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Depression is a Deadly but Curable illness

Updated on September 24, 2019
Mohammad Jalali profile image

My experience as a counselor enables me to share the factors involved in depression and its cure.

Depression is very common now a days and it is a very serious medical illness. It can lead to suicide if not treated well on time. It can occur in anyone, regardless of sex and age. Having negative thoughts low energy, Sadness hopeless and some time willingness to suicide are the major symptoms of depression.

The increasing ratio, globally enforces to get maximum information about depression and its symptoms and it's cure. This is a curable illness, but not negligible at all.

This disease needs time to be cured, but the symptoms of depression can be reduced by taking appropriate actions. Regular exercise, getting enough quality sleep, having a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol will help to reduce symptoms of depression.

Proper diagnosis and treatment can easily help to overcome with the depression. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, or you notice it in your friends and family members don’t ignore it. Help them out by immediately visiting your family physician or psychiatrist.

The illness is treatable, but if ignored, it might lead to suicide attempts. So never ignore it.

Depression is dangerous may lead to suicide

Depression symptoms that may vary from person to person:

• Depressed and sad mood

• Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions

• Feeling tired or increased fatigue

• Feeling worthless or guilty

• Having no interest or loss of interest or happiness in activities once enjoyed

• Increase or decrease in physical activity

• Thoughts of death or suicide

• Trouble or abnormality in sleeping

• Weight loss or gain not linked to dieting

Statistics of Depression:

There are several researches available on the net regarding the statistics of depression and may vary. A person can have depression at any time. Depression is more commonly found in females as compared to males especially in pregnant woman.

Major symptoms of depression are loneliness and fear.

Factors for Depression

• Biochemistry: Unbalanced chemicals in the brain may contribute to symptoms of depression.

• Genetics: Depression can transmit in families, from parents to children and even if In identical twins if one child has depression, the probability of having a depression in the other will be higher.

• Personality: Low self-esteem people most likely experience depression.

• Environmental factors: Some time, continuous neglection, abuse, violence and poverty drive to depression.

How to Handle Depression?

Depression is treatable. Before any treatment, consult a health professional to have a thorough investigative evaluation that includes an interview, a physical examination and in some cases, a blood test might be done to make sure the depression is not due to any medical condition.

Medication: Some medicines unbalance the Brain chemistry so that's why it is highly recommended to take the medicine with a proper doctor's prescription. Also, some people think that depression medicine is narcotics that is absolutely wrong. Antidepressants are recommended to balance one's Brain chemistry.

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is used in mild depression patients and some relaxing, sleeping medicine might be prescribed according to the doctor's findings. These types of therapy need time some time need more than 10 sessions.

ETC (Electroconvulsive) Therapy is given to the patients with extreme depression who have not responded to other treatments. A little electrical stimulation to the brain is given while the patient is under anesthesia. It has been used for decades, but no proper research is available, but still benefits the patients.

Physical Exercises: 45 minutes of proper exercise will defiantly help to reduce the depression.

Change of Place: It has been noticed that change of place or location for relaxation will help a lot especially in depression patients. Doctors also some time advises to do.

Proper exercise can help a lot in depression

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Dr Kamran Jalali


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    • profile image

      Zaheer Ali 

      19 months ago

      An excellent piece of information.

    • profile image

      Khurram Siddiqui 

      19 months ago

      Very nice article. I think we should use a formula of 8+8+. 8 hrs sleep, 8 hrs work and 8 hrs of me time. Balancing the life is anti-depression tool too.

    • profile image

      George Robert 

      19 months ago

      Realistic writing

      medicine names should be included

    • profile image

      Ali Imran 

      19 months ago

      great article! Thanks for the author for valuable tips....


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