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Defining Creativity: Find Your Creative Side

Updated on September 28, 2015


People often wonder if they are a creative person. If you are someone with no artistic talent, then you would usually conclude that they are not, in any way, creative. This, however, is a surprisingly common misconception. Creativity is not limited to artistic ability. Seriously, it can mean a wide variety of different things. To fully explore this in more detail we will look at the origins of creativity, the diversity of its current definition and how modern society sees creativity. In this way, the value of creativity can be appreciated. Its diversity was seen, acknowledged and accepted. Moreover, your unique creative value realised. Creativities role in society is also examined for a better understanding of how we encounter this phenomenon almost continuously.



It is rumoured that the first instance of creativity was the concept of God creating Earth. Stemming from this is then the modern understanding of creativity and creating items of ascetic or practical purposes. Just the ability to create constitutes being creative. Whether you create physical paintings, furniture, or web pages. Just the ability to create counts. Even creating a positive atmosphere at work or utilising your problem-solving skills to come up with new innovative ways to solve problems can be considered creative.


Diversity of Definition

Ray Haberski noted in 2013, in a paper entitled The Origins of Creativity. Published in the Society for U.S Intellectual History (S-USIH) a statement that actually highlights the difficulty encountered when trying to define the word creativity. His wrote the following:

“Surely if I focus on one little word I can keep this dissertation doable and finish in six. Then again, it is not a word I am interested in but an idea. Well, ideas. Well, the constantly shifting meanings that constitute a discourse. And if that’s the case I should be looking at not just creative and creativity but also innovation, imagination, invention, genius, entrepreneurship, art, content, technology, oy! One minute you’re looking at creativity, the next you’re contemplating all of Creation.” (Haberski, 2013). This opens your awareness to the possible expansive interpretations of the word creativity. Moreover, the mass societal implications.

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Modern Understanding

Current understanding of creativity in society can be separated into two groups. Positive and negative. Positive aspects include highlighting human’s unique creative ability. The negative highlighting the way modern society is deterring natural creative talent. Two different views with microscopic focus on coming to a joint understanding.

The Elite Daily published a paper in 2013 entitled Why Creativity Is The Most Important Quality You Have, a pleasant read and an excellent example of highlighting human’s unique creative talent and the importance of utilising it.

On the other hand, Cecilia Conrad released an article in 2013, published in The New York Times, entitled Our Society Discourages Innovation. A similarly interesting read but also highlights how our society does not encourage or facilitate creativity as it should.


We have examined where creativity was thought to have originated from. Moreover, how that impacted subsequent interpretations of the word. The sheer diversity of ways in which creativity can be interpreted shows you that no matter who you are or what your unique talents are. There is no way you are not creative. We have also seen that while society acknowledges that humans are uniquely creative and praises the value of this skill. They also criticise modern practices for not being supportive enough of this magnificent ability.

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Closing Comments

It is important to remember that words are just words. The act of creativity in practice has been around far longer than humans have attempted to define it. It seems you need to just accept that you are creative, because there is no real possibility that you are not. Rather than worrying about defining in what way you are creative. Just accept it.

I hope this has helped you to understand your unique creative talents as well as appreciate the value of your abilities. Moreover, the place they fit into society. Utilising your skills is key to success in life and personal life satisfaction.

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