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Depression Self-Help

Updated on June 11, 2007

Get Outside and Move

Depression is a known debilitating condition. When afflicted by it, a person often loses the will to leave the apartment, the room, and even the bed. But a physical exertion of the mildest kind is necessary for at least a temporary relief and distraction: while moving and using our bodies, we can forget at least for the time being about the mess in our heads.

Use your will power to get up, to take a shower, to get dressed! You do not have to rush. Perform these operations at your own pace and eventually you will get into a rhythm and even enjoy them. Make yourself something to eat; if not hungry, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of juice - anything to replenish the caloric batteries.

When finally outside, make a small experiment: try to walk very fast, just for the sake of it. After awhile, get back to your usual speed. Vary your movements! Stop suddenly and jump a few times, as high as you can, stretch your muscles. If you are in a remote place, a healthy scream might also shake you up. Imagine that someone is after you (your depression!) and try to run from it. Accordingly, imagine that something beautiful is in front of you and run towards it. Make yourself physically tired.

This is not a prescription, but an advice that is known to have its power. It works. And you should try it.


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