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Deaths This Month ~ October 2015

Updated on October 20, 2015
Gravestones | Source

Deaths In October 2015

1st of October

• Name : Božo Bakota, Age: 64, Occupation: Croatian footballer

• Name: Marty Beil, Age: 68, Occupation: American union leader

• Name: Caleb Logan Bratayley, Age: 13, Occupation: American YouTuber

• Name: Don Edwards, Age: 100, Occupation: Politician in America

• Name: Illtyd Harrington, Age: 84, Occupation: Politician in Britain

• Name: Max Keeping, Age: 73, Occupation: Broadcaster in Canada

• Name: Stanisław Kociołek, Age: 82, Occupation: Politician in Poland

• Name: Cal Neeman, Age: 86, Occupation: Baseballer

• Name: Hadi Norouzi, Age: 30, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Frans Pointl, Age: 82, Occupation: Author

• Name: Jacob Pressman, Age: 95, Occupation: American Rabbi

• Name: Usnija Redžepova, Age: 69, Occupation: Singer

• Name: Angelito Sarmiento, Age: 68, Occupation: Politician in the Philippines

• Name: Gottfried Schatz, Age: 79, Occupation: Biochemist

• Name: Johnny Strange, Age: 23, Occupation: Mountain climber and adventurer

• Name: Jean-Jacques Tillmann, Age: 80, Occupation: Sports journalist

• Name: Joe Wark, Age: 67, Occupation: Footballer

2nd of October

• Name: Willie Akins, Age: 76, Occupation: Jazz saxophonist

• Name: Naim Araidi, Age: 65, Occupation: Israeli Druze and poet

• Name: Steve Camacho, Age: 69, Occupation: Cricketer

• Name: François Dagognet, Age: 91, Occupation: Philosopher.

• Name: Eric Arturo Delvalle, Age: 78, Occupation: Politician of Panama

• Name: Ferdinand Joseph Fonseca, Age: 89, Occupation: Indian Roman Catholic prelate

• Name: Brian Friel, Age: 86, Occupation: Dramatist

• Name: Rodolfo Frigeri (es), Age: 73, Occupation: Economist and politician

• Name: Alex Giannini, Age: 52, Occupation: Actor

• Name: Coleridge Goode, Age: 100, Occupation: British jazz bassist

• Name: Arthur Lawson Johnston, Age: 82, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Lindsay Kline, Age: 81, Occupation: Cricketer

• Name: Serhiy Krulykovskyi, Age: 69, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Lubomír Lipský, Age: 92, Occupation: Actor

• Name: Megateo, Age: 39, Occupation: Criminal.

• Name: James Mutende, Age: 53, Occupation: Ugandan politician and State Minister of Industry

• Name: Johnny Paton, Age: 92, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Fred Ridgway, Age: 92, Occupation: Cricketer

• Name: Hal Schacker, Age: 90, Occupation: Baseball player

• Name: Andy Sperandeo, Age: 70-71 Occupation: Magazine editor

• Name: Jean-Noël Tassez, Age: 59, Occupation: Journalist

• Name: Franz zu Erbach-Erbach und von Wartenberg-Roth, Age: 90, Occupation: German nobility

3rd of October

• Name: Al Abrams, Age: 74, Occupation: Press officer and publicist

• Name: Bernhard Brinkert, Age: 85, Occupation: Politician of Germany

• Name: A. R. M. Abdul Cader, Age: 78, Occupation: Politician of Sri Lanka

• Name: Denis Healey, Age: 98, Occupation: British politician

• Name: Lloyd Hinchberger, Age: 84, Occupation: Ice hockey player

• Name: Olga Zatorsky Hirshhorn, Age: 95, Occupation: Art collector

• Name: Isao Hosoe, Age: 73, Occupation: Designer

• Name: Javid Iqbal, Age: 90, Occupation: Judge

• Name: Muhammad Nawaz Khan, Age: 71, Occupation: Historian and writer

• Name: Stewart McInnes, Age: 78, Occupation: Lawyer and politician

• Name: Barbara Meek, Age: 81, Occupation: Actress

• Name: Raghavan Narasimhan, Age: 78, Occupation: Mathematician

• Name: João Leithardt Neto, Age: 57, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Arthur A. Small, Age: 81, Occupation: Lawyer and poet

