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Dental Implants Cost

Updated on December 6, 2010

Find out the dental implants cost and other important information.

There are multiple reasons why people may need dental implants.  Whether they need to stabilize their dentures, whether they need one or few teeth replaced, or maybe they need full mouth reconstruction.  Whatever the case is, when they hear that they may need dental implants, one of the first things that comes to their mind is money.  Since there are so many different circumstances, it can be hard to narrow down dental implants costs, but I am going to give you some different price ranges, and also talk to you about different ways you may be able to get low cost dental implants.

Cost of Dental Implants

As I mentioned above, there are many different reasons why someone would need to get dental implants, and so narrowing down the specific cost for dental implants can be tough. But, there are some general numbers for you to work with, but the best way to really find out what the implants will cost is to talk with various dentists in your area. they'll be able t ogive you more accurate prices, since depending on whether you live in a big city or not, can change the price dramatically.

Single dental implants can range anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. You would need a single dental implant if you have a single tooth missing or cracked that needs to be replaced with a veneer. An individual dental implant also is good for denture stabilization, if your dentures are moving around a lot. If you need multiple dental implants, then you may be looking at $4,000 to $8,000. If you're in need of full mouth dental reconstruction, then you're looking at a cost of $25,000 to $50,000, and sometimes even higher.

Although the cost of dental implants is pretty high, there are ways that you are able to either get the price reduced, or possibly even get free dental implants.

Can You Really Get Free Dental Implants?

If you have seen one of the advertisements online, or possibly even on TV or in your local newspaper, that are claiming to offer free dental implants, you may be wondering if this is too good to be true. Well, unfortunately, it usually is too good to be true. There are many different tricks that dentists use in order to claim that they are offering you free dental implants, but then end up charging you for various other things, making the implants not as free as you thought they would be.

One of the main ways that dentists go about this is with hidden/additional fees.  While a lot of times these fees are legitimate, the dentists do not disclose them to you and you end up wondering why you have all of these extra fees when it was supposed to be free.  They will tell you that the actual implant itself is free, but then you're having to pay for all of these other charges.

So, just make sure to discuss with any dentist before getting the implant surgery, to find out exactly what kind of costs you can be expecting, so that you know going in what to expect, instead of being bombarded by bills.

Low Cost Dental Implants

There are multiple options for you to be able to low cost dental implants. Each option may not work for everybody, but you'll need to look at your individual situation and see which method for getting your dental implants cost lowered applies to you. I hope this list is able to help you out in getting cheaper dental implants than the prices I showed above.

  • Getting dental insurance is a great way to get dental procedures done at a cheaper price. While you'll be paying a monthly fee, the cost of procedures can be dramatically reduced or even eliminated, depending on the kind of insurance you have. Before you start shopping for dental insurance though, make sure the company actually covers the dental implants because those types of implants are considered a cosmetic surgery by some companies, and are therefore not covered.
  • Look into your local dental school or dental college. Often times, the students there who are working to become a dentist have to do a certain number of procedures, or a certain number of hours in order to get their license. They do the different dental procedures for a lot cheaper, and sometimes even free. They are always being supervised by a licensed dentist, so you do not need to worry.
  • Lastly, you'll want to look into different dental associations such as the American Dental Association. They can often refer you to different dentists in your area that are willing to reduce their prices for different surgeries like dental implants, for people with lower incomes. This can be great for someone who needs the surgery, but my be unemployed currently, or has a lower income.


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    • profile image

      lucille richmond 4 years ago

      i am an 84 year widow and my income is social scurity which is very low ,i have had dentures for many years but my lower gums are flat and i havent found dentures to fit right ,when i eat they almost fall out,im looking for free dental help or even free if possible

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      frickd 6 years ago from Canada

      For people located in Canada and the USA, probably the best option for obtaining low cost dental implants is dental tourism to Mexico. So far rhe major stumbling block of this option has been the lack of objective, informed, reliable sources of information and advice. A person's oral health is not something that should be left to chance. With the assistance of a reputable international dental referral service (see:, dental tourists can avoid possible dental tourism pitfalls, save money (possibly alot of it) and enjoy a beachfront Mexico vacation as a bonus.

    • profile image

      Dr Franck Page 6 years ago

      Another option for many patients is to get a dental loan. Often these loan repayments offer flexible option. In Australia an average dental implant cost is around $2k