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Avoiding These Foods Helps Lose Weight

Updated on July 2, 2012
Low in calories, packed with goodness, fish is the perfect healthy diet food and provides the world's prime source of protein
Low in calories, packed with goodness, fish is the perfect healthy diet food and provides the world's prime source of protein

Need To Lose Weight? Don't Lose Your Head


Dieting isn't always easy in fact, it can prove to be a tough challenge for many people for various reasons and can be very demanding on those around you. But there's no need to lose your head over it. Take it at a sensible pace without becoming a fanatic.

It's a little old fashioned to say 'been there, done that' but ... what the heck - we have. So we put together a few words of wisdom taken from experience on things to avoid that could make you lose control and drop your dieting plan.

1. Rushing into the toughest diet on the planet

This is one of the most common mistakes. Many people decide in a moment of desperation to follow a really strict diet and sadly fail in the process, becoming depressed and disappointed in themselves.

Rushing into a diet that may be too strict for you can bring all sorts of problems your way. If you don’t have any dieting experience and are not 100 percent sure you can stick with it for the duration - choose an alternative that is a little less demanding to start. Once you get used to dieting and following a plan - you can expand to a stricter diet if you feel it's necessary.

Putting fruit and vegetables on your daily menu, will flush your system and leave you bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Putting fruit and vegetables on your daily menu, will flush your system and leave you bright eyed and bushy tailed.

2. Keeping in touch with reality: Small is Bigger

It isn't realistic to expect to lose a considerable amount of weight over night - lose ten kilos by Thursday lunchtime - it isn't going to happen and besides you'll end up being so stressed and ill. When choosing small is often bigger and better.

Be prepared to take action and go far but keep in touch with the real world. If you hear someone saying that they've lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, don’t make it your goal to match their performance. Diet results are as unique and individual as the people using them.

3. Going to the gym too often

Another common mistake is to use the enthusiasm of the first days to visit the gym every day and stay for hours working out. Wait a minute. This won’t help much at all - on the contrary.

Your body - any body, needs time to heal after each training session and get used to it's new role in life and going to the gym every day will interfer with this natural healing process. Remember small is often bigger.

Exercise will speed up the metabolism. The more active your lifestyle becomes the more your metabolism will speed up and because of it - you'll lose weight.

It may not be healthy for all of us to get into a highly active lifestyle all at once but it is possible to get there safely without causing your self injury at a steady pace.

Eat a healthy, well balanced diet and be sure to vary your food to include plenty of vegetables, fruit, and whole grain products. Also include low-fat dairy products, lean meats, poultry and fish. Drink lots of water and not so much of the salt, sugar, alcohol and saturated fat.

4. Cutting down on calories - burning the fat

Cutting down on calories is one of the building blocks of all diets, but you need to be careful and sensible about it. Cutting down on too many calories too quickly will only tell your body to start storing anything it possibly can. This is not a good way to lose weight.

The more fat you want to lose - the greater the amount of calories you have to burn off. Speeding up your metabolism will get some good results as exercising speeds up the metabolism and the more active your lifestyle becomes, the more likely you are to have a quick metabolism and lose weight.

In addition to taking on an active lifestyle you will need to stop looking at food consumption as a means of gratification.

Be Good To You
Be Good To You

5. Starving yourself to lose weight

Some think that skipping a meal or two will help them lose weight quickly. But dieting is also about eating the right food at regular intervals, not starving yourself.

Be strong mentally and try not to be over obsessed by your weight. Everyone has a bad day so don't punish yourself. Try to lose any guilt feelings towards yourself about the mistakes you have made. Life's too short so instead move on, start again and enjoy life as it comes.

6. Bathroom scales are great but...

It's understandable that you're eager to see a confirmation of your efforts in lost kilograms, but it's not a good idea to let this drive you to checking your weight everyday. The daily 'ups and downs' of your weight will soon have you depressed and disilutioned and ready to quit your dieting plan.

7. Letting emotions drive you


The eagerness that drives people to check their weight every day is not the only emotion to contend with. There are other emotions that influence dieting.

If you have a habit of reaching out for ice-cream or snacks when you are bored, frustrated or angry, then you should deal with these issues and not allow them to come between you, your purpose or goal.

8. Support, advice and help

We are all unique and not everyone has an iron will and nerves of steel. If you need support, advice or help, don’t be proud - ask your friends or a professional. If you try to solve all the problems by yourself, you'll end up becoming depressed and you might feel like giving up on your dieting goals.

9. Denying yourself favourite foods

Treats are a great way of raising your spirits and determination. Diets are just food control methods, not a punishment so you don't need to feel down in the dumps and so what if you eat something 'forbidden' once in a while, especially if that food is a favourite of yours. If such treats are not frequent, then they will make no difference in the long run.

10. Keep a clear head

Use your head, be sensible. If you want to know how much you eat, then write everything down and analyze the list for things that shouldn't be there.

Sometimes hunger creeps up on you and 'makes' you eat something you shouldn’t. Be honest with yourself and keep a clear head.

Believing in yourself will bring you a long way on your path to dieting success.

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    • RodneyGrubbs profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for the great advice. I do agree that portions are a key. Training yourself to get smaller portions is helpful to maintain your weight over the longer term.

      Helping People UP!


    • singpec476 profile image


      10 years ago from Not Too Far Away

      Nice nub starbright I must admit to never dieting or even trying, although I do try to eat healthily in general. Some good advice for people here.


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