• Name: Masjchun Sofwan, Age: 88, Occupation: Governor of Jambi

• Name: Gerald Squires, Age: 77, Occupation: Artist

• Name: Christopher Tambling, Age: 50–51, Occupation: Composer and choirmaster

• Name: William Taylor, Age: 77, Occupation: Children's writer and politician

• Name: José Vilhena, Age: 88, Occupation: Writer, cartoonist and humorist

• Name: Franciszek Walicki, Age: 94, Occupation: Journalist

4th of October

• Name: Yves Barsacq, Age: 84, Occupation: Film actor

• Name: William A. Culpepper, Age: 99, Occupation: Judge

• Name: José Eduardo Dutra, Age: 58, Occupation: Businessman and politician

• Name: Tove Fergo, Age: 69, Occupation: Politician,

• Name: Daniel Fletcher, Age: 41, Occupation: Australian AFL football player

• Name: S. Malcolm Gillis, Age: 74, Occupation: Academic

• Name: Juan Carlos Ibáñez, Age: 46, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Jack McKee, Age: 71, Occupation: Politician,

• Name: J. Whyatt Mondesire, Age: 66, Occupation: Journalist and civil rights activist

• Name: Eduardo Pavlovsky (es), Age: 81, Occupation: Actor and playwright

• Name: Dave Pike, Age: 77, Occupation: Jazz musician

• Name: Edida Nageswara Rao, Age: 81, Occupation: Film producer

• Name: Job de Ruiter, Age: 85, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Sir John Severne, Age: 90, Occupation: British Royal Air Force officer

• Name: Jim Thomas, Age: 76, Occupation: CFL player

• Name: Neal Walk, Age: 67, Occupation: Basketball player

• Name: Bob Whan, Age: 82, Occupation: Australian politician

• Name: Oganes Zanazanyan, Age: 68, Occupation: Football player

5th of October

• Name: Chantal Akerman, Age: 65, Occupation: Film director

Name: Frank Albanese, Age: 84, Occupation: Boxer and actor

Name: Joker Arroyo, Age: 88, Occupation: Politician

Name: Grace Lee Boggs, Age: 100, Occupation: American civil rights activist and author

• Name: Larry Brezner, Age: 73, Occupation: Film producer

• Name: Ana Diosdado, Age: 77, Occupation: Playwright and actress

• Name: Flavio Emoli, Age: 81, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Tomris İncer, Age: 67, Occupation: Actress

• Name: Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria, Age: 77, Occupation: Spanish nobleman.

• Name: Li Yongtai, Age: 87, Occupation: Lieutenant general and politician

• Name: Henning Mankell, Age: 67, Occupation: Author

• Name: John O'Leary, Age: 82, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Anna Pump, Age: 81, Occupation: Baker and cookbook author

• Name: Ales Savitsky, Age: 91, Occupation: Writer

• Name: Nadir Seyidov, Age: 83, Occupation: Scientist and chemist

• Name: Jos Vandeloo, Age: 90, Occupation: Author

• Name: Peter Wespi, Age: 72, Occupation: Olympic ice hockey player

6th of October

• Name: Edgardo Alboni, Age: 96, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Christine Arnothy, Age: 84, Occupation: Writer

• Name: Kevin Corcoran, Age: 66, Occupation: Actor and producer

• Name: Rich Davis, Age: 89, Occupation: Businessman

• Name: Charles Coulston Gillispie, Age: 97, Occupation: Historian

• Name: Árpád Göncz, Age: 93, Occupation: Writer and politician

• Name: Smokey Johnson, Age: 78, Occupation: Drummer

• Name: William Barnett Kolender, Age: 80, Occupation: Police chief and county sheriff

• Name: Trevor Lloyd, Age: 91, Occupation: Rugby union player

• Name: Albert Poulain (fr), Age: 83, Occupation: Designer, singer and storyteller

