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Improve Health Day by Day

Updated on January 5, 2015

Things to improve your Life

Use lemon Daily:

Pour lemon extract in bathing water , its acidity makes it anti-bacterial and cleanses the body.
Lemon Pulp can be used to apply on fungal affected areas including dandruff , but need to be washed in half hours.
Drinking lemon cools the body effectively and supplies vitamins to the body ,it also helps in reducing weight.

Go Nuts :
Add Nuts like Almond, Cashew , Pistachio, Walnuts, Brazil nuts , peanuts etc in very limited amounts , because all of them are rich in Fat . But these are the only source which can supplement you with almost all minerals and Vitamins needed for the body .

Eat an egg and drink milk daily:
Another best source of vitamins and Protein, Whites supply the Protein , but it is not preferred to eat only Protein.(Body builders can eat many egg whites instead of taking protein supplements)
All the Vitamins and minerals are in Egg Yolk, but it also contains Fat .
Milk is very much similar to Egg yolk, it supplies numerous Vitamins , Protein , Carbohydrate and Fat .

Both are the main source of Calcium, which makes up our bones and teeth.

Drink Surplus water:
The best cooling agent , drink half a glass of water before food which can help you in reducing body weight.
Drink good amount of 2 hours after food intake which helps in digestion . If you are taking lots of protein without proper water intake it will lead to fatal complications.

Eat Dark chocolates and Sweets:
Eating chocolates helps blood circulation,better to be eaten in the morning .Small amount of sweets should be taken after each meal to help digestion.
should be avoided by elderly to and taken only in less quantities .

Take Veggies and Fruits:
Taking Greens will be good option for people who are looking to reduce weight , the greens are good source of fiber.
Eating only fruits for a meal will be effectively cleanse your body and freshens up.

Meat and Fish:
The main dishes are of course important. Fish would be a better option than Pork.

by  FidlerJan
by FidlerJan | Source

Guys Try this

I am going to teach you one of the best breakfast item that you can have without much preparations:

Eat Sprouted Pearl Millets with/without some sugar for breakfast
The best dish that can supply you starch and also source for protein , fibre , vitamins and minerals. Better source of energy than wheat and corn.
Traditional Preparation : Dip pearl millets in water for 12 hours then filter the water and keep it wrapped with a cloth for another 12 hours, take it out and serve it with some sugar.


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