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Diabetes For Us

Updated on February 4, 2015

About Myself

My name is Daniel.I had diabetes when I was 18.I found out that I had diabetes when my mom's leg got amputated because of her illness because the doctor wanted to test me and my brother at that time to be sure that none of us had this disease.We took the blood test and it came out in an hour time.The results showed that I had diabetes and my brother was negative.I was very sad and I did not know what to do.The doctor prescribed me with oral medication for a month and told me to come back for a check up.So the following month,I went back to see the doctor and he tested my blood again.But this time he told me that my sugar level was high and he changed my medication to insulin.I'm 38 now still injecting the insulin to my body to control the sugar.I exercise and I watch my diet.I am still managing my sickness and still going strong and I want to write about this disease to let the young people know what they are getting into.


This is me on the photo.Don't be fooled by the bottle I am holding.I have stopped drinking alcohol for a long time after knowing I have this disease.Actually you can drink but moderately.Don't overdo it.It is not healthy for people like me.But the only bad habit,I have now is smoking.I have reduce my cigarettes from 40 to 20 sticks a day.I am still trying to quit smoking.

What Is Diabetes

Diabetes may be a serious sickness. With polygenic disorder, your body can’t flip the food you vex energy.
A few things which are purported to happen once you eat:
Food changes to a sugar referred to as aldohexose. This sugar (glucose) is your body’s main fuel supply. (You might hear
people say blood glucose rather than glucose. They mean a similar thing!)
Glucose goes into the blood. It moves through the blood to your body’s cells. Your glucose
level starts to travel up.
Your body sends a message to the exocrine gland. The exocrine gland sits behind your
stomach and makes hypoglycemic agent. once your body wants it, your exocrine gland sends
insulin into the blood.
Insulin travels to the cells. hypoglycemic agent is that the key that opens the door to let
glucose into a cell.
Your cells use the aldohexose for energy. As aldohexose leaves the blood
and goes into the cells, your glucose level comes backtrack.
For all this to figure, your body has got to have hypoglycemic agent.
In this image, the exocrine gland is creating hypoglycemic agent. hypoglycemic agent goes into the blood-
stream to open the cell doors. hypoglycemic agent lets the aldohexose within the blood go into
the cells. Once the aldohexose is within, the cells will build energy for your body.
The two main kinds of polygenic disorder square measure kind one and sort two. polygenic disorder develops once
the body cannot build enough hypoglycemic agent, cannot use the hypoglycemic agent well, or both.

How Did I Get Diabetes?

We don’t understand specifically what causes polygenic disorder. type two diabetes typically happens in adults, however a lot of and a lot of
youth are developing it. These kids often:
Are not very active
Weigh very heavy
Have other relations with type two diabetes
Have high pressure
Are African american
Are Hispanic American
Are american Indian
Are Asian american

Why do I even have show my finger?

You, your family, and your diabetes care
team can create an idea to require care of your
diabetes. You check your blood glucose
(glucose) to envision if your set up is functioning.
Check your blood glucose as usually as you and
your diabetes care team decide is best.

How to check my blood sugar?

You will would like a number of things to induce your glucose level:
Lancet device (holds the sharp lancets)
Lancet (finger poker)
Blood sugar meter
Strips for the meter
Soap and water
Talk along with your diabetes professional. He or she's going to show
you how to use your meter and lancet device. Get the
drop of blood from your fingertips. Use the edges of
your fingers for the most effective drops and it’s less painful.
Some folks are ready to use blood drops from their
arms or hands. speak along with your diabetes care team
about the way to use these places.

Where to store the lancets?

Keep the lancets to yourself! You don’t need anyone to
get stuck accidentally. Here’s some smart recommendation when
it involves the sharp lancets:
Never let anyone use your lancet device or your
Talk along with your diabetes professional regarding the way to
throw away the used lancets safely.
Keep all of your diabetes care supplies faraway from
little kids!

Be Healthy

Diabetes could be a lifelong malady. Begin taking excellent care of yourself immediately thus
you can live a protracted and healthy life. See your diabetes care team often.
The team can observe your blood glucose (glucose), Hb A1C,
cholesterol, weight, and pressure level levels. this stuff show you and
your diabetes care team however your diabetes and overall health do.
Blood sugar shows how ever your diabetes care is progressing
A1C check measures your average blood glucose for the past three months
Cholesterol shows how well your body is maintaining fat within the blood-
Weight will show positive changes in your diet and exercise. These
changes will facilitate your diabetes management and overall health
Blood pressure tells you if your heart, kidneys, and blood vessels ar
staying healthy

Pills And Injections

Some individuals with type two diabetes management blood glucose
(glucose) with diet and activity. Most can ought to add
pills. Some should use endocrine shots. Remember, there
is no “best” diabetes medication for everybody. The best
diabetes care set up is that the one that works best for you.
You and your care team can decide the most effective method
manage your blood glucose.

What does diabetes medication do?

The two general types of diabetes medicines are pills
and injections.


There are many alternative types of diabetes
pills. New ones start off virtually each year! Totally different
pills add alternative ways within the body. Some pills for
diabetes facilitate your body create additional endocrine. Others
help the endocrine in your body work higher. Pills may be
used alone, with different pills, or with endocrine. Talk with
your diabetes care team. Make sure the medicines you
take may be taken altogether safely.


Many people with diabetes should take endocrine
shots (injections). Pills might not manage their blood
sugars to a tolerable degree. Endocrine shots replace what the
pancreas will not create. There are different medi-
cines additionally given as an effort to assist endocrine work higher.
These medicines should run as an effort to figure
properly. they should not be taken orally.

Blood sugar not going down after taking pills.

It will take some days or perhaps weeks for the medicines
to work well. Checking your glucose is very important.
You will speak along with your diabetes team usually. If high
blood sugar continues, your doctor or diabetes care
team could explore ever-changing your care decide to bring
your glucose levels down.

Would I feel different after taking the medicines?

Some folks feel “funny” as their glucose gets
closer to focus on. Let your diabetes care team to understand if
you have:
Dizziness or headaches
Upset stomach or looseness of the bowels
Blurry vision
You may have short changes in your vision if
your blood sugars are going from traditional to high or
from high to low. Tell your diabetes care team regarding
any changes in your vision.
Remember, don't stop taking your pills!


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