• Name: Stasys Povilaitis, Age: 68, Occupation: Singer and poet

• Name: Fernando Rainieri, Occupation: Politician and minister of tourism

• Name: Billy Joe Royal, Age: 73, Occupation: Pop and country singer

• Name: Felipe Rodriquez, Age: 46, Occupation: Internet pioneer

• Name: Vladimir Shlapentokh, Age: 88, Occupation: Sociologist

• Name: Sandra Spuzich, Age: 78, Occupation: Golfer

• Name: William Stanley, Age: 58, Occupation: Scientist and biologist

• Name: Carmen Marina Torres, Age: 58, Occupation: Actress

• Name: Otto Tucker, Age: 92, Occupation: Educationalist

• Name: Juan Vicente Ugarte del Pino, Age: 92, Occupation: Historian and jurist

• Name: Ivan Vidav, Age: 97, Occupation: Mathematician

7th of October

• Name: Gene Allen, Age: 97, Occupation: Art director

• Name: Jorge Andrade, Age: 73, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Pushpa Bhuyan, Age: 69, Occupation: Classical dancer

• Name: Ângelo da Cunha Pinto, Age: 66, Occupation: Chemist

• Name: Friedrich Diedrich, Age: 80, Occupation: Roman Catholic theologian

• Name: Dominique Dropsy, Age: 63, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Harry Gallatin, Age: 88, Occupation: Basketball player

• Name: Hossein Hamadani, Age: 60, Occupation: Military officer

• Name: Hy Hollinger, Age: 97, Occupation: Journalist

• Name: Hasan Jamil, Age: 63, Occupation: Cricketer

• Name: Jim Konya, Age: 44, Occupation: Musician

• Name: Kenneth Koe, Age: 90, Occupation: Chemist

• Name: Elena Lucena, Age: 101, Occupation: Actress

• Name: W. R. Mitchell, Age: 87, Occupation: Writer and editor

• Name: Julius Muthamia, Age: 81, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Maria Lúcia Prandi, Age: 70, Occupation: Academic and politician

• Name: Sennur Sezer, Age: 72, Occupation: Writer

• Name: Veijo Varpio, Age: 87, Occupation: Opera singer

• Name: Charles P. West, Age: 94, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Arthur Woods, Age: 86, Occupation: Rugby union player

• Name: Clive Young, Age: 67, Occupation: Anglican prelate

• Name: Gail Zappa, Age: 70, Occupation: Businesswoman

• Name: Jurelang Zedkaia, Age: 65, Occupation: Politician

8th of October

• Name: Marc Dachy, Age: 62, Occupation: Art historian

• Name: Richard Davies, Age: 89, Occupation: Character actor

• Name: Eric Dawe, Age: 94, Occupation: Businessman and politician

• Name: Jim Diamond, Age: 64, Occupation: Singer-songwriter

• Name: Dennis Eichhorn, Age: 70, Occupation: Writer and comic book artist

• Name: Tom Goode, Age: 76, Occupation: Football player

• Name: Enrique Gratas, Age: 71, Occupation: Television presenter

• Name: Lindy Infante, Age: 75, Occupation: Football coach

• Name: Henry Krystal, Age: 90, Occupation: Psychiatrist

• Name: István Nemeskürty, Age: 90, Occupation: Writer and screenwriter

• Name: Michael Nolan, Age: 23, Occupation: Baseball player

• Name: Paul Prudhomme, Age: 75, Occupation: Chef, cookbook writer and restaurateur

• Name: Elizabeth Ramsey, Age: 83, Occupation: Comedian, singer and actress

• Name: Massimo Scaglione, Age: 84, Occupation: Film director

• Name: Hugh Scully, Age: 72, Occupation: Television presenter

• Name: Stephen B. Wiley, Age: 86, Occupation: Politician

9th of October

• Name: Ben Abraham, Age: 90, Occupation: Author and journalist

• Name: Louise Alley, Age: 88, Occupation: Radio personality and advertising executive

• Name: Jean Badal, Age: 88, Occupation: Cinematographer

• Name: Cláudia Barroso, Age: 83, Occupation: Singer

• Name: David Benney, Age: 85, Occupation: Mathematician and professor

• Name: Du Runsheng, Age: 102, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Ray Duncan, Age: 84, Occupation: Entrepreneur and winemaker

• Name: Leny Escudero, Age: 82, Occupation: Singer

• Name: Wil Handford, Age: 24, Occupation: Mixed martial artist

• Name: Gordon Honeycombe, Age: 79, Occupation: Newscaster, author and actor, leukemia

• Name: Geoffrey Howe, Baron Howe of Aberavon, Age: 88, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Ravindra Jain, Age: 71, Occupation: Composer

