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Dental Implant to Replace a Broken Tooth – My Experience

Updated on August 4, 2013

In February of 2012 I broke my lateral incisor. That’s the name for the one between the front tooth and the canine tooth. I was devastated when I pulled it out of my mouth and my tongue moved across an empty space. That tooth had serious work done with I was a child and I guess it was a matter of time. I felt sad the first time I looked in the mirror and smiled. I stared at the spot where the tooth was and looked at what was broken and how little was left. So I called my dentist who I’ve been going to for almost 8 years and I was able to see him the next day. When we met finally met, he could tell how effected I was. We then discussed the many options and I decided the best option and most durable long term option was to go with a dental implant. Dr. Lehri (my dentist) and I got started right away on this path.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants could be your solution for missing teeth, whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth. There are however two parts to a dental implant. The first is the implant itself and the second is the crown part which is what you see and looks like a tooth. Dental implants are made out of titanium which is the same thing they use for hips, knee, and other joints. The implant acts like a tooth root and is used to anchor a single tooth, a bridge, or denture. I only needed to have a single tooth implanted.

Before Implant
Before Implant | Source
After Implant
After Implant | Source

Dental Implant Journey

Let me be clear that I’m no dentist and you should fully discuss all options and expectations with your dentist and remember implants are considered oral surgery.

  1. X-rays where done
  2. Removed the broken tooth and cleaned out the area.
  3. Implant was placed into the upper jaw
  4. They added bone into my upper jaw with the implant
  5. Area was closed off and left to heal
  6. Few months later a check up was done to ensure the bone took a liking to the implant.
  7. All was good and the post was added
  8. Gums left to heal and ensure everything is good and healthy
  9. Impressions of my mouth are done when gums are healed on next check. This is to allow the labs to create your tooth and view your bite.
  10. Week later tooth was created and I was back for the final stage which was placing the crown portion on.
  11. Last x-rays where done to ensure all is good during final procedure and everything is as it should be before leaving the dentist.

Are you happy with your smile?

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Dental Implant Conclusion

It took just under 6 months to complete and on August 2012 it was completed. There was no issues or complications, which was nice. I wanted it done smoothly and right and made sure to not have it rushed and my dentist agreed that is the best way. It may seem like a long time especially if you have a tooth missing at and it affects you visually, emotionally and is a major concern to you. Keep in mind there are options such as a flapper while you wait for your own journey to be completed. Some people may heal faster and some slower. It depends on your oral hygiene, if you’re a smoker, your age and overall health, etc. There are many factors that play into it.

All I know now is I’m very happy with the results, I smile more again, speech is less effected, and my biting and chewing is returned to normal. Thank you to Dr. Lehri and his team for their efforts and if you happen to be looking for a dentist in Vaughn Mills click here to visit his website.


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