factors for Thinning Hair

If you aren't dealing with hair loss after a pregnancy, there are other factors which can contribute to thinning hair:

  • Genetics
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Environmental Factors
  • Stress & Trauma
  • Health Issues
  • Medication

Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss - Losing Hair After Giving Birth

You may experience hair loss a few months after giving birth. This is completely normal and to be expected. However, you can do something about it! Learn what products work here.

First of all, there is nothing that you can do to stop the hair from falling out, but you can help the regrowth process. After doing some research on this subject for myself, I was so happy to find that Nioxin is the product which hair stylists recommend.

In the past, I've used Nioxin products to thicken and grow my hair long and it truly works! I don't know why I didn't think about this when my hair started falling out, after my last child was born, instead of freaking out. I give this product my 100% recommendation for noticeable results!

Postpartum Hair Loss

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Postpartum Hair Loss: Tips & Products that WORK!

Dr. Neda: Nioxin Product Review for Thinning Hair

Why is Your Hair Thin?

The definition of thinning, according to Nioxin, is having fewer hair strands, finer hair strands, or a poor scalp environment that is not conducive to grow hair.

Hair grows best on a clean scalp in three stages. To grow your hair thicker and longer, the hair needs to also be protected. As mentioned above, there are several factors that can contribute to thin looking hair.

Did you know that 78 percent of people, both male and female, will experience thinning hair at some point in their lives? Noticeably thinning hair can cause us serious stress because it's a big part of our appearance.

Fuller Looking Hair with Nioxin

Nioxin | Source

Nioxin - The Leading Solution for Thinning Hair

About Nioxin

Nioxin was started in 1987, by Eva Graham, a mom who experienced postpartum hair loss after the birth of her child. Before the development of Nioxin, people didn't have a lot of options to help the problem of thinning hair.

Nioxin products are created to deliver results where it concerns growing thicker, fuller, and denser-looking hair. The company boasts over 25 years of research with products that are proven to help 3 out of 4 men ad women in the U.S. who experience thinning hair.

Unique customized solutions are available from Nixon which were created through close partnerships with scientists and hair stylists. Nioxin is the leading solution for thinning hair. In fact, 77% of people who try Nioxin will not switch to another brand.

Thinning Hair Solution

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Nioxin for Chemically Treated Hair

If you have chemically treated, or colored hair, you'll want to purchase Nioxin's system four. This is the system that I personally use because I color my hair at home.

On Amazon you can get both the shampoo and condition as a duo set for $37 to $54. This is a great price because Wal-Mart Smart Style sells just one product for $42 each!

So, if you purchase this set from Amazon, instead of your local Wal-Mart Smart Style, you'll be saving between $30 to $47!

Nioxin Scalp Treatment for Chemically Treated Hair

Nioxin Scalp Treatment for Chemically Treated Hair

One of the most important products in the Nioxin thinning hair treatment kit is the Scalp Treatment. If you can only afford to purchase one Nioxin product, this is the one!

However, after doing research I learned that all three products work best together (shampoo, conditioner, & scalp treatment).

The scalp treatment contains antioxidants and botanicals that help to provide a refreshed scalp environment that is conducive for growing thicker looking hair.

These ingredients help the product to shield the scalp from harmful environmental residue and DHT build-up. Amazon's price is between $21.95 and $34.99 for a 200ml size container.

Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

Another product that I'm currently using by Nioxin is the Intensive Therapy Hair Booster. You smooth this product from your root to the tips of your hair.

Use this product before you use step three, which is the scalp treatment.

This ultra-concentrated formula has a cozyme-10 vitamin complex that targets areas of advanced thin-looking hair such as the hairline or crown.

Another ingredient, keratin, helps to protect against cuticle damage and boosts your fragile hair.

Amazon has a great deal on this product at $25 to $54 for 3.38 ounces, because I paid the same price at Wal-Mart for a much smaller size bottle (1 ounce).

Where to Buy Nioxin Products?

Purchase Nioxin products online to receive the best price. If you purchase Nioxin products through a local salon you will be paying a middleman fee. Click any of the links below to view a convenient list of Nioxin products for purchase online:


About the Author

Melinda Longoria, MSM writes product buying guides and reviews on Hubpages. She also operates a successful Facebook fanpage where pregnant moms connect, Maternity Clothes Online, which has over 940 followers. She is also a mommy to three little cuties. Please feel free to post your comments and questions about this article in the below comment box.

Comments Please...

Are you currently dealing with postpartum hair loss? Are you dealing with thin looking hair in general? Have you ever tried products to help thicken your hair? What were those products? Did they work? Please tell us about your experience using Nioxin, or other hair regrowth products.


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    • Melinda Longoria profile image

      Melinda Longoria, MSM 3 years ago from Garland, Texas

      mary, thank you for your suggestions. I appreciate your feedback and personal experience that you shared about mecare2go and rogaine.

    • profile image

      mary 3 years ago

      I used medcare2go hair loss supplement that worked well for me. Also tried regaine for women as well for a few months. Actually it depends on your personal condition and there can not be just one solution for hair loss treatment.

    • Leimo profile image

      Paige Smith 3 years ago from Level 10, 50 Market St Melbourne, VIC, 3000

      Try using Leimo Shampoo and Conditioner. It really works also :)