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Debunking the myths of aging.

Updated on October 17, 2017
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David has a Masters Degree in Geoscience but, has been exercising and studying and applying healthy living information for over 20 years.

The negative effects of growing old don't have to be debilitating

Don't believe the things they say about the negative aspects of aging.

It is all up to you and the lifestyle choices you make.

Aging is inevitable but, the negative effects of aging that we see happening to ourselves and or friends and acquaintances is not necessary.

Don't believe the negative hype about the aging process. The drug and medical industry wants your business so, they don't talk about prevention. Only about the cure through drugs and medical procedures. Did you know that somewhere around 60% or all prescribed medical procedures are unnecessary?

And, what about the myth that when a man reaches 50 his testosterone levels will naturally decrease. Sure, there is some natural decrease but, most of the decrease is due to lifestyle choices. Our diet and exercise routines are key. I'll explain later.

How would you like to look like the guy in the picture when you are 68. Or even 58. I can tell you how.

I have made it a lifetime hobby to pay attention to the health benefits of eating certain foods and doing some minimal amount of exercise. And, what follows is what I have found.

On diet

One thing I do is eat foods that are high in Antioxidants. What are Antioxidants you may ask. We have all heard of them a lot and for a long time now. They are compounds that will readily attach to Free Radicals rendering them harmless. I'm sure you have heard of Free Radicals too. They are bad compounds that enter our system from everywhere and attack the bodies internal organs. I also eat foods that are high in micronutrients but, I will get into that discussion in a future article.

I explained it to a friend one time by comparing it to metal rusting being exposed to air. Basically, oxygen. The body is very similar. When free oxygen molecules roam around in our body, they can attack every cell and tissue in our body causing oxidation of that cell and damaging it. It can then start reproducing unnaturally.

Antioxidants, by attaching to these Free Radicals will render them harmless to our body. So, eating foods with Antioxidants is a good thing.

Thats why I have eaten Blue Berries every morning for the past 20 plus years. I also eat Strawberries and other berries in the morning.

Another myth that fat makes us fat has been debunked for some time now but, we are still feeling the effects of that and it is hard to get out of your brain what has been drummed in for decades.

For instance, they said that eating eggs was bad for us. Now they have found out that the fat in an egg is the exact fat that protects the cells in the part of the brain where Alzheimers occurs. Can you imagine what other things we have been told and worked of are actually hurting us instead of helping us. Link all these things to the meteoric rise in cases of Alzheimers and you see how we have been so mis-served by the very people were in a position to help us.

I'll go more in-depth on these topics and tell you what I have found in later articles.

Aging is inevitable but, the negative effects of growing old are not. At least the ones they have convinced us we should accept are not.

I hope you tune in to my pages and read my articles on health and aging. It is what I have found works for me. I will be expanding on the topics you have seen above and getting into a whole lot more. I am excited about the aging process and you should be too.

How would you like to look like this at 70 or even at 60?
How would you like to look like this at 70 or even at 60? | Source


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