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Developing Good Posture (The Proper Way of Sitting)

Updated on February 6, 2010

 The Proper Way of Sitting

In order to have correct posture when seated, try to sit on a chair that is the right height for you. The chair is too high if your feet hang when you sit down. The chair is too low if your knees are higher than your waistline when you are seated.

Here are some ways to achieve good posture while sitting down

In preparing to sit, keep the shoulders and hips in the same straight

line with the calf of one leg, feel that the chair is there behind you and

sink into it so that your hips touch the back of the chair.

Keep the knees together and your feet as close together as possible.

Keep the body straight.

Keep your abdomen flat, your head up, your chest out and your

shoulders relaxed.

In rising from a chair, place both feet close to the chair front. Use your

leg muscles as elevators; do not pull yourself up and down with your

arms. Avoid the use of the chair or a table to push yourself up.


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