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Degrading Relationships

Updated on May 1, 2015

“Behind every woman is a man who did her wrong and made her strong.”

Heartbreak and betrayal inflicted onto females both young and old is tolerated by society. This seems due to the fact that emotional scarring may help females become less delicate, and in theory, less weak. But degrading a female’s delicacy doesn’t necessarily lessen vulnerability, even if inflicted through heartbreak.

While often referred to in a romantic sense, heartbreak can result in actual physical health issues. The American Psychiatric Association is considering labeling “heartbreak” as a diagnosis, since it has physical side effects such as raised blood pressure and increased heartrate and breathing that overtime can result in stress producing conditions, ranging from aching neck muscles and headaches to ulcers, allergies, and heart disease.

Despite being an attainable condition, heartbreak is an unhealthy circumstance that in a society, should be avoided. In some cases, it is caused from a betrayal or by being used by a significant other. Females are more prone to heartbreak, as their relationship expectations are ridiculed in a sense and set aside along with the relationship. To fill the void between two people, catering to male desires is used as a filler for an otherwise empty relationship. So why does society, which contains both males and females, encourage the female gender to cater to males? As catering almost inevitably leads to being used and even betrayed, it will result in heartbreak to females. So, why is it encouraged?

A development in societal thought suggests that a woman’s worth is not legitimate until she has been in a situation of pandering to a male. The idea is that she caters to a man, not to prove herself, but to be verified. In these cases, the female possesses a very large chance, especially if she is at a young age, to become betrayed, or used.

Although the idea of a female being able to be “used” without actually being attacked, is not so present in society. These types of situations are considered to be failed relationships.

Females are thought to be more at fault for failed relationships because they are believed to carry unrealistic fairytale-like relationship expectations from their childhood into adulthood. Females are considered to want more dedication in a relationship earlier, though males aren’t. It is suggested that males are more realistic, and because of an “inevitable” breakup they aren’t very dedicated. The scientific fact that males take about 11 years longer to mature than females could be used as an argument for the idea than males are justified in abrupt heartbreaks. Scientists discovered that as the brain matures it begins to ‘prune’ information that is stored and focus on what is important, and for females this can happen in as early as 10 years old, while for males it can take about between 15 and 20 years for the same effect to take place. Is it that females understand the importance of relationships years earlier and seem to be more aware than the male, or is it that females are just at fault for having expectations of supportive and betrayal-free love?

The male naturally matures later and he is usually immediately excused by society if a pregnancy appears in the premarital relationship. As stated, this is because males cannot yet focus on what’s important biologically until a certain age is reached, and this is natural. But nonetheless, the female at a young age (when the male is also young) is encouraged to pander to male needs even though she will suffer a great deal more in her future whether or not doing so produces a child. A female usually acquiesces, as it is rare for her to be accepted by a male in a relationship if she does not cater to him. And if she is left alone with a pregnancy, it is socially acceptable for her to be expected to take care of the child on her own. Because the idea is that the male has made her strong by using and leaving her, so she should at least according to society, be left to deal.

Reality, drama, and sitcom television promotes the idea of single mother teen pregnancy, and ads of birth control are left to be read in magazines for teen girls. Humans are scientifically proven to imitate the behavior of other humans, and, “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you,” can be a quote worth remembering.

Why is society taking advantage to sabotage the emotional state, social state, and lively state of males and females? Why is the idea of going through several premarital relationships (to prepare the person for the breakup of the next) accepted, but the idea of people marrying each other before their 30th birthday is considered reckless?

It isn’t ideal to put the decision of marriage in the male gender’s hands, as this gender has been proven to biologically mature years later than the female. Some males chose to have a dating relationship where he can care freely be catered to by a female, and this way there is a much higher chance of unexplained, unjust, and abrupt breakups, and the female will be of use to more males in more flings. Society endeavors for most relationships to be like this, and labels males who choose to be defiantly loyal to their significant other (opposed to partaking in flings) of individuals inflicting objectification.

People, both genders, should need to know their worth, their weaknesses, and their limit to wisdom and perfection, and should know that different decisions will result in different outcomes that can be either bad or good. The glamorization of pining lovers and emotional self-harm is degrading. Heartbreak and teen pregnancy have been discussed as to prove their legitimately degrading, harmful, and unfair properties, and the main cause is by premarital coition, and they can be avoided if premarital coition is refused.

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