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Diet Solution Plan

Updated on September 9, 2010

The Truth About Weight Loss... Or Common Sense

If you are looking for the perfect diet, stop right now and pay attention. Chances are you have been looking in all the wrong places. Everybody and their brother has a diet solution based on pills, powders, or machinery designed to get you fit. Some of them even work—temporarily. Even when those plans, diets, pills, or powders work, usually they don't last long. They have to work to a certain degree or all hope would be lost and people would quit using them. Because they work for a little while, they keep people on the hook buying the products and trying new miracle drugs, cures, and regimes. In fact, surprisingly, many so-called diet foods actually make matters worse: they keep you fat!

Back to Reality

The reality is the truth, like always, is simple. There are no magic pills. There are bad foods. You are going to have to do the work. The Diet Solution program is the place you can start learning how to reclaim your health and adjust your way of thinking. Developed by New Jersey lifestyle coach Isabella De Los Rios the Diet Solution is a no hold's bared instruction manual for healthy living.

More About The Diet Solution

You will learn what foods to avoid. Yes, unfortunately there are foods you cannot eat if you want to live a healthier life, and get rid of the unwanted pounds for good. It is nicer to say you need to avoid them, or eat less of them, but the truth is you really need to cut them out for good. That's not exactly news for anyone who does any studying about proper diet. What is not as widely taught is how to eat properly for your personal metabolic type. Everyone is different. Have you ever wondered why Susie next door seems to shed pounds without even trying and you can't get rid of them no matter what you try? It is because you and Susie have a different metabolism, and even though diet companies want you to believe their magic pills and powders will work the same way, and their diet is a perfect fit for everyone, it simply isn't true.

The Diet Solution gives you a well-balanced quick start and a journal and shopping guide to give you a solid start. The Diet Solution plan is somewhat restricted. There are many foods not included on the plan, and many diet gurus maintain that the only way to stay with a diet is to have one that allows you freedom to enjoy your favorite foods. That is a big part of the problem, though. The real path to diet success and a healthy body is knowledge. Some foods are simply bad and cannot be a part of your life anymore.

Drawbacks to The Program

Along with the elimination of certain foods, a con of The Diet Solution program is a lack of options for vegetarian dieters. The Diet Solution is a nutritious plan, but a very big challenge to modify for those who prefer to avoid animal-based foods. Also, while some experts have doubts on the validity of metabolic typing, the success of the program speaks in its own favor for helping dieters find their specific needs based on type.

Wrapping Up

You will be able to choose from plenty of great, healthy foods. You will learn to eliminate hydrogenated fats, soy, and sugars with the exception of fruit, as well as how to identify healthy protein to make your body strong. The Diet Solution encourages drinking plenty of water. Your journal will help you keep track of all your menu choices. You still get to make your own choices, but the Diet Solution will teach you to make them healthy choices. Of course, no diet is complete without giving you a solid basis in exercise to keep your metabolism moving at its best. With the Diet Solution plan you receive 3 E-books with exercises including cardio and interval training. The Diet Solution is a well-rounded weight loss plan with no gimmicks, just the basic truth and a method for making it work for you.


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