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A Sincere Cure For Jealousy

Updated on April 15, 2010

There is power in your decisions

I know jealousy hurts, I've been there.
I know jealousy hurts, I've been there.
Jealousy can be an earthquake of suffering dividing your heart into broken plates. Take control and build your own bridge of confidence with action.
Jealousy can be an earthquake of suffering dividing your heart into broken plates. Take control and build your own bridge of confidence with action.

Take control of your destiny

There's nothing worse than the feeling of jealousy. It's one thing to be envious of someone else's accomplishments or material things. It's quite another to feel that the romance or special connection you have with your significant other is being peeled apart by another.

There is a cure though, and it comes in two parts. The first is your activity. What you choose to do with your time. For many people this means turning to creativity, for others it means being productive. This technique works well because most of the time jealous urges are all in your head. The jealous meanderings of your mind follow the path of least resistance which for some people leads to anger and pride. By doing something with your time, say refinishing some furniture, writing some poetry, working in the yard or even just pouring through a good book, you carry away that resentment that is building up.

O! beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock
The meat it feeds on.
~William Shakespeare, Othello

Otherwise, you might just need to get over it. Go on a luxury vacation. If you have the means, buy a vacation getaway package. Not all of us can indulge in that, but we do what we can to keep our minds occupied. Sometimes though, there's more to it than just diverting yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes you maybe feeling jealous because your significant other is messing around. Better than getting someone to go over and do your dirty work, you should just find someone new. I have been in relationships where the girl I'm with is in need of so much attention that she ended staying with someone new. This is all well and good, just wish they would've done it on their own damn time! But since it didn't work that way, I just moved on.

But let me tell you, the good women and men are out there. You will find one that will fill you with confidence, or at least show you that they can be trusted. If you are an exceptionally jealous person, you might try to find someone who is also a bit jealous. That way you can sympathize with each other. These are the things that have worked for me. I used to be in a lot of pain in other relationships. Now I'm at ease. I'm with someone I trust, with someone who trusts me.

Of course we're all human, we really do all make mistakes. Some of us can forgive more than others and thank the Great Spirit for forgiveness, it's what makes flowers smell divine and chocolate taste like ecstasy. But if you find yourself constantly breaking your mates forgiveness and indulging in your own philandering behavior, well you can't very well be jealous of your mate. Well you can, but then you're a hypocrite. At that point you have to be forgiven, your mate needs to forgive you and you have to decide if it's all worthwhile in the end.

Better to be with a good one. Better to wait it out or find a good one. Take the reigns of your emotions and whip them into shape with activity. Then check your relationship. Is it worth it? Is it based on trust and love? If it is, then all the ups and downs will ease with time. Jealousy is painful, but it's not forever if you change it.


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