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Deprived From Needs May Cause Mental Stress

Updated on February 12, 2018

Have you ever wondered that whatever happened in your childhood? That the feeling of deprivation of any important resource can be sensed even from the childhood stage? If you do not let the child play with his/her favorite toy, due to it being expensive and u not being able to afford it, what will the child do? Obviously cry. Than such a situation causes a parent to go take an alternative route and amuse the child with some other toy/thing so that he forgets about the previous one and we all know that a child’s sense of understanding lies up to some extent only.

Emotional deprivation in our childhood did not really affect our personality, but as a mature adult, such severe and emotional sentiment of scarcity and deprivation may cause anxiety and stress and slowly our overall mentality becomes a "sense of deprivation". Such feeling of insecurity can harm us and our close relationships because our whole thought is converge to just one thing and that is to how to get which I do not have? Some people around ask for every other person to help them to get what they want and some are those who never express their needs directly but everyone has to put this thought in mind, locked that “All the needs cannot be fulfilled”.

Deprivation do affects your thinking

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Deprivation may results in mental fatigue
Deprivation may results in mental fatigue
Deprivation may results in mental fatigue | Source

Everyone in this world is deprived of some or the other resource, feeling deprived of important things like love, food or money. It can cause anxiety as well as rage can also affect our mentality. For instance in Maslow’s theory, “hierarchy of needs” it is said that a person cannot be fully satisfied if they lack in basic needs.

In order to fulfill these basic needs, one takes a hectic schedule upon himself and overburdens himself with a lot of work just in the drive to make ends meet but it can affect our way of thinking and behavior negatively because our mind may only pin point towards getting those things which we do not possess, in the need to achieve those things, we stop realizing about the assets that we do possess.

Anyone can get the luxurious of life by saving up some money but being a greedy person about the things which you know you can forgo for the time being , coping with limited resources at an extreme level increases problems and obstacles that we have to deal with and results in mental fatigue and cognitive overload. Whether you are alone or deprived of food, an unhealthy obsession causes hyper-focus and over-valuation of what we do not have.

Remember you can’t get all the resources

Money can't get all the resources of life
Money can't get all the resources of life | Source

We have to keep in mind the quote about “one thing at a time”, so we have to understand that feeling of being under-privileged may influence us in a negative direction. We might get down to doing anything to just achieve that luxury for example stealing but all we have to do is clear our path of walking from any such ideas and have faith in ourselves. If we do keep thinking that Alas! I could not have it, we will only cause stress to ourselves. No matter how much money you be able to earn in your entire life even money cannot get all the resources of life there will still something remain missing from your life ,constantly thinking about deprivation and how to overcome that may only cause you to loss the thinking capability and that’s where you usually make poor decisions of life.

Deprivation can increase your stress level

Directly or indirectly stress may affect your health
Directly or indirectly stress may affect your health | Source

Stress and anxiety associated with deprivation could tell us and show us the feeling of how belittled we are in front of many people in this gigantic world. Have you noticed how people buy the stuff what they do not need? It can be seen that people have never done bargaining for goods that usually are sold at higher prices than other shops; we cannot stop people from buying expensive items and are unable to resist. Similarly, deprivation can physically affect our hunger and thought by not buying expensive food items from a lavish restaurant, those who cannot afford expensive food and bound to eat a regular meal when seeing who can afford every food easily that’s where their stress level can be increased because of not getting what they want.

Overcoming sense of being deprived

Love, family, relationship happiness this is all we need
Love, family, relationship happiness this is all we need | Source

We cannot really abolish some serious issues from the world but at least we can make it bearable and easy for people to confront the issues and overcome them. For doing this one has to know that, never try to compare your-self with others as there can be millions of people who are really better from us in all sense, we need to recognize that might be we do not have a new dress every day, but there are those who have one or two dresses only. Might be you have a small house but there are people with no homes. Therefore, know that life is about love, family, relationships and happiness should not be dulled due to one simple resource that we do not have.

Comparisons in life will always give you false interpretations in your life. Learn to understand your own worth you are way better from many others around you. You can’t get everything but for the things you do wish to have, in the drive to achieve those, never set aside those things which really matters like family, friends, career etc. and in the end what really matters is, all your struggle for getting what you really want in your life.

Be a giver

Everybody need help yes you can be a helping hand
Everybody need help yes you can be a helping hand | Source

We all have to understand and admit that we all are born in way that it is not possible to get everything from the world you can see that many business tycoons or billionaires must also be lacking in something because many things are in this world cannot be bought from money like time, love, family, your children etc. We all do have something which for sure we can donate if we really want to help others you have abundant resources try to distribute some of that in needy people around you can easily become a reason to satisfy someone’s need and remember the things which you keep giving to other will assuredly come back to you in a better way.

Are you really a helping hand for needy people around you ?

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