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Detox Your Body - Secrets to Longevity and Healthy Aging

Updated on May 13, 2016
"It is not the germs we need worry about. It is our inner terrain."~ Louis Pasteur
"It is not the germs we need worry about. It is our inner terrain."~ Louis Pasteur

Does premature aging concern you? And longevity or healthy aging?

I bet it does, especially if you are a Baby Boomer and refusing to passively accept the aging process.

Have you ever stopped to consider why there are people who look and feel young even they have certain number of candles on their birthday cake?

Their skin is glowing, their bodies are slim and they are full of energy.

And there are others. Their biological age reasonably EXCEEDS their chronological age. Many of them use detoxification on regular basis.

Detoxification is the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins and is accomplished by various systems and organs, including the liver, the kidneys, intestines, and the skin.

If the body’s detoxification system becomes overwhelmed, the excessive build up of poisons can accelerate the aging process, impair the function of our immune and endocrine systems and leave us more vulnerable to age related diseases.

When was the last time you cleanse your colon ?

The truth is that many of the symptoms associated with aging in fact are signs of toxicity.

There are several factors adding to it unhealthy eating, too little water intake and stress to name few.

Your body is already incredible.

It is equipped with a multitude of biological processes that help break down and excrete toxins every minute of every day of your life.

This miraculous body is a vastly complex living system that can become overburdened when faced with stress, pollution, toxic food load and fatigue.

When was the last time you cleanse your colon ?

As such, any successful body cleanse program will have a noticeable rejuvenating effect, with a leaner physique, more youthful skin, brighter eyes, increased energy and heightened mental clarity as just a few of the likely benefits.

"It is not the germs we need worry about. It is our inner terrain."~ Louis Pasteur

In fact IS YOUR INNER TERRAIN helping you to maintain good health or it is full of toxic and acid garbage need to be trashed out?

Imagine what your place will look like, smell like you name like when you never bring your garbage out ....ok, not never - even in a very short time. But your body?

Best Detoxification Diets Books

What is detoxification?

It has come to be a much distorted word and misunderstood concept.

Let me reveal you the secret - in reality, body detox is much less about anything you can put into your body than about what you choose to STOP putting into it.

There are different approaches when it comes down to the detox concept.

Some of you may think that you can eat and drink whatever you want as long as you cleanse with a short, sharp period of abstinence every few months. In between you are freely consuming wine, fizzy drinks, take away and sugary desserts alongside your 'healthy' low-fat sandwiches and ready meals.

If its you – you are better off, of course, than the many who abuse their bodies in this way year in, year out without ever taking the break that total bodies cleanse provides.

Health is determined by the habits you adopted on a daily basis, not by the extreme measures you crowbar into your life every now and again. Already just some changes in your eating habits can stop your premature aging.

Just by changing your diet, you can ensure that our digestive system is as healthy as possible. Many, many conditions have been shown to heal.

The optimal approach though is to commit to a consistently clean and healthy diet and lifestyle and to regular periods of total body cleanse.

About the Author

Dr.Inese Millere , M.D. is wellness and mindful eating coach for busy women after 40 who want to be Fit, Balanced and Ageless: to manage stress, stress eating, have a healthy and joyful relationship with food and enjoy healthy living and longevity.


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