• Name: Koopsta Knicca, Age: 40, Occupation: Rapper

• Name: Lidia Kozubek, Age: 88, Occupation: Pianist

• Name: Jacquelline Lampson, Baroness Killearn, Age: 105, Occupation: Socialite

• Name: Chris Legeros, Age: 62, Occupation: Television reporter

• Name: Blanca Magrassi Scagno, Age: 92, Occupation: Women's rights activist

• Name: Andreas Mannkopff, Age: 76, Occupation: Actor and voice actor

• Name: Dave Meyers, Age: 62, Occupation: Basketball player

• Name: Jerry Parr, Age: 85, Occupation: Secret Service agent

• Name: Tony Rafty, Age: 99, Occupation: Caricaturist

• Name: N. Ramani, Age: 81, Occupation: Flautist

• Name: Larry Rosen, Age: 75, Occupation: Jazz producer

• Name: Derek Ware, Age: 77, Occupation: Stuntman and actor

• Name: Ronald Lampman Watts, Age: 86, Occupation: Academic

• Name: Eric Wright, Age: 86, Occupation: Crime writer

• Name: Zdravko Zupan, Age: 65, Occupation: Comic-book creator and historian.

10th of October

• Name: Alvin P. Adams Jr., Age: 73, Occupation: Diplomat

• Name: Sam Adams, Sr, Age: 67, Occupation: Football player

• Name: Nuriya Akhmedova, Age: 64, Occupation: Actress

• Name: Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, Age: 62, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Kane Ashcroft, Age: 29, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: John Richard Ballard, Age: 76, Occupation: Judge

• Name: Hilla Becher, Age: Age: 81, Occupation: Photographer

• Name: Saša Britvić, Age: 51, Occupation: Conductor

• Name: Imre Farkaszinski, Age: 91, Occupation: Football coach

• Name: Gratien Ferrari, Age: 80, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Paulette Fleming, Age: 67, Occupation: Art professor

• Name: Wes Funk, Age: 46, Occupation: Author

• Name: Sophie el Goulli, Age: 83, Occupation: Writer and historian

• Name: Richard F. Heck, Age: 84, Occupation: Chemist

• Name: Tord Johansson, Age: 60, Occupation: Businessman

• Name: Lyudmila Kedrina, Age: 54, Occupation: Soviet alpine skier

• Name: Steve Mackay, Age: 66, Occupation: Saxophonist

• Name: Manorama, Age: 78, Occupation: Actress

• Name: Sir David Penry-Davey, Age: 73, Occupation: Jurist

• Name: Rochunga Pudaite, Age: 88, Occupation: Writer and translator

• Name: Mahmoud Sehili, Age: 84, Occupation: Artist

• Name: Elias Skaff, Age: 67, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Sybil Stockdale, Age: 90, Occupation: Human rights activist

• Name: Jean Sharley Taylor, Age: 91, Occupation: Journalist

• Name: Robbin Thompson, Age: 66, Occupation: singer-songwriter

11th of October

• Name: Gary Allen, Age: 67, Occupation: Blogger

• Name: Ali Barraud, Age: 97, Occupation: Politician

• Name: John Berg, Age: 83, Occupation: Art director and designer

• Name: Ricardo Cardona, Age: 63, Occupation: Bantamweight world champion

• Name: Dean Chance, Age: 74, Occupation: Baseball player and boxing official

• Name: S. A. David, Age: 91, Occupation: Political activist

• Name: Jack Drake, Age: 81, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Wilfried Van Durme, Age: 84, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Fernando Echavarría, Age: 62, Occupation: Singer

• Name: Jorge Garbett, Age: 60, Occupation: Musician

• Name: Tony Golden, Age: 36, Occupation: Police officer

• Name: David Hunt, Age: 55, Occupation: Racing driver

• Name: Smokin' Joe Kubek, Age: 58, Occupation: Blues guitarist

• Name: Carey Lander, Age: 33, Occupation: Keyboard player and singer

• Name: Salvador Trane Modesto, Age: 85, Occupation: Roman Catholic prelate

• Name: John Murphy, Age: 56, Occupation: Drummer, percussionist and multi-instrumental session musician

