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Diabetes - Basic Reason and Prevention

Updated on July 29, 2012

At any point of life, most of us might be prey to diabetes and this is a disease that comes to you mostly based on your hereditary and daily habits. Few years back diabetes was a disease that didn't have a solid answer to the reason behind it, but of late science have started unfolding mysteries that are bound with this slow but dreadful disease. Scientists have almost reached a conclusion regarding the root cause of this disease, but still a lot of questions remain unanswered.

Basically there are 2 types of diabetes, namely Type 1 and Type 2 and both these are on a rapid rise. As per official records there are around 220 million diabetes patients across the globe and this is really a stunning amount when we compare it with the overall world population. Most of the people detect this disease at a later stage and by then it would be really hard to control. But if this disease is identified at the root level, then one can easily control and gain an upper hand over this disease. Another best way to stay away from diabetes is to make precaution before you get affected. If you take the right steps before you get affected by diabetes, then the chances of you becoming a diabetic patient reduces to a great extent. As per the researchers there are over 50 genes for Type 1 and 38 for Type 2 and these number are increasing rapidly in the recent years.

Overweight is one of the major reason for triggering Type 2 Diabetes and about 85 percent of people with Type 2 Diabetes are overweight or obese. But the real fact is that you don't need to be necessarily fat or obese inorder to develop diabetes. People who are thin and lean also are affected with Type 2 diabetes. The Type 2 diabetes is clearly related to the lifestyle rather than the body size. Apart from hereditary reasons, the lack of exercise, over consumption of junk foods and badly timed food habits makes the current generation more vulnerable to diabetes.

In most of the developed and developing countries there are a huge number people who are suffering from diabetes and the amount of diabetes treatment center is not sufficient to meet the number of patients. These countries are hiring a lot of professionals who have specialization in diabetes management program to take care of the patients. A lot of diabetes awareness and prevention programs are conducted to keep people healthy and make them stay away from being swallowed by this disease.

In India also, there are a lot diabetes patients and hence there is the immediate need of top class diabetes management hospitals to come into then front-line. There are a lot of institute which offers diabetes management course for healthcare professionals to make them specialized in managing diabetes patients in the best way. These professionals are in great demand as the demand is higher than supply and the healthcare professionals are really making use of this opportunity to carve a career in diabetes management.

Unlike any other disease, prevention is the best cure for diabetes and this can be achieved by taking regular exercise, controlled diet and healthy eating habits. Even if you are suffering from diabetes you can keep it in control by taking regular exercise and following strict diet.


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