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Diabetes Deactivated: A Review

Updated on April 28, 2015

Diabetes Deactivated promises to offer a drug-free, alternative treatment program for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes sufferers looking for a safe treatment that will not mean major lifestyle changes. The guide book is created by Martin Sanders, who was himself diagnosed with diabetes. The program contains his first-hand experience of putting into practice knowledge from scientific studies on how to naturally lower the body's blood sugar levels, without having to depend on medication.

What does Diabetes Deactivated Include?

The Diabetes Deactivated program is essentially a step by step course book. It provides you with the following resources and information -

· A detailed explanation on what really is the cause of your diabetes - the (ERK7 protein) which is also known as the Glucose Kill Switch

· A list of eleven foods that can stop the activation of ERK7 in your body, and help to naturally eat and live healthy

· A thirty day plan on how to naturally lower blood sugar to healthy levels while eating to fullness, based on scientific studies and evidence on foods that keep you full and help avoid cravings that diabetics are often plagued by.

· A list of six foods that you include in your diet every day, putting your body in starvation mode.

The program also comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee that gets you a refund of the $39 you spend on it, if you don't see any results in sixty days.

More About Diabetes Deactivated

The central idea behind Diabetes Deactivated is to "deactivate" ERK7, which is an ancient protein present in all diabetics and non-diabetics, but has nevertheless been poorly studied until recently. ERK7 (Extracellular Signal Regulated Kinase) belongs to a group of cell regulators called MAPKs. These control cell functions like regulation of transcription, DNA damage regulation and also affect metabolism. Studies conducted by the University of Helsinki and published in the (Public Library of Science Genetics) found that the ERK7 protein is always activated in diabetics.

This is an important discovery as well as a problem, since this can (trigger the body into thinking that it is starving). When the body thinks it is starving, it will automatically suppress the production of insulin. Many diabetics also experience frequent hunger pangs for this very reason - the body is receiving false alarms from the ERK7 proteins. As a result, insulin production stops in the body, and all of the glucose in the bloodstream is conserved and not used as energy in this perceived state of starvation. In other words, the body goes into conservation mode even when it is not necessary, and effectively makes you diabetic.

The idea that Diabetes Deactivated promotes is that ERK7 may be the protein that is causing your diabetic state in the first place. The obvious goal for diabetics trying to regulate blood sugar levels is to somehow deactivate this (auto-activated ERK7 switch). The Diabetes Deactivated guide book talks about how you can take advantage of the body's natural insulin deactivating switch. Research suggests that when the ERK7 protein is deactivated, all is restored to normal - insulin production is normal and blood glucose begins to be used for energy.

How do you deactivate this protein? According to Martin Sanders, as he puts down in his eBook, the key to doing so is taking a unique combination of amino acids, proteins and hyperactive enzymes. All the scientific details that Sanders talks about in the book is easily verifiable, and gives weight to Sanders' claim that the program has helped to cure more than 182,000 diabetics with Type I or Type II.

This is not the first time that a program has promoted nutrition as a way to manage the health risks that are associated with diabetes. It is interesting that Diabetes Deactivated, besides addressing nutrition, also directly addresses what may be the cause of the disease in the first place.

The 10 chapters of the 117-page downloadable PDF e-book include an explanation of diabetes and facts related to it, a chapter on the right attitude to battle the disease, what to expect from a diabetes-free life, the science behind the disease, benefits from the program, the important food lists, the step-by-step 27-day program, and a chapter that answers common questions that diabetics often have about lifestyle choices.

About the Author

The author Martin Sanders was diagnosed with diabetes in his twenties, and within a few years, so was his partner Tanya, later his wife. The couple went through years of food control and insulin shots before looking for alternative treatments. Sanders' research led him to the studies on ERK7. From this he claims to have found the pattern that helped him, his wife and thousands of others using the Diabetes Deactivated program to managing their diabetes at normal levels with easy to follow steps.


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