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Dental Braces - Everything You Need To Know

Updated on April 20, 2012

In this hub you will learn everything you need to know about dental braces including what they are, how they work, who needs them and how much they cost.

If you have been told you need braces or think that you might need them read below to find out more about them along with some hints and tips on how to keep and maintain them when you have had them fitted.

This is what lingual braces look like.
This is what lingual braces look like.

Types of Braces

Although the stainless steel wire braces are the most common braces found today there are a number of other types that are available and used for different procedures and outcomes.

Clear Braces
Clear braces are pretty new to the market and the only difference between them and metal braces is purely cosmetic, as there clear they offer a more natural look and tend to blend into the mouth a lot better. A lot of people are option to go for this particular type to help with their appearance, they want the benefit that brace can give them (straight teeth) but don't want to the look of metal in their mouth. The brackets on clear braces are usually made from ceramic rather than metal. There have been a few problems with these braces with people when it comes to removing them as they are such a snug tight fit, this shouldn't put you off too much it just means it take a little more time and care when it comes to removing them.

Gold Plated Braces
These sound like they are for the rich and famous but that is not the case, gold plated braces are mainly for people that are allergic to nickle that is used in stainless steel, that being said there are some people that prefer to opt for the gold braces as they like the look of them more than silver.

Titanium Braces
These braces are again for people that need something different as they are allergic to nickle in the stainless steel used in traditional braces. Unlike the gold plated braces these titanium ones look exactly the same as stainless steel so there not a cosmetic choice at all, one all benefit that titanium does have and that is they are noticeable lighter than steel which cant be more comfortable.

Lingual Braces
These braces are purely cosmetic and are for people that don't want their braces to be visible at all. The way lingual braces work is they are cemented to the back side of the patients teeth instead of the front with tradition braces. They are becoming more popular with high profile people but as you can imagine they are pretty expensive.


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