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Detoxifying your body, be careful you don't hurt your body when getting rid of toxins. Having a good poop matters.

Updated on November 30, 2014

We all need a good "poop". We need to take care of insides.

Learn what works for you.

Detoxifying my body and it is great that I have people that know about nutrition and help me to find out what "works" for my I can not do any juice fast thing, because of what goes on my body, that would totally give me the "ruins" and dehydrate my body but learned that eating more "oatmeal" and "yogurt", and the good supplement pills that help me. What we need to do..

Find out what works for your body. Just because there are "cleansers" and "detoxifying" things out on the market, not every body has the same body chemistry and you have to learn what works for you, so you don't end up "hurting" your body more when "detoxifying" your body from so much crazy stuff from the holiday season.

Because of my I.B.S. my body can not tolerate the body detoxifying things that people will try and maybe it helps them to lose weight and push all the holiday food out of their system, but most of the stuff out there will end up putting me in the hospital.

So I learned that indeed with basic nutrition like yogurt and oatmeal not only helps to get holiday foods out of my system a lot faster and helps to maintain my weight, it also helps me to stay healthier on the inside.

There are quick ways people think of losing weight like using diet pills and diet foods that are pre-processed and just easy to put in the microwave to heat up and just eat right away.

More then likely anything that is pre-processed is not as good as you think when it comes to these so called diet foods.

Believe I am so far from a great cook, but I am learning slowly more and more that it is better to cook with things like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and don't add salt to anything.

Sodium is something you have to look at too. Basically, if you look at the ingredients on mostly anything pre-processed the salt content is so high in content, you may as well just pour the salt straight from a container right into your mouth.

You can actually cook without adding salt what so ever because food itself basically has salt in it naturally.

There are spices out there that are healthy that you can add to food without adding any extra toxins into your body while consuming foods.

Of course the saying is basically true, "Everything in moderation" but you have to think what do you moderately put into your system in the first place that could actually make your body fill up with toxins in the first place?"

Ever notice how our pet, our animals go like clock work everyday? Yes we have to take them out, if you have dogs, but ever own a cat? They practically go to the bathroom in the litter box on a set schedule and seem to have better bowel movements than we do and we are the owners.

I mean, if you think about it, if our system is off, we can end up either being constipated, back up and even when we go the bathroom we still can have on the inside of our intestinal lining, a form of "spackle" that is still stuck in our stomach that we don't even know about. Even after a bowel movement sometimes we still could fill like we haven't gone because there is still stuff in our system that is backed up and it just sits in our stomach for a long time.

I can't post a picture, but if you actually look up on the internet, you can find out about autopsies where they show what they find in people's stomach lining that is just like I said, "spackle" that had remained in people's intestines for many years.

I think sometimes the extra weight in our system really doesn't have to be there if we learn how to flush out our system naturally just by eating and what we put into our systems.

Yes I know people want to live their lives their way and believe me, I hear people say I am going to eat exactly what I want, when I want.

More than likely if you wait a few years down the road, you going to hear people complain about stomach issues and not feeling well.

Well, take it from me, because I do know that when I eat too much of the foods I shouldn't be eating, there is consequences to consuming foods that maybe I should be eating, even thought I love certain foods.

We all need to poop good and need a good bowel movement, because really think about it, poop is indeed waste in our system that is rejected because it is indeed exactly what it is and that in fact is "waste".

We have to treat the inside of our bodies better, because everything does start within ourselves and what we put in our bodies.

Yes of course, believe I know and want my sweets from time to time, and yes I am repeating myself or course I love sweets but some sweets out there really are not good for our system and can reek havoc on our insides and we have to fight to get that bad toxins our of our bodies.

All we can do is take each day and do the best we can for ourselves each day.

We are all human beings and we all poop and we all go to the bathroom.

We just need to know the right things to put in our system so our insides won't be turned less into a type of house that holds the toxic spackle that just sits there and ferments and causes problems later on with bad toxins.

Of course, like I say we all have a right to chooses what we put in our bodies and no one should tell us what to do with our lives.

But I would think I would rather choose to live my life where I can get up out of bed with less pain then to live with more pain in my life. Also to live a "longer" life with less stomach issues and more time doing things I want in life than worrying about having to go to a hospital.

Believe me, I enjoy it much more when i get to go out and go hikes up a mountain any day than spend more time in a hospital.

Indeed I am more thankful to have people pass on proper nutrition to me in life than to spend any day in bed.


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