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7 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Tofu - the Asian Bean Curd Super Food

Updated on September 24, 2012
Tofu Chocolate Pudding
Tofu Chocolate Pudding | Source
Tofu Waffle Sandwich
Tofu Waffle Sandwich | Source

First created in Asia about 2,000 years ago,tofu or bean curd has been touted as an Asian superfood that can keep obesity at bay, the heart in excellent shape, and the body in tip-top form.

Tofu is simply made by coagulating soy milk and pressing the curds from coagulation into soft, off-white, and rectangular blocks.

The Many Health Benefits of Tofu

Much has been researched, reported, and said about the health-promoting benefits of tofu.

Specifically, this wonderfood is a good source of soy protein, making it a superb alternative to meat. It also has various nutrients that make the body healthy.

Below are some of the reported health benefits of tofu:

  • Tofu is good for people with heart diseases and atherosclerosis. Regular consumption of tofu can lower bad cholesterol, total cholesterol, blood clotting, and triglyceride levels.
  • Tofu can help ease the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Tofu’s isoflavones can provide estrogenic activities that are just enough to balance fluctuating estrogen levels typical in menopausing women.
  • Tofu may stall osteoporosis. Certain kinds of tofu are packed with calcium, assisting people in the prevention of bone loss and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Tofu has iron and copper, aiding the body in transporting and releasing oxygen as well as disarming free radicals.
  • Tofu has been used as a meat substitute because it is high in proteins.
  • Tofu is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent clogged arteries, improve cholesterol levels, and avert heart attacks.
  • Tofu can destroy free radicals through its selenium. It has antioxidant properties.

1. Simmer Tofu in a Hot Pot

In Japan, people enjoy tofu as a wintertime food.

They make tofu into hot pot dish called yudofu, which is made of simmered tofu mixed with vegetables and mushrooms.

Yudofu is easy to make.

After simmering the vegetables and tofu, the dish is flavored with seasonings like soy sauce.

2. Sweeten Tofu into a Pudding

In China, many people eat tofu as an afternoon snack.

They eat very soft tofu in sweet, warm, and dessert form called douhua or dau fu fa.

Douhua is made of water, agar-agar, soya milk, evaporated milk, and either clear sweet syrup or brownish palm sugar syrup.

3. Jazz Up Tofu as a Bar Food

In Korea, people like drinking alcoholic beverages with tofu.

They make tofu kimchi or dubu kimchi, which can actually serve as a side dish or a complete meal in itself as well.

Dubu kimchi is made of tofu, kimchi, slices of pork, sesame oil and seeds, soy sauce, garlic, and onions.

It is one bar food that has mega-doses of nutrients.

4. Gorge Tofu as a Street Food

In the Philippines, people enjoy tofu as a sweet, cheap, and filling treat anytime between morning and late afternoon.

They eat tofu as a staple street food called taho, which is sold just about everywhere by male vendors carrying two aluminum buckets - one holding silken tofu and another containing arnibal or brown sugar syrup and sago or tapioca pearls.

5. Add Zing to Tofu

In Indonesia, people like their tofu sweet, spicy, crunchy, and golden brown.

They prepare tofu by boiling it in coconut water flavored with galangal, palm sugar, tamarind, coriander and shallot.

Once the coconut water has evaporated, the tofu is then fried until it becomes crispy.

It is then added with either tempeh – a soy product – or chicken.

This dish is called tofu or tahu bacem.

6. Have a Tofu Barbecue

Vegetarians all over the world have used tofu as a substitute for meat and make it into a barbecue.

They actually dip tofu in barbecue sauce then fry it or grill it.

Whichever way, they make sure that the high-protein and low-fat tofu is mixed with other healthy, not-so-fattening ingredients.

7. Sip Tofu as a Smoothie

Health-conscious people the world over make tofu into a cold smoothie, combining it with other wholesome ingredients like fruits and vegetables.

Tofu smoothie or shake can be drunk just about any time of the day or when one needs a dose of protein.

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