• Name: Andrew Sayers, Age: 58, Occupation: Curator

• Name: Salah Wansi, Occupation: Politician

12th of October

• Name: Sakit Aliyev, Age: 49, Occupation: Football player and coach

• Name: Eduard Amstad, Age: 93, Occupation: Judge and policitian

• Name: Lars Ander, Age: 75, Occupation: Journalist and businessman

• Name: Sister Adrian Barrett, Age: 86, Occupation: Catholic nun

• Name: Anna Campbell Bliss, Age: 90, Occupation: Artist and architect

• Name: Sergio Caprari, Age: 83, Occupation: Boxer

• Name: Sam de Brito, Age: 46, Occupation: Author and columnist

• Name: Robert de Michiell, Age: 57, Occupation: Pop culture artist

• Name: David Finnegan, Age: 74, Occupation: Attorney, talk show host and politician

• Name: Jorge Pliego Guzmán, Age: 52, Occupation: Photojournalist

• Name: Hal Hackady, Age: 93, Occupation: Lyricist and screenwriter

• Name: Abdallah Kigoda, Age: 61, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Levent Kırca, Age: 67, Occupation: Actor

• Name: Armin Kircher, Age: 48, Occupation: Composer and conductor

• Name: Martin Lange, Age: 71, Occupation: Football executive

• Name: Joan Leslie, Age: 90, Occupation: Actress

Name: Robert Leuci, Age: 75, Occupation: Police detective and writer

• Name: Alexei Likhtman, Age: 44, Occupation: Mathematician

• Name: Joseph J. Minnick, Age: 82, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Sam Moeti, Occupation: Actor

• Name: Manuel Fernández Mota, Age: 91, Occupation: Poet

• Name: George Mueller, Age: 97, Occupation: Space engineer

• Name: Maksut Narikbaev, Age: 75, Occupation: Jurist

• Name: Sophie Nogler, Age: 91, Olympic alpine skier

• Name: Tom Ognibene, Age: 72, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Leo J. Reding, Age: 91, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Gennady Riger, Age: 67, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Jamie Zimmerman, Age: 31, Occupation: Doctor and reporter

13th of October

• Name: Rosalyn Baxandall, Age: 76, Occupation: Historian and feminist activist

• Name: Gilbert Biessy, Age: 81, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Bill Brewster, Age: 79, Occupation: Politician and businessman

• Name: Bonnie Bucqueroux, Age: 71, Occupation: Journalism professor

• Name: Joe Buschmann, Age: 90, Occupation: Jazz musician

• Name: Arsenio Chirinos, Age: 80, Occupation: Olympic cyclist

• Name: Sir James Cruthers, Age: 90, Occupation: Business executive

• Name: Duncan Druce, Age: 76, Occupation: Composer and musicologist

• Name: Rizzini Alexis Gomez, Age: 25, Occupation: Beauty pageant goer

• Name: Kyogon Hagiyama, Age: 83, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Bruce Hyde, Age: 74, Occupation: Educator and actor

• Name: Sue Lloyd-Roberts, Age: 64, Occupation: Television journalist

• Name: Diana Sacayán, Age: 40, Occupation: LGBT rights activist

• Name: Daniel Scheck, Age: 85, Occupation: Lawyer, journalist, writer and businessman

• Name: Skatemaster Tate, Age: 56, Occupation: Musician and television show host

• Name: K. Velayudam, Age: 65, Occupation: Politician and trade unionist

• Name: Michael J. H. Walsh, Age: 88, Occupation: Army general and scouting leader

14th of October

• Name: Ray Appleton, Age: 74, Occupation: Jazz drummer

• Name: Nurlan Balgimbayev, Age: 67, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Bobby Braithwaite, Age: 78, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Antonio Cedrés, Age: 87, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: José Luis García, Age: 91 Occupation:,Baseball player and manager

• Name: Mathieu Kérékou, Age: 82, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Luiz Carlos Miele, Age: 77, Occupation: Music producer and television director

• Name: Florența Mihai, Age: 60, Occupation: Tennis player and coach

• Name: Jordi Miralles, Age: 53, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Bruce Mozert, Age: 98, Occupation: Photographer

