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Know Your Body. Save Your Life.

Updated on August 29, 2016
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In 2009, Kayla developed a rare lung disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), and has improved through medicine and exercise.

Know Your Body.

The problem is, it is rare to find someone who, actually, listens to their body. How will you know when something is truly wrong if you dismiss every symptom you have? That doesn't mean google every symptom and freak out because "cancer" and "tumor" pops up as a result (because that happens a lot). Listen to what your body is saying. For example, if your arm, back, or jaw starts aching, do not just dismiss this as an "Oh, I'm just getting achy because I'm getting older" problem. These could be signs you're about to have a heart attack. Call your doctor. If weird stuff is going on with your lady or man bits, call your doctor. If you're having trouble making decisions or speaking, call your doctor. Don't ever worry about "bothering" your doctors or nurses, because it could literally be a life changing decision.


My Personal Experience

I was very athletic until 2009. I hadn't been to the gym in two months. After noticeably feeling sluggish and bleh, I decided my lazy streak was over. I went to Planet Fitness to start with the elliptical as usual. I was on the elliptical for about five minutes before I started feeling light-headed and unusually out of breath. My vision and hearing started to fade, so I stopped the elliptical. I slowly walked over to the trash can so I could wipe down the machine. That's when I completely lost my vision. So, I just stood there thinking," I wonder if anyone is watching me." I really don't like being the center of attention, ha! Anyway, I heard an employee's muffled words,"Are you ok? You look kind of pale." I didn't know what was going on. My vision and hearing started to come back as he was talking, so I told him," yea, I guess I just worked out too much." I assumed the two months away from the gym had placed my body in an unhealthy state. About a week later, I went back to the gym to do more cardio. I hopped on the elliptical, and thirty seconds later I started feeling light-headed again. I got off and walked to the bathroom entrance. My vision completely faded before I walked in, so I felt for the wall, slid down, and sat on the floor. I was temporarily blind and deaf, and I couldn't catch my breath. A minute or two later, my senses were back. That's when I called my family doctor. A year and a half later a diagnosis was made. I had a rare lung disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

A comparison of normal lungs vs. PAH lungs.
A comparison of normal lungs vs. PAH lungs. | Source

Doctors' Feelings Don't Matter

During the year and a half it took to diagnose me properly, doctors told me there wasn't anything wrong. Imagine, if I would have listened to the first doctor who told me nothing was wrong, I would most likely be dead. Don't ever be afraid to get a second or third opinion. I got fifth and sixth opinions! Be persistent. Don't worry about hurting your doctors' feelings. Get all the opinions you need to convince yourself you're healthy. Even if there is only a tiny doubt, act. Your life could be on the line.

A doctor, anyone?

How many doctor's opinions did you get?

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  • Know your body
  • Call your doctor
  • Get second + opinions
  • Be persistent
  • LIVE!


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