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Detox Effectively and Safely for a Healthier You

Updated on March 28, 2021

Does the word toxins scare you?

I bet it does, and it has a malicious ring to it. The word toxins inflict an unpleasant picture of something that can cause harm, thus, imagine being exposed to it in any form imaginable. Toxins may be known by other names like poison, pollutants, and contaminants, which may have adverse effects on the human body. Toxins are basic substances with toxic properties that can be harmful to humans and also the environment. It is notoriously known to cause damaging health effects if left to accumulate over time.

These days, we are constantly exposed to dozens of chemicals daily without us even realizing it. It could be either through our food and water supply chain, hazardous wastes and toxic smokes from landfills, exhaust fumes from cars, to innocuous-looking household cleaners and even skincare and cosmetics that we apply directly onto our skin!

With how the world has come about today, there is possibly no means of escaping from the clutches of these harmful threats; unless you live in the countryside or the mountains – growing your food and living free of any signs of civilization, which contributed to the birth of the myriad toxic elements in the first place. Ironically, our body does accumulate toxins on its own as well, even without exposure to toxic substances from the environment.

Are you aware of the strings of negative side effects that toxins can have on our body?
The side effects usually depend on the level of toxicity accumulated in the body. It may range from mild to severe, which could even lead to death in extreme cases. Toxins do not appear in a day, but their effect usually manifests over some time.
As toxins accumulate in the body, it overwhelms the body’s natural defenses and renders it incapable of the battle against any possible virus attacks or infections. This will make us sick and inhibit proper metabolism. Physical effects will appear as fluid retention, bloating, and puffiness in certain parts of the body like the leg and face.

So, how can toxins be eliminated from our bodies?

Detox drink
Detox drink

Toxins can only be eliminated through a process called detoxification. Also known as detox, the process is described as neutralization and elimination of toxins from the body, preferably through non-invasive methods. This should be followed with abstinence from possibly any forms of toxic or unhealthy substances that might wreak havoc with the body’s internal system.

The human body does have its coping mechanism that is capable to carry out the detoxification process. However, when the internal climate is extremely toxic, the liver which is mainly responsible for detoxification gets sluggish. The liver works with other organs such as the kidney, lungs, and even the gut to effectively expel the toxins from the body via urine, excrement, and sweat. This accounts for a natural way for the body to eliminate toxins that are present in small amounts.

So, what are the non-invasive methods to approach the detoxification process?
Although the body has its mechanism that operates on an involuntary basis, regulated from within, we personally do have an influence on the effectiveness of the process. By making a conscious and deliberate decision to change our lifestyle for the better, we can facilitate the body to effectively detox our system. There are two ways to aid the detox process – internal and external and is best done concurrently.

Internal Detox

Internal Detox
Internal Detox

Through internal detox, you can cleanse your body naturally through food. First and foremost, get rid of any foods that have the potential to interfere with the detox process – eliminate sugar, trans-fat, and processed foods as they contribute to an increase in toxicity within the body. When choosing what to eat, it is recommended to stick to whole, unprocessed, and real foods. Select fresh produce that is in season and aim for organic products.

Otherwise, you can get yourself a copy of ‘Align Your Health’ by Dr. B.J. Hardick, Doctor of Chiropractor, to help you navigate grocery stores to find the least pesticide-ridden produce. Choosing the right foods to consume is half the battle won. The next step would be to facilitate the detoxification process. This can be achieved by drinking plenty of clean water.

It is best to consume only water that is properly filtered to avoid adding toxins into the body. Hydration keeps our cells at peak performance to detox effectively. Drinking sufficient fluids will also help the kidneys to regulate and function better in filtering toxins from the body and excreting it through urine.

External Detox


As the name implies, external detox involves more of external nature; it has got to do with reducing the effects of harmful substances on the exterior part of our bodies. In-fact, the most common way we are exposed to toxic substances is actually within the vicinity of our home, through cleaning products and skin care as well as cosmetics. Most commercial home-cleaning products contain high levels of chemicals that are extremely harmful to the body and long-term exposure to it can cause irreversible health issues. It is best to opt for products that use organic ingredients or better still, make your enzyme from fruit wastes for cleaning purposes.

There is also another unconventional method to reduce toxin effects on our body, which is to reduce the usage of electrical devices. Radiation emitted by electronic gadgets and devices can cause damage to cells and is harmful to the body. Although low levels of radiation are not dangerous, accumulation of the radioactive waves and long term excessive exposure is harmful and can result in a toxic effect on the body.

In short, detoxification prompts the reduction or elimination of toxic loads from the body that leads to an overall improvement of one’s health. When executed properly within the recommended dosage, detox can help promote better well-being.
It is advisable to consult your physician and understand the process of detoxification before starting on any detox regime. This will ensure that you will be able to reap maximum benefits from it and to also avoid any health complications, should you have any pre-diagnosed condition that may interfere with the process of detoxifying.


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