• Name: Bernhard Neugebauer, Age: 83, Occupation: Politician and diplomat

• Name: Sol Roper, Age: 79, Occupation: Rugby league player

• Name: Radhakrishna Hariram Tahiliani, Age: 85, Occupation: Admiral

• Name: Furuta Takehiko (ja), Age: 89, Occupation: Historian

• Name: Robert M. White, Age: 92, Occupation: Meteorologist

• Name: Miranda Yap, Age: 67, Occupation: Chemical engineer

• Name: Skip Yowell, Age: 69, Occupation: Businessman

15th of October

• Name: Sergei Filippenkov, Age: 44, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Nate Huffman, Age: 40, Occupation: Basketball player

• Name: Don Livingstone, Age: 67, Occupation: Politician of Australia

• Name: Neill Sheridan, Age: 93, Occupation: Baseball player

• Name: J. Robert Stassen, Age: 88, Occupation: Politician of America

• Name: Kenneth D. Taylor, Age: 81, Occupation: Canadian diplomat

• Name: Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, Age: 83, Occupation: Military officer

• Name: Larry N. Vanderhoef, Age: 74, Occupation: Biochemist

• Name: Tyrone Young, Age: 55, Occupation: Football player

16th of October

• Name: Luciano García Alén, Age: 87, Occupation: Physician and etnographer

• Name: Ralph Andrews, Age: 87, Occupation: Television producer

• Name: Bevo XIV, Age: 13, Occupation: Football Mascot

• Name: Francesc de Paula Burguera, Age: 87, Occupation: Journalist

• Name: Mikhail Burtsev, Age: 59, Occupation: Fencer

• Name: Richard J. Cardamone, Age: 90, Occupation: Judge

• Name: Bogdan Chruścicki (pl), Age: 69, Occupation: Sports journalist

• Name: Deo Filikunjombe, Age: 43, Occupation: Politician Of Tanzania

• Name: Carlos Leppe, Age: 63, Occupation: Singer and actor

• Name: Olimpo López, Age: 97, Occupation: Pastry chef

• Name: Andrew Rubin, Age: 69, Occupation: Actor

• Name: Irwin Schiff, Age: 87, Occupation: Tax protester

• Name: Memduh Ün, Age: 95, Occupation: Film director

17th of October

• Name: Johnny Hamilton, Age: 66, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Howard Kendall, Age: 69, Occupation: Footballer and manager

• Name: Anne-Marie Lizin, Age: 66, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Sanafi al-Nasr, Occupation: Military commander

ct• Name: Tom Smith, Age: 67, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Emory Tate, Age: 56, Occupation: Chess player

• Name: Christopher Wood, Age: 79, Occupation: Screenwriter

18th of October

• Name: Ankaralı Namık, Age: 38, Occupation: Folk singer

• Name: Robert Dickerson, Age: 91, Occupation: Artist

• Name: Gamal El-Ghitani, Age: 70, Occupation: Author

• Name: Ramón Custodio Fabián, Age: 62, Occupation: Politician

• Name: Doug Mayes, Age: 93, Occupation: Journalist

• Name: João Carlos Sobreira, Age: 32, Occupation: Motorcyclist

• Name: Adrián Zelaia Ibarra, Age: 98, Occupation: Lawyer professor

• Name: Robert W. Farquhar, Age: 83, Occupation: NASA mission design specialist

19th of October ~ To be completed

• Name: Leon Bramlett, Age: 92, Occupation: Politician and football player

• Name: Ignazio Cannavò, Age: 93, Occupation: Roman Catholic prelate

• Name: Ron Greener, Age: 81, Occupation: Footballer

• Name: Ena Kadić, Age: 26, Occupation: Model

• Name: Alexander Leshchev, Age: 87, Occupation: Submarine designer

• Name: Alessandro Plotti, Age: 83, Occupation: Roman Catholic prelate

• Name: Alexander Tarasenko, Age: 73, Occupation: Actor

• Name: D. C. Wilcutt, Age: 92, Occupation: Basketball player

20th of October ~ To be completed

21st of October ~ To be completed

22nd of October ~ To be completed

23rd of October ~ To be completed

24th of October ~ To be completed

25th of October ~ To be completed

26th of October ~ To be completed

27th of October ~ To be completed

28th of October ~ To be completed

29th of October ~ To be completed

30th of October ~ To be completed

31st of October ~ To be completed

May all of you be in a better place and thank you for all of your contributions to the world and for making it a better place. You will be dearly missed. R.I.P


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    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)