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Detoxification for Maximum Weight Loss

Updated on February 19, 2011

Detoxification is a form of holistic medicine that is also commonly referred to as fasting. Fasting is abstaining from some types of food and drink for an extended period of time to allow the body to properly eliminate toxins and other types of substances left behind. Detoxification has been used for hundreds of years, and it is still widely used as a means to kick start weight loss programs. Although detoxification programs are beneficial for eliminating toxins that can drain the body of energy and lead to long-term health complications, the drawback of fasting is that it can also deplete essential nutrients and vitamins that the body needs on a daily basis. This is part of the reason why nutritional supplements are often advised for people who wish to use a detoxification program to achieve weight loss goals.

Another reason is that many toxins and damaging free radicals are fat soluble. This means that if one was to go on a starvation diet, the fat would continue to be stored and so would the toxins. When nutritional supplements are used in conjunction with a detoxification weight loss program, the body still receives the essential nutrients that it needs to function and fat cells can still be eliminated from the body, along with the dangerous toxins that are stored within.

Without essential nutrients from supplements or from food, excess energy is allowed to turn into fat cells. These stored fat rese4rves can build up over time when there is not enough energy burned on a regular basis. This is why many holistic medicine practitioners also recommend routine exercise when using detoxification for rapid weight loss. As fat is burned, toxins that are stored within fat cells are released in to the bloodstream. Normally, this is a potentially dangerous situation that can lead to many potentially fatal health consequences. However, with an appropriate detoxification program, these toxins can be effectively removed from the body before they are allowed to do any real harm.

It is recommended that people trying to lose weight consult the professional advice of a holistic health practitioner. Some holistic health practitioners keep private offices, and others can be found in health food centers and alternative health complexes. These practitioners can recommend the best detoxification programs, as well as supplements to use during detoxification. Most alternative health experts recommend that even those with a health body weight and BMI perform detoxification at least once a year in order to prevent long-term health